Favorite Photos  1999-2014

        camera progression -
D-Link $50 digital, FUJI FinePix A303, Olympus C55Z, Canon Rebel XTi
                                     latest photo editing program - Paint Shop Pro Ultimate Photo X2

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                           "four jakes on Thorson Pond"                     
          "Taffey" - airborne into Thorson Pond
                            "flocked swan decoys"
          "Gunny" and the "Twilight"
             (Mississippi River)
                           "towing the Migrator"
            Daisy" with an Illinois limit
                           "Daisy's 1st cripple"
                             Blonhaven Hunt Club "Euro"

          "Taffey", "Daisy" & "Kooly  (focused)
                                   "Kooly" - Blonhaven Hunt Club "Euro"
          "Gunny" - Illinois, pot-hole duck hunt
                           "Kwicklabs at Hook Lake"
          "Gunny" (fired up)
                           "Taffey" - 13 years old
           "Daisy" Thorson Pond goose
                           "Daisy" - Mississippi River duck hunt
           "The Phowler mud rig"
                           "coming in hot"
           "young" Taffey (Rock River)
                            Taffey's "Dusty" litter                  
           "winter goose hunt"
                          "foggy morning canvasback hunt"
                           Taffey's first canvasback
                            (Mississippi River - pool 13)
            Daisy's "diversion drill"
                           "Gunny" - Iowa walk-in duck hunt
                             (Mississippi River)
           "Taffey" scanning (Horicon Marsh)
                            Daisy's water retrieve at Stoughton
                            (out past decoy - ten weeks old)
           "The Can dead-mount"
                           Taffey, Kooly & Daisy  - "grazing"
            Kooly, Taffey & Lick ("roading" day)
                           Mississippi River "diver hunt"
            "Pintails on Glass" (Horicon Marsh)
                          "Gunny" ripped
             Kwicklabs - water "roading" (Hook Lake)
                           "Daisy" goose hunt hide             "sleeping bling"
                           "The iced goose"              Daisy's "Illinois limit"
                           Taffey's four Illinois teal             "Kooly" - airborne
                          "duck camp"
                "Daisy's big day in the bean field"
                          "Daisy" - Iowa Opener

                "Taffey" hunt test ribbons
                          "Cormorant Island" (Mississippi R.)
                 South Dakota (old school)
                           "Kooly" - Illinois limit
                 hunting/training trailer
                          "Pounce" intenstity
                 Daisy's first rooster
                           "Kwick stickmen"
                 "Taffey" on point
                            1st HRC training - "Lick"
                "Daisy" in a "hold" session 
                          "Lick" & Taffey"
                            Blonhaven Hunt Club
                "Noah's 1st HRC Hunt Test
                           Gunny's 1st mallard
                "Taffey" 1st water retrieve
                          "Daisy", "Kooly" & "Taffey" - steady
                "Taffey" on the puppy "Walk"
                          "Taffey" at Bong Rec. Area
                "Taffey" after training at Bong
                          "Gunny" - "The Painting"
                 "Daisy" very early Dokken
                        updated 02/02/15