Two Daisies To Remember June,  2006
In June of  2005, seven little yellow "furballs" were born out of Taffey. At first, all was fine.
           However, the female pup with the lightest coat was up against it (so to speak). At four
           weeks, we did some extra long snuggles the night before the dreaded trip to the vets.
           There were lots of tears for one whose "visit" was so short.

           As I write today one year later, those tears are revisited.  A brief description of the story
           went..............she was buried in a baby blanket coated with the scent of her Mom and six
           siblings. A beautiful piece of grey limestone marked the sight under a tall oak tree in the
           front hosta garden. The pup deserved a name and Daisy it was.  A flower was planted over
           the light coated pup's grave.........a daisy........and it died, too.  I almost accepted that.

           Later on I kept a "hot" little female from the litter. Her name became Kwick Daisy's Spirit
           Keeper, and she seems to have much more spunk than one might think necessary.

           A year has passed and Kwick Daisy is doing quite well.  Not too often, I think of Spirit Daisy.
           This spring, another daisy was planted on her the same spot as the first one.
           It lives robustly and proudly displays two delicate white and yellow flowers.........two daisies
           to remember.                      

                         updated 01/28/14