Another "Kwick" is on the horizon.
                             The "puppy plan" will be a combination of the ideas expressed in the following links
                             plus the "program" experience gained while training Taffey, Kooly, Daisy and Gunny.

                                                          The primary focus is to do what the pup needs.
                                    The Rationale is to create an effective, efficient and 24/7 training approach.
                                                      Reality sets the tone which is to maximize potential.
                                             The dream goal is to be competitive in field trials. "Aim High!"
                                Favorite Book - Julie Knutson's - Training the Pointing Labrador (link)
                                                         (make sure to read the review by Jackie Mertens)   
                                            note: If you are training a retriever and want to focus on teaching,
                                                this is a
must read. Puppy insights through the "Five Factor"
                                                   balance concepts of a retriever are uniquely presented.
                                                     Phase I - Training Insight Foundations
                                                                            (integrate the following)

                                                              link #1 from The Retriever Forum (thread)
Pack Drive (link) - several perspectives

link #2 from Volhard.Com
Canine Personality Profile (link) - individuality awareness 
 link #3 from Michael Ellis

My High Drive Dog Will Never Settle and Be Calm, What Can I Do?
link #4a from Pro Julie Knutson
The Five Factors (link) - maintaining balance
                                                                    (from the above referenced book) 
link #4b re-read Julie Knutson's book
My Favorite Retriever Training/Teaching Book (link) 
                                                      Phase II - The Gathering  (started Dec/2013)
                                                         informational links to "puppy stuff" ideas
                                         Training and where does it begin? (RTF thread Dec.2013 - Steve Shaver)
                                            Training Manual Contents "Training Retriever Puppies" - Pat Nolan
                                                                   update: Pounce is a "Hillmann Pup"
                                                  Bill Hillmann - Hawkeye Media (Training Videos)
                                                                             (much more to follow)
                                                                  Phase III - Puppy Selection
                                                                                 (summer - 2014)
                                                 initial focus = titled "Code Blue", "Lean Mack" line bred pups
                                                                             (not etched in stone)   
                                                                     June - July (2014) "updates"

                                        Referring to the above "initial focus", a litter with the sought after lines
                                           was selected and a deposit mailed in a few days before whelping.
June 4 - deposit mailed - female pup & whelping due this week)
                  FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie x Grizzly's Scooter Magee MH
                                          Hunting Lab Pedigrees

 FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie (link)

                            Grizzly's Scooter Magee MH (link)

          note: not only does the breeding perfectly match the "initial focus",
                   there is a "bonus"......both parents are all amateur trained
  June 8                 Puppies' 1st Trip to "Vet" - (YouTube link)

                                           note: received photo of litter

                                           Wow! ten siblings (five & five)
June 16
ordered Bill Hillmann's video "Training A Retriever Puppy"
June 20 Hillmann's Puppy DVD arrived
as of this evening's retriever info it appears the puppy that
                      will soon be a KwickLab is by at the very least a finalist in
                      the National Amateur Field Trial - go "Willie" !!!
 update: "Willie" finished all ten series without a handle
June 29 puppy photo
             (left click on thumbnail)   
             pups from litter
             (3+ weeks old)
June 30
          Pounce's Litter at 3+ weeks old" YouTube (link)

July 4 "pickup puppy day" is scheduled for Friday morning July 25
           note: three weeks and counting




                 AKC name  KwickLabs Fountain of Youth - "Pounce"

                                                                                     updated 02/22/15