vv                     Teal Island Adventure (2 months old)
                                                                     (no bumpers....but driftwood will do)
                                                    The following is a 2014 training journal excerpt.
                            May 15 started planning for the future pup's training and what came up was trying
                                        to optimize training alone, a first new idea was to design a training alone
                                        setup for teaching doubles, Daisy & Kooly will serve as perfect practice
                                        partners to look for finding ways to streamline and make the presentations
                                        as seamless as possible, then when the time comes with the pup, I will be
                                        more prepared to "modify in the moment"
                                            note: the following diagrams show first using a simple "Mama-Papa"
                                                     presentation and searching for the best way to send the dog from
                                                     the line to retrieve the memory (verbal or hand motion)
                                                     the second diagram is a transition setup to two gunning stations
                                                     (with still one gunner) I will move from the "go bird" station to
                                                     throw the memory and find the best way to move from station to
                                                     station as the dog is retrieving/moving with respect to the line
                                                     while retrieving and delivering (tentatively released on name for
                                                     the "memory") Daisy & Kooly should be able to provide plenty of
                                                     useful feedback, stand alones and send backs have been a way
                                                     of life for them
                                            note: if a gunner moves during a marking setup it is called a "chaos"
drill (the motion becomes a distraction which the dog must learn
                                                     to deal with)

                                            note: in retrospect my new pup may need a few "chaos" marking drills
                                                     to get use to moving gunners
                                            note: much of the early puppy work with Taffey, Kooly, Daisy & Gunny
was based on remote sit, training alone presentations, using that
                                                     experience along with modifications needed to fit seamlessly
                                                     into Hillman's "slant" on things should be very interesting

                                            note: The key will be to achieve what Taffey taught me to enjoy which
                                                      was to work at having a pup say "That was fun! What's next?" all
                                                      day long
                                   (left click on thumbnails)  
            "Mama-Papa" double
       "chaos" double
  (reverse order of video)
  note: the Mama-Papa double is just a "stepping stone" to
           doubles with two stations. This places the falls far
           enough away from each other to start introducing
           factors without influencing one another plus
           giving the expectation of two gunners. Distance
           should be increased slowly to allow the pup to
           become comfortable with the "chaos" effect. The
           moving gunner is distracting (on purpose).   

   note: Pounce will
NOT be doing many multiples early on.
           Mostly, counting to two a few times here and there
           will be about it. Her marking skills on singles will be
           an extensive process. However, this "introduction" to 
           multiples has been designed (in advance) and will be

                                              Kooly's Double Routine (Setup #1) YouTube (link)
                                               Daisy's Double Routine (Setup #1) YouTube (link)    
                                                  refer back to journal page teaching doubles setups (link)  
                                                        note: the radio line revealed something I was
                                                                 not aware of at this training site. With my
                                                                 hearing not up to par, I did not realize
                                                                 the highway background noise was that
                                                                 distracting until the YouTube exposed
                                                                 it.  "Releases" need to be much louder
                                                                 and/or use arm motions.
                                                        note: Pounce will NOT be running off a radio line.
                                                                        Daisy in Teaching Setup #2
                                                                      (photo "extracted" from video)

                                              Kooly's Double Routine (Setutp #2)  YouTube (link)
                                                Daisy's Double Routine (Setup #2) YouTube (link)
                                                  refer back to journal page teaching doubles setups (link)  

                            The following videos are examples of a "stand-alone" Y-Drill (marking).  
 note: "Stand Alone Singles" begin by throwing short marks early  with a
                                             "Hillmann" puppy. Pounce is already learning running short marks
                                             from a stable sit and is learning about "placeboards".  

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                                                                   Kooly's Y-Drill (AOF variations)
(March 25, 2012)  Training Journal (link) 
                                                                                 Taffey's Y-Drill                                                                    
(March 25, 2012)  Training Journal (link)  
                                                                 note: The background noise was an issue 
                                                                 because her hearing is worse than mine. 
                                                                         (didn't realize this at that time)

                                                       Tandem "Semi-Chaos" Y-Drill Taffey & Kooly
                                                                    (July 5, 2012) Training Journal (link)                  
                         updated 06/21/15