Mini-My-Winger Photogallery

                                     Winger Summary of Refuge Thread (first 7-8 pages) link
(including a short list of material links)

                                                                 (read 2007 update below)


                                                     X-Box Pod (marking drill with four Kwick Mini-My-Wingers)
               The Mini-My-Winger frame to the left can
  be used to determine all measurements.
  The one dimension marked is 35".
  Therefore, make a scale from this to
  determine other lengths.  The square
  is designed for a 14" pouch. 

=  free turning cylinders

    =  PVC joints that are not cemented

    (the bottom support has moving parts
     which are held together with loosely
     attached horizontal zip ties around
     the two vertical supports)


                                                               The Kwick 20'niner - $4.00

                       A few small modification made a huge difference in the reliability - 1) make the trigger rod long
                       enough so it can serve as a "plunger" to push out remnants of spent 209 primers and 2) use two
                       rubber bands on the two nails placed in both ends of the device. The nails have electrician tape
                       over them to protect the rubber bands (notice the red arrows pointing to the black lines drawn to
                       represent the rubber band nails in the parts picture).
                                 note: The red arrow in the left picture shows the trigger release nail which is attached by
                                          a wire to the bottom of the pouch.

      Important Update: Zip ties eventual get brittle, and not all new ones are good quality. Mine
          now have four zip ties on each pulley (two different kinds and heavy duty). The new ones
          were sliding right out of the locking device.

          May 19, 2007.....I found out "flying pulleys" are not fun. (nasty red welts on wrist)

          Update: November, issues since those few days in May. It must have been
          a bad batch of ties.