Kooly & Daisy's Maintenance & Preparation
                                                                                     for the

                                                   2015 Illinois Duck & Goose Hunting Season 
                                                            (Kooly - 12 years old & Daisy - 10 years old)
  Mar 13 Kooly and Daisy ran a short, "solo" training Y-Drill in tandem at the
           Square Pond DTA in the "grassy area" 

Y-Drill (bookmark link)
                    Tandem Y-Drill Taffey & Kooly (YouTube - link)

Mar 14 day off
Mar 15 Kooly and Daisy ran (
in tandem) a short set of five "Ya-Ha"
            singles at the Square Pond DTA in the "grassy area"
                 note: angle backs longest 75 yards, good exercise & "easy do"
63F, slight breeze and hazy
Mar 16 day off
Frontline Plus the middle of each month & HeartGard Plus  
           the 1st of each month

"Ya-Ha" Singles Drill (bookmark link)

Mar 17 Kooly & Daisy ran (in tandem) a set of 6 "Ya-Ha" longer (than last)
                 note: colder
May 18 day off
May 19 Kooly & Daisy ran a set of 3 cold blinds at the Square Pond DTA
            (4:15 pm
46F) having been in hibernation all winter they were
            both sharp - automatic (blinds 90-100 yards & very few factors)
Mar 20 day off
Mar 21
late afternoon Kooly & Daisy.......2 dog, walking, leap frog singles
            up and back down the erosion strip in the bean field - total of five
            marks for each, van was moved east from the area that Pounce
            did her pile work so that the bumpers left were at about 100 yds.,
            each were lined to the pile four times to pickup the rest
                 note: good workout
                 note: drove by the Square Pond on the way home - free of ice
Mar 22 day off (Sunday) day off - at 10:30 am
32F feels like 21F
                     at 4:30 pm
30F feels like 25F snowing (2-4 in. predicted)
Mar 23 day off - 8:30 am - 32F feels like 21F with 5" of snow
            on the ground and another two hours of snowfall
Mar 24 day off - snow on the ground & rain in the afternoon 
Mar 25 too cold
39Fplus the next three days' highs are 43F, 38F, 31F

                 note: good time to recover from a cold
Mar 26 at 11:15 am
37F feels like 30F Daisy & Kooly need to "get out"
                 note: Kooly didn't eat today
Mar 27 it's too cold, Kooly shows blood in stool....called vet....put him on    
            Metronidazole and trumped that with the "boiled rice & cottage
            cheese diet"......ate his "meal" this evening & drank water
Mar 28 high of 39F mid-afternoon - no rush to train the older dogs Kooly
           is under health watch......
Daisy ran five singles in a stand alone,
           "send back" setup using the bean field & an erosion strip
                 note: Kooly is better...ate morning rice & cottage cheese plus
                          did OK in the airing yard (no blockage) 

Mar 29 Sunday - morning rain & later ice = day off. up early, aired dogs
            worked Pounce and just beat the rain
            note: weather looks much better Monday and after
            note: Kooly seems to be improving
Mar 30
mid- afternoon - Daisy ran two singles a test dog for the new
           wingers at the Square Pond DTA - wingers need a few minor
           "adjustments"....Kooly was let out to run around when as the
            wingers were taken down and loaded....still on "rice/cottage
            cheese diet" and taking Metronidazole started mixing a bit
            of his normal kibble in with this afternoon's meal) 
Mar 31 Daisy & Kooly took a ride to move the duck/fish camp trailer from
            storage to the seasonal shoreline site - Savanna, Illinois
April 1 day off - Kooly's first day back to kibble food from the "rice and
         cottage geese diet"
note: HeartGrad Plus to all four dogs
April 2 Kooly & Daisy ran three singles with wingers that was a setup for
           Pounce (first time using the three new wingers)

                 Three "Gunner's Up" Wingers setup (bookmark link)

