Why KwickLabs Does Force Fetch (satire)

This may not be what you are looking for.  

When I think back to my first reasons for going with FF, the primary motivation was driven by the standard verbiage. If the experienced trainers were using it with success and I was going to seek help amongst that group I'd be foolish to not be speaking the same language. In simpler terms, being a good lemming made sense. It's been over 13 years now and
in retrospect..........the right choice.

However, the question of whether to force fetch or not has made me think of what may have been the underlying cause of my so readily taking the FF path. Here's what surfaced. My parents raised me with a few general rules. The most important being.....I was expected to follow orders via “Because I said so.” It was a simple approach and effective....for the times. It was just another way of saying “I love you.”

Secondly, the results of "not doing" became known as “consequences” which in most cases were also very effective....and pretty much meant the same thing. “I'm doing this for your own good.” and the ever popular, “This hurts me just as much as it does you.” were their explanations. The parallel to force fetch is almost uncanny.

In addition, during my initial, youthful break-in to life, the terms “warm and fuzzy” and “free will” were pretty much non-existent. So it seems during the 70 year plus transition which exposed me to more flexible techniques (permissiveness with fewer consequences....if you will) I didn't change much. My basic roots were never altered.

I force fetch my dogs because my parents made me do it.
     However, I have become very adept at simulating “warm and fuzzy”. At times, it pays off handsomely to be an excellent con man with young, naive pups.  

                        updated 01/04/14