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"The Walk" with Camera - Perfect Match
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       March 2012 Balance Analysis
 Automatic Grip - YouTube (link)
       Shooting Thread (link)

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Migrator Marsh Boat (link)


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 KwickLab's DSLR Adventure - 2000
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   How To Run a Blind

   "Sit means sit...or does it?

   Place Board Training Pictorial
   The "Here Whiz" (puppy)
   Wow! It's a Hot Day

   Sand Ponds - Training Day
   Three Days for a Test Dog

   The Whoa Barrel
   The Choker Collar
   Transition Training Philosophy

  Daisy's 1st pigeon
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Top Gun Pointer "shoot-to-retrieve" results (2003)
Woods & Meadows "Shoot to Retrieve"
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Taffey's Bench Mark Summary 2000-1

Taffey's first six months - 2000

      Taffey's FF Details & Critique

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 Kooly & Drake Photo Comparison
        Taffey's Total Balance
        "The Walk" and Camera (Perfect Match)
    Tribute to "Taffey"
        Rushing It A Bit - Marking Drill
        Training at the Swim-By Pond

      Daisy's First Winger Water Mark
 Daisy's 1st pigeon
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How to pick a PL out of a litter.

       How to pick a PL out of a litter.  
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   An Introduction to Reading a Dog

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