Avery's "Train'n in the Timber" (2007)

                                                                      The "Mistake" Lesson


Many years ago, my wife and I signed up our two Grandsons to
take piano lessons. The instructor was very experienced and had
great references. One of the prompts about practice was to make
sure to focus on NOT making mistakes and even worse repeating them. Going slower to begin with was considered being proactive.

This "lesson" was reinforced by saying that for every mistake you make...correcting the error requires repeating (correctly) ten times
to get back to the position you were in before the original mistake
was made.

Habits (good and bad) are easy to establish if they are replicated often and regularly.

So let's say you allow a retriever puppy (or any dog in training) to
do the wrong thing ten sessions in a row. According to
The Mistake” Lesson, you would have to repeat the skill 100 times correctly (to get back to square one)......and this is for only that one, repeated and unfortunately "drilled in" mistake.

What if this has gone on for....months? It seems much simpler to request a "two day fix drill".