"Pounce" The New Puppy - Initial Archive (link)
                                                           (time from puppy deposit until she came home)
                                       "Pounce" - seven weeks old
July 26 passing on the trip to Savanna, IL for the Potter's Marsh blind drawing
              note: on the road two days in a row would NOT be fair for Pounce
              note: rest and relax today & begin setting up her daily routines
              note: her first night away from home could not have been any better,
                       out at 11:00 Friday, 2:00, 3:30 and 5:00 am....up, fed and aired
                       at 7:45 am - no accidents and an easy night = quiet
              note: this evening Lylah and Pounce had a "play session" and Lylah
                       did a super job of fending off Pounce's biting penchants, she
                       is obviously litter trained to not bite hard which is neat to watch
                       and the two of them roamed across the large, open recreation
                       room with a giggling little girl in front being chased by a "c'mon
                       play with me" pup....they really hit it off....very cool
July 27 spent yesterday...into today establishing feeding, airing and play time
              note: feeding is at 5:00 pm & 7:30 am....airing time is every time after
                       feeding or water and the usual "hints" of "you better take me out
                       now", out at 10:30 pm last night & midnight, 4:30 am this morning
                       with feeding at 7:30 am - so far that seems to be working well
                       with only one accident yesterday when I waited too long after a
                       water break
changed up from my old routine of putting the night crate (where
                       no one can hear) into in my bedroom which seemed to work
                       well....so far, especially this early in the new routine. it is much
                       easier to sense/predict when she needs to go outside - earlier is
              note: this afternoon she will begin being fed on a small placeboard
                       (once a day), the other times will mostly be in her crate
              note: feeding Eagle Pack "Large & Giant Breed" puppy food (red bag)
                       along with Genesis as a supplement
              note; need to trim her nails 
                                               1st placeboard "imprint"
 Pounce Age Photos (bookmark)

July 28 early morning standard visit to my veterinarian,
               note: Pounce is in the "Wellness Package" which includes complete
                        series of shots starting today, regular worming, fecal testing, tick
                        medication along with planned, regular vet examinations, today's
                        initial examination results were "very healthy pup and no issues"       
            a short time after the "vet visit"

explored a farm pond/training area while doing The Walk (link)

                                        Thorson Pond - YouTube (link)
            (left click thumbnail)  

              note: so far her "talking" is limited to letting me know when she needs
                       to go outside...she's been especially terrific with that....the routine
                       was established early on,
there is only one person in charge and
                       I am retired so the expectations were easy for her to learn
, plus
                       Pounce appears to be a very smart pup 
              note: this evening Pounce seems  tired and feeling some results of her
                       1st in a series of immunization shots   
July 29 trained at the Rockton Road DTA - county, just mowed and it is excellent,
             a friend does AKC Agility, OB and Hunting, she gave me a "tug of war"
             toy which I had never used before, Hillmann suggests using it ("tug of
             war") for use in promoting early puppy excitement........so why not with
                 note: she seemed "full of it" this morning...in spite of her puppy shots
Frontline Plus for Pounce applied late last night
                 note: after training the older dogs, Pounce came out for some "fun"
                          with a cool breeze out of the North it was an extraordinary
                          mid-morning for July - did "The Walk" with Hillman early
                          puppy excitement and chase (next time it will be the "full
                          blown walk" with zero verbal interactions
                 note: she continues to be very photogenic & "into it"
                 note: this evening Lylah's little Teddy Bear took a sound thrashing
                          by Pounce and Lylah giggled the entire time (it was funny) 
         (left click thumbnail)  
                 "The Walk" path

                  note: work on a predictable, daily routines
                  note: Pounces night time routine has been easy and flawless (being a
                           "night owl", an early "riser" and retired might have a little
                           to do with her "success" = much available time)
                  note: decided to switch over to feeding three times a day
                           9 am (or after training), 2 pm & 7 pm 

first draft "do's"   August - February+ (3rd - 8th month+)
                     "The Walk" (without retrieves)
                     consistent/predictable daily structure
                     regular play sessions with Lylah
                     started dragging a short tether today
                     real birds
                     focus on responsiveness & fun
                     daily "sit downs" in living room
                              ("giving neck", "no bite" & being calm/quiet)
sessions  (developing the "on/off switch") 
                         this is the basic framework for her retriever training           
                      early treat OB imprints
                      situational OB imprints
                      placeboard imprints (extensive)
                      start marking fundamentals early                      
                      formal OB & fetch 
goal - "aim high" (no testing until ready for at least Derby)
                                    (no hunting until she can do AKC Senior skills)

Training Dogs With Food YouTube (link)
                                            note: cited by Bill Hillmann

July 30 Pounce's "wakeup talk" was at 6:30 am, took her out right away and
            she was quick, fed on placeboard and then went back out to clean up
            the airing yard - left her in the small, night puppy crate in the back
            entrance and went in to eat breakfast, got ready to air the big dogs
                  note: morning dew on the grass & 57
......this is late July?
                  note: Pounce knows the feeding/airing routines, she is responding
                           consistently with no accidents (pretty amazing....actually)
                           the initial plan was to establish a predictable, fair approach
                           for the daily routines.....she picked up on it immediately, this
                           demonstrates she is a very smart pup & emphasizes  a need
                           to make sure she is given the correct, fair ques all the time
The rule for promoting and establishing responsiveness
                                is "Be consistent, fair and predictable!"

                 note: right now (7:50 am) she is asleep in her larger puppy crate
                          right next to my computer (the expectation is it's "quiet time",
                          the 3 older dogs are sleeping in the living room (day off)
                 note: later today she will go for a "Walk" at the square pond DTA
Lylah went along......part of Pounce's job description is
                          to be a therapy puppy for Lylah (4+ years old and autistic), the
                          area is a regularly mowed, long erosions strip in a 60 acre
                          soy bean field, the natural trail with a clear boundaries is
                          ideal to deal with the "bolting" tendencies of autism....things
                          went well and the two continue to hit if off......puppy biting
                          seems to be much less of a problem after just a few days and
                          Lylah solved it by simply presenting open palms in the "halt"
                          position (difficult to get a grip on a flat palm)
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July 31 took dogs to Roscoe Retention Pond first
            Pounce saw her first water & I had some knee high boots (thinking it was
            shallow quite a ways out - it isn't, the morning went well for her (and she 
            slept soundly for several hours afterwards
            (left click thumbnail)  
              "So this is water."
          "Ok, I got wet"
    "Is a tether Ok?"
                  "Got shade!"
            "Got to run!"
        "Got tired."

                                       Pounce's August Journal (link)