Goals Create the Motivation Behind Milestones
            1) Researching for and selecting the right pup took almost a year. 
          2) Finding a breeder where a high litter pick was primary.  It was a "second litter"
             repeat breeding with excellent recommendations from the first litter owners.  
          3) I could see the mother up-close and a first litter pup in training. The sire has a
             terrific reputation for passing on his high quality traits.
          4) After all the anxiety and over-load of information,... "this feels right" was a relief. 
          5) My search was for a yellow female that would naturally point and retrieve. The pup
              would train for hunt test "games" and be used extensively to hunt in the uplands.

            Milestones, August, 2000-January, 2001

           1) Crate training was easy and the first three months were all fun and games.
          2) The usual sit, here, kennel up, and heel were done with no pressure.
          3) Treat "overs & backs" to place boards, remote sits, deep water retrieves
             "fun & games".  This pup is scary precocious!
          4) Dummy e-collar on at 4 1/2  months
          5) Collar conditioned to "here" and "sit" at 5 months (a la Dobbs & phased to Lardy's
              collar approach later)
          6) Force fetch (FF) started at six months (baby teeth gone) and completed with stick
              fetch, collar fetch, force to pile by 7 months. (great enthusiasm, a "newbie's"
              dream pup)

Taffey's Training - 1st Six Months (link)
7) Intro to birds (a la Knutson's & a little late) was done with ten pigeons and silos. 
              She loved'em......bumped several, couldn't catch'em and the last three got real
              nice, locked-up points. That's it! She's "dechased".  It's back to retriever training.  
          8) Three-handed casting, wagon wheels, single and double marks, steady at the
              line......Started Hunting Retriever title (
SHR) in HRC at 10 months
          9) Single/modified T's, swim-by, pattern blinds, lining drills, cold blinds, e-collar
              elevated to
Lardy techniques with indirect pressure handled well; August, 2001,
              passed first try Seasoned test in  HRC; Seasoned Hunting Retriever title (HR) at 14
         10) first hunting season - game farm controlled hunts & "Euro" tower shoots
Milestones, February, 2002-October, 2002

             1) Steady to wing and shot.....two HRC Upland Hunt test (first try) passes in
              February, 2002
           2) Certified Pointing title (
CP) at Joy, IL in March, 2002  scoring 33.5 points out of a
               possible 35  
           3) Three months of training for 3 AKC derby attempts   In June, at her first derby,
               Taffey got to the last duck in the final series. Wow! This is tough stuff.

4) In July, 2002, on her first try in an AKC Senior Hunter test she got a pass.
           5) Late August, Taffey passed her first try at Finished hunt test in HRC.
           6) September, 2002, Taffey got her 5th AKC Senior Hunter pass & SH title.
           7) October, 2002, at Roberts, IL 1st try pass  Master Pointing Retriever & the MPR title 
17 hunt test passes including 1 HRCH, 2 UH passes with 5 titles
(26 months of age)

Milestones, February, 2003 - December, 2003

           1) Two full seasons of upland hunting.....two more HRC Upland Hunt test passes &
               the Upland Hunter (UH) Title at Bong Rec. Area - Feb. 22, 2003
                           SHR, HR, UH, CP, MPR, SH - titles at two and a half years old
           2) September 20, 2003  Ran first AKC Master test in Horicon, WI,  went out in the 3rd
               series, handled by pro Brian Moyse after having her for only a few weeks (from
               August 28th), ran well and was very competitive
         3) October 11-12, 2003  Passed her first AKC Master Hunter Test with pro Brian Moyse
               handling at Carlyle, IL - mission accomplished!
           4) Fall/Winter 2003 hunting season (ducks and pheasants)
           5) Dec 14th - 4th place in Top Gun Pointer Division of Western Wisconsin Open
               Pheasant Championship at Woods & Meadow Hunting Preserve

               Milestones, January - Dec, 2004

         1) Feb 8th - finished a close up 6th in the Illinois Upland Championships Amateur
                Pointing Division at Rock Hollow Hunt Club, Freeport, Illinois 

            2) May 29-30, 2004  Second AKC Master Hunter Test pass with pro Brian Moyse
                handling at Valders, WI - Island View Retriever Club
            3) June 5-6, 2004 Third AKC Master Hunt Test pass with Brian Moyse again 
                handling at Stoughton, WI - Madison Retriever Club
            4) August 2, 2004  - Taffey is now four years old
            5) August 28, 2004 - officially retired from hunt tests
            6) fall of 2004 upland & waterfowl hunting & preserve upland guide dog

Milestones, January - Dec, 2005

           1) bred in April, 2005 to FC AFC HRCH Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown MH
           2) seven pups born June 10, 2005
           3) July 25, 2005 Taffey comes out of hunt test retirement after weaning pups
           4) August 20, 2005 - Taffey passes 2nd HRC Finished test (handler Brian Moyse) 
               Wisill HRC at Bong Rec. Area, Wi
           5) August 21, 2005 - Taffey passes 3rd HRC Finished test (handler Brian Moyse)
               Badger State HRC at Bong Rec. Area, WI
           6) September 3-4, 2005  Fourth AKC Master Hunter test pass with Brian Moyse  
               handling at Stoughton, WI - Madison Retriever Club
           7) September 10, 2005 Taffey passes her 4th HRC Finished test with Brian Moyse
               handling at Kelly Farms, MN - Land O'Lakes HRC and gets her HRCH title
           8) September 11, 2005 Taffey passes her 5th HRC Finished test with Brian Moyse
               handling at Kelly Farms, MN - Land O'Lakes HRC (extra pass for practice)
           9) September 25, 2005 Taffey passes fifth AKC Master test & earns MH title with
               pro Brian Moyse handling at Horicon, WI - Wis. Am. Retriever Club
                                                                     Milestones, January 2006 - April 20012
                                             1) two years of hunting ducks plus being the training session test dog were fun
                                                 2) bred in April, 2007 to FC AFC HRCH Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown MH
                                                 3) her singleton pup, Gunny, survived an emergency c-section on
                                                 4) in 2008 she did ducks at Horicon Marsh and grouse in northern Wisconsin
                                                    followed by a trip to South Dakota for wild pheasants then finished off the
                                                    season hunting ducks often in pool 13 near Savanna, Illinois on the
                                                    Mississippi River (with a permanent duck camp many days were spent there) 
                                                    and field hunting geese in northern Illinois - growing old is not all that bad
                                                 5) in 2009 another trip to South Dakota was followed by a great season of ducks
                                                   and geese
6) the next two years were all about ducks and geese along with continuing
                                                    as my over-qualified test dog in training sessions
           7) she retrieved her first Canvas back in 2010 and in the 20011-12 season Taffey
                                                    picked up a six duck limit on opening day in Iowa, late in the season she
                                                    was often retrieving geese from the X
                                                 8) it's April 2012 and she is still taking her turns in training sessions
                                                 9) Taffey will be 12 years old in June
                                               10) In the spring of 2013 Taffey began to show her age.
                                               11) Summer of 2014 was tough watching her decline and did hot think
                                                    she would make it ot Christmas....she did!
                                               12) January 2015, still about the same with hearing and sight issues.                                  
                                                                                              updated 06/21/15