The Kwick Journal has taken on a new atmosphere dealing with age issues, keeping
          dogs in shape, duck/goose hunting, our 50+ year marriage and most of all raising a
          beautiful little child with special needs. With respect to the dogs it must become
          simply "Maintenance Mode". 

       May 21 the basic plan is to train every other day - blinds, marking & skill drills with an
                   emphasis to maintain conditioning
                       note: dogs' day off, trimmed pine trees, "weeded" yard, removed/cut many small
                                weed trees, mowed back yard, gave Asian pear trees a major pruning, did
                               the daily swimming therapy and worked out in swimming pool
                       note: van repair completed - new brakes on front & rear, packed wheel bearings
                                front end                                               

             many places to train (several close by) - Riverside Park, Winnebago County DTA,
             Rockton Road DTA, Square Pond DTA, Duck/Fish Camp (Mississippi R.) Madison
             Retrieve Club "W", Stoughton, Gallagher & Hook Lake properties, Bong Recreational
             Area (WI), RockCut State Park DTA, Kelly-Meyer DTA, Rock River Retention Pond

             Waterfowl season will have a new "approach" the second weekend in September.

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                                            Maintenance Mode Archives August 2013 (Link)

                 Sept 1 trained early - at Riverside Park DTA...."walking" singles in tandem, fog
                             issues on the way, not bad near the northeast wooded area, right after
                             running all the dogs a fog bank rolled in from the river producing less
                             than 50 yards visibility = lucked out
                                    note: Daisy & Gunny ran in tandem doing eight walking, "send back"
                                             singles. Kooly & Taffey were next with Taffey doing the first four
                                             (kept shorter) & Kooly doing the four shorter ones plus four
                                             longer ones "non- tandem"                                     
                  Sept 2 trained early - "out to sea", long water blind on the south side of the
                             Retention Pond, Kooly did really well, Daisy & Gunny became confused
                             with the fishermen off to my left and I found out "seeing them" when
                             nearing the far shore was near to impossible for me (need binoculars...
                             it seems), not much gained in the way of skills, but they did get a lot of
                             swimming exercise
  note: Taffey walked with me to plant the blinds
                  Sept 3 dogs' day off, pushed shoulder pool rehab/exercises to the "max"
                                   note: mudded Migrator with a thick slurry of Mississippi mud from a
                                            clay bank, used a decoy glove to rub it in, doors easier if not
                                            on the boat but the main cover has to be on to keep it tight and
                                            flat, will wait until dry remove, brush excess and then clean
                                            the boat hardware
                                                                                    (left click on thumbnail)

                  Sept 4 dogs' day off - vet appointment at 8:30 (stool samples - all) shots (all kinds)
                                   note: mow the entire lawn                  
                  Sept 5 mid-morning - leave for duck camp......"It begins"........
                                                                    "fish" camp is now officially "duck" camp