Water in the "Square Pond" Dog Training Area
                                                                                    (50 x 125 yards)
                      The training area consists of a small "grassy" area and Thorson Pond in the northwest corner, a
                   larger "grassy" area in the southwest corner and about 60 acres of crop land (corn/soybean rotation).
                   Permission to use this pond and property was obtained in 2003, A few years later, permission to hunt
                      waterfowl on the pond has resulted in many days in the field for Taffey, Daisy, Kooly and Gunny. 

                                                   This is a photo story of good times at the Square Pond DTA
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                                               Every spring begins anew the trimming of weeds along the shore.
                                                    They are trimmed to enhance hunting, training and fishing.

                                                                                     late June, 2014
            (left click on thumbnail)    
                                   pond sign
            north side
          (before trim)
           south side
         (before trim)
         south side
                                                                                          south side
                                                                                (trimmed more in July)

                                                                     Then............there are the geese!
                                                                                      Oct. 28, 2008

                                                                                                           (left click on thumbnails)
                                                                                  "ice & migrators"

                                                                                      Dec. 16, 2011
                                                                    "loafing geese during hunting season"

                                                                       north side
           south side
                                                               a "few" of the many, many "fun" goose hunts
   (plus a few mallards)
         two goose bands

                                                                                  (training - next entries)

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