Last year, late in the 2009 duck season, a friend took me diver hunting. It was my first time.
                          Since then, I been very "into" making up for lost time. This year, divers have become a
                                            larger focus. The photos have been "piling up". What fun!

(left click on thumbnails)
       "two bluebills"
      OS Real Image
        "diver rig"
        (37 decoys}
    "super magnum"
      "OS bluebill"
     "flushing cans"
       "OS GHG cans"
            "fly by"
        "close by"
  "flocked GHG coot"
   "super magnum"
            "Kill Bill"
        (and 5 friends)
    carved wood decoy
          "Kill Bill"
         (and friend)
   "wall mount can"
       (soon to be)
   "Taffey's 1st can"
         "it's over" 
      "the retrieve"
       (dog's name)
      "can mainline"
      (early trial run)
    "towing to shore"
   (easier to pick up)
       (at camp site)
     "ready to bag"
  (muskrat "checked")
  "Oops! Wrong room." 
                        updated 01/28/14