Very early on, my pups are conditioned to a "place board". At first they are fed on one (regularly starting at seven/eight weeks old). During this early puppy phase the word "place" is imprinted. It is not a formal, enforced or corrected process....just a fun, game routine.

Later, when we begin formal OB, they "heel" over one, "sit" on one and return to a "heel/sit" on another one. Eventually (in advanced training sessions), they will cast to and work from a distant remote "place".

   This is Daisy at 3 months old (Sept. 2005) "playing a game" of remote sit /here.
                                        Christmas Placeboard FF Game

2006 Training Journal entry:

June 12 first drove to the Square Pond DTA and Daisy went through a session of Force to Water = went just super! afterwards went to BT's alfalfa field (just cut) & ran five singles with all three dogs one single to the right and two check-down "in-lines" in a stickmen field using the remote line return technique, Dokken and a primer pistol (163, 196, 155, 123, 90 yards)
       note: Daisy was introduced to the remote line technique two days ago and 
               did really well, at first...I was going to move the line up to make it easier
               for her, but decided to challenge her a bit after she ran right over to the
               board and sat on it without any "suggestions" from me, ran a short 50
               yard mark inside of the set-up to make getting her back to the remote
               place board the first time easier, with a bit of casting and coaxing she
               was soon running back to the line (place board) and doing her 5 singles
               with an "OK, I can do this...and it's fun." attitude - Wow! Now that was
               a huge leap for a 12 month old pup.



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