"Salute To Geese"
                                                                               The Beginning
                                                     Journal entries - 2006

Oct 23 off very early to North Dakota for the week
Oct 29 limped back home at about 7:00 pm.........I'm beat
Oct 30-31 R&R for all
Nov  1 finally recovered enough to resume the journal.......Wow....what a
             trip.....if I'm five years younger and thirty pounds lighter next  year...I
            might go back,
this was a new area for the experienced ND hunters in
            our group, therefore the week was more of a scouting trip, saw lots of
            ducks and geese with plenty of water to hunt, but we were never in
            exactly the right place at the right time, on Friday found huge numbers
            of geese and mallards with no time to really target them, right at dusk
            on this last day, I watched my first giant mallard tornado....amazing    
                 note: dogs had little real action, Kooly never had one retrieve, Taffy
                            and Daisy had two cold blinds apiece........both were nice, the
                            trip was very disappointing in terms of getting the dogs
                 note: Taffey had a long cold blind on a crippled goose which she
                            brought back with no trouble, Daisy's first duck was a blind
                            retrieve of a big "Bull" Canvasback - I will always remember
                            these two retrieves

my first ever goose and "Csn" at 66 years old
  After the North Dakota trip, I was able to obtain permission to hunt the field adjacent to the small training pond a few miles from home. That one North Dakota goose and huge flock it came out of lit a fire. Little did I know at the time how much fun geese were going to be.

In addition, I did not realize this field and pond would provide Taffey, Kooly, Daisy and Gunny so many opportunities to regularly hunt geese on the X.   
The following link is to sections of the early years of Daisy's goose hunting experience including the goose retrieving "prep" done with each KwickLab before the North Dakota trip - they were ready. The links and photos focus mostly on Daisy's early goose hunting experiences. I would have to say, she'll always have a special place in my memories. Her "extreme swagger when doing geese" is dynamic.

Daisy's Goose "Daze" (link)
                                  (two geese "banded in Ontario" the first year)  
                                                                       Goose Dog Primer (link)
                                                          Be proactive and prepare for goose hunting.
                                                                        Hunting 2011-12 (link)
                                                           The 2011-12 Goose Season was "magical"

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