From the first day I saw "the little yellow
 pup", she was special. At less than seven 
 weeks of age, she displayed a trembling,
 excited, natural ten second point and was
 retrieving to hand. Joe McKone's accurate
 description was, "She looks like a good
 pick." At twenty- six months Taffey had
 progressed from a special pup to an
 experienced hunting and test dog with five
 titles plus two Upland Hunt passes and one
 Finished pass in HRC.  This was  with a
 relatively inexperienced owner who had
 never trained a dog to hunt test standards. 
Each acquired skill and subsequent titles
 were milestones for both of us. Taffey was
 a first time hunt test handler/trainer's
 dream pup.

   The initial purpose of this Website was to
   showcase the steps and progress through
   Taffy's daily training, extensive testing and
   subsequent breeding. By doing this, a first
   time PL owner that has some previous
   experiences with hunting might benefit
   from the many steps taken in our venture.
   After an extensive campaign of testing
   and hunting, Taffey's first litter finally was
   whelped in the spring of 2005. The pups
   proved to be outstanding companions for
   the families and hunters that wanted one
   of Taffey's little, yellow "Dustbuckets".
    Taffey's Stats & Health Clearances (link)
      "How to Run a Blind" (humorous link)
   "Sit means sit....or does it?" (serious link)
                                                                  "Thanks  All!"

           In addition, I would like to cite the many individuals whose experienced input
            played a significant role in the continuing journey (including all the hunt test
                judges like those in the banner photo above). After making this list, it is
                    obvious that Taffey had many more than one "trainer".  What fun!

    Joe McKone - Taffey's breeder and the best guy to have on your side; took a
              chance and gave me a high litter pick........'cause I promised to work hard
  Steve Guenther - HRC club President and strong mentor; important for a "newbie"
                             note: Steve has a pup out of Taffey

   Deb Joseph - experienced with training FT's and PL's (great help and friend)
   Paul Young - led by quiet example and has my deepest respect
   Jim Coggins - good friend and willing to share all his training & judging talent
   Julie & Paul Knutson - always able to come up with the right perspective and
               assisted in making several good choices with Taffey's focus; terrific book
  Ken Morrow - Internet friend with a great training & hunting ethic; made me think
   Mike Mills - critiqued my FF program and helped "cover" some of the sequential
   Chris Atkinson - for the love of retrievers, runs an Internet forum that has proven
   Joe Stembaugh - one of those pros that is willing to help anyone; got me through
               several tough training issues; cold blind guru; offered to take Taffey off my
               hands several times to save me from the troubles of training her..... Ha!
   Alec Sparks - a pro that willingly took the time to explain the big differences in
               Dobbs and Lardy........right when I needed it
   Doc E - What can I say? He's always there when you need him, a PL die-hard,
               and he'll "adjust" your attitude in the blink of an eye (Chiropractor).
   Evan Graham - gave me some very helpful support and ideas plus two top books
   JW -  a no-nonsense pointing dog trainer that taught me key upland techniques
               and reminded me that it takes two gentlemen for a discussion to take place
    Brian Moyse - teaching a handler is a unique skill, his tactful pro help came at
                just the right time & his ability to work with Taffey got her the HRCH & MH

    Dr. Dan Heder - whose outstanding advice and flawless vet work has kept Taffey
                in the peak of health                   
    And my Dear Wife - whose favorite questions are, "Have you looked at your
                newest credit card statement?"    " Why do you need another dozen decoys?"
                "More........bumpers?"  "But you went training yesterday?"   " What do you
                mean........another hunt test?"   "What do you figure the cost of that one duck
                is............per pound?"  and the most  frequent........"When will you be back?"
                           updated 04/03/12