The following links and videos represent several years
      of various drills and ideas dealing with creating and
       maintaining a more responsive dog. They are often
                                   similar in nature.

          One of the foundation writings on this topic is a   
      Retriever Training Forum thread written by Ted Shih.

Sit means sit....or Does it? (link)


The Awakening

                            A Session of the Hide Steady
The Hide Steady & Chain Gang
Do Not Move Drill
The Kwick Long Wait Drill                                
The Hunt Test Wise Dog

                                         Training Tips

Daisy & Kate - The Long Wait Drill 
                      Daisy's "Kwick Hide Steady" Session
 Gunny's "Kwick Walk About" Drill

                       (here are two very insightful links)

 Making a Steady Retriever (Link) by Pat Nolan

          Force or Correction Reconditioning the Dog's Mind
                             written by Butch Goodwin

                         updated 01/27/14