December 17,2014  
A few weeks ago my pup did a "keep away" number on me during a visit to the airing yard. I let her off the flexi-lead and soon realized the error of my ways. As was mentioned in a previous RTF thread "I was not very thrilled with the entire event (paraphrased)".

Since then we've progressed quite a bit with our positive re-reinforcement process, but kept the flexi-lead as a regular "prop" in Pounce's airing sessions.

So this morning it is cold again. Plus, I missed a few of "those frozen things" when cleaning the airing yard in the dark last night. I don't know why, but I slipped the Flexi-lead off and turned Pounce loose.

Dang....."radar nose" was immediately on one like glue. Up came her head and her body posture was clearly all "I'm free "Na-na--na na na na!".  She took a quick, butt tucked loop around the asparagus patch, stopped and posed in a posture that was obviously smug about her "freedom".

My first reaction was quietly saying in my mind "You dumb donkey!" (paraphrased). Then my better self reminded me of how diligently we had re-enforced the "sit" command/expectation in the last three weeks. So I walked a bit toward her.....casually. At the same time, her darting glances tell me she's measuring my closing range plus picking out a get-a-way path.

Then suddenly, a raised hand followed by a quiet "sit!" sliced through her brain. Pounce's butt hit the ground as if she couldn't help herself. I walked over, patted her head, said a re-enforcing "Sit...good girl", slipped my hand under the collar, removed some "stuff" from her mouth, flipped it over the fence, put the lead on her, said "heel" and we walked back into the house.

Dang, this stuff really works!

Keeping score.....trainer-1 point....Pounce-1 point. Balance is cool!