April 3 day off
April 4 Kooly & Daisy ran five "Ya-Ha" singles in tandem with alternating
            send backs at the Square Pond DTA
                 note: quick, good workout and slept well tonight
                 note: Kooly appears to be back to normal
April 5-8 a few days off
April 9 Kooly & Daisy ran seven walking singles in tandem as I moved
           around in the "grassy" area at the Square Pond DTA = exercise
April 10 day off - started tablespoon of canned pumpkin with Eagle Pack
April 11
afternoon - Daisy & Kooly ran six "Ya-Ha" singles in tandem at
               Roscoe Riverside Park DTA
April 12 day off - This morning was very difficult. Taffey has been fading
             most of this winter. She will be fifteen in June. The last few
             months getting up and down the tri-level steps has been a
             struggle. Last night after airing, she just laid down on the brick
             entry from the airing yard before coming in. She's been a little
             lax in about where she decides to have a bowel movement.
             Often...I've had to go out in the airing yard to remind her to
             come in.....like she doesn't know exactly what's going on. She
             sometimes "finds" her way to the door by smelling the path
             back....nose still works well. This morning a "big issue" surfaced.
             A swelling on her lip caught my attention. A nasty looking, what
             appears to be a lip cancer...suddenly surfaced. Prognosis for that
             at her age is very poor.....call Vet in the morning.
April 13 Taffey's lip issue was a bad infection - treatable, found no cancer
afternoon Daisy & Kooly ran 6 "Ya-Ha" singles in tandem at Kelly
             Meyer DTA 
April 14-5 two days off.......Taffey is feeling & looking much better
April 16
morning Kooly & Daisy ran 5 singles in tandem at Roscoe
             Riverside Park DTA off "Momentum Hill" = good workout 
Frontline Plus for everyone  
                    note: Taffey continues to improve
April 17 day off
April 18 Kooly & Daisy used Pounce's "yard work" setup and worked a
             ten bumper pile over the "camo" obstacle, on two returns they
             did a remote drop......fun, quick and excellent exercise
                    note: walk out the front door "yard work"
                           (left click on thumbnail)  
                              "yard work"

April 19 day off
April 20 morning cold & windy with a wind advisory.....but so what?
             Kooly & Daisy ran five "send back", "stand alone" singles (in
             tandem) at the Square Pond DTA (different area than Pounce)
April 21 day off
April 22 morning
F feels like 30F (cold & windy) = DAY OFF!!!
April 23 afternoon
afternoon in the fifties with sun and a good trained
             Pounce first and then drove to the Roscoe Riverside Park DTA
             Kooly & Daisy ran an ABC marking drill using "stand alone" send
             backs (with three stickmen) each ran six singles in tandem
                   note: fun, quick and effective - keeping 2 old dogs in shape 
April 24-6 three days off
April 27 Daisy & Kooly ran six singles in tandem up the erosion strip at
             the Square Pond DTA
April 28 day off
April 29 Daisy & Kooly ran three blinds at the Square Pond DTA
April 30, May 1-2 three days off
HeartGrad Plus to all four dogs
May 3   Daisy & Kooly worked in a training session together & in the yard
            one in a dog hide the other watching...1st up was a 7 bumper
            lining drill with a remote drop on the last & longest....other dog
            comes to heel (other side) and picks up that bumper and returns
            to the hide, three easy singles, then a triple.......Daisy went first
            and then Kooly = fast paced, multiple skills honoring and fun
            with no driving
May 4 day off
May 5
May 6 Daisy & Kooly each ran walking eight singles in tandem with
          "send backs" at the Square Pond DTA - cool, breezy morning
May 7 day off
May 8
Kooly & Daisy ran "in tandem" a set of six singles with a Dokken
          from three stickmen stations at the Square Pond DTA
May 9 day off
May 10 Kooly & Daisy trained at the Square Pond DTA
May 11-12 two days off
May 13 Kooly & Daisy ran set of singles
May 14-17 four days off
Frontline Plus for everyone    
May 18
Kooly & Daisy ran four, short cold blinds
May 19-20 two days off
May 21
trained at Roscoe Riverside Park DTA and the area that is usually
            mowed apparently will not be regularly - nice cover and calf
            high, Daisy & Kooly ran a set five of walking singles in tandem
            which gave Pounce time to relax after running single T
May 22-25 four days off
May 26 Kooly & Daisy ran five easy Dokken singles in tandem at the
            Square Pond grassy area (mowed = Pounce single T field)
May 27 day off
May 28 Kooly & Daisy ran eight "send back" singles in tandem on the
       Stoughton MRC property (last two in the water)
       (left click on thumbnail)  
       "eight singles"

May 29-30 two days off
May 31  Kooly & Daisy ran seven "send back" singles in tandem at the
       Square Pond DTA
                 note: This the last entry for KwickLab.com and it will be
                          about two weeks before KwickLabsII.com is up
                          and running.

                        updated 05/31/15