Toad Island - August 19. 2014
  Tuesday morning all four dogs went to Duck Camp. Teal season is nearing and advanced planning and scouting is underway. Duck camp with the older dogs is a routine that Pounce must learn. It is very different in that the trailer is small. Airing and feeding times vary. These are complicated by summer temperatures and boat rides.

Tuesday morning the boat was ready to move to water early after unloading the gear. The normal routine is to start the mud motor first in camp while the boat is still on its trailer. Since the ProDrive is air cooled, it doesn't have to be in the water.

Pounce was still in her crate in the van and the loud "growling" motor noise did not bother her. Therefore, I moved her crate to the extended bow deck where she was totally at ease with the motor noise (and I revved it up once). So far this was looking ....unusual. I moved her crate to a back split seat two feet from the motor and again she was totally calm and relaxed. I was surprised....but I started feeding her treats as the motor was "pushed" a bit. There was no hint of negative reactions.

This resulted in changing the morning's scouting trip to take Pounce down to Toad Island to checkout the sand bar that appeared last year. Wow! It was bigger than last year. The 2014 extended flood season made it longer, wider and higher. Pounce took the entire trip in stride and the results were entered into this photo story called
Pounce's Excellent Adventure. What a cool little pup!
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   "What noise?"
  time to explore
     "bow view"
   "check it out"
   "switch panel"
  "main channel"
  "water all over"
     "big water"
  "lunging is fun"
   "the sand bar"




 American Lotus



    "bird smells"



 "so much to do"

   "I know the.....
      way home!"
    "close up"

 resting - trip back
note: She beat me
  back to the boat.

  "Comin' to ya!"
                     note: It is significant to observe that Pounce is not wearing collar or lead. In 
                                addition, there was no bumper along to retrieve. However, in one of the
                                photos it is rather obvious she needed to "pick something up" to carry
                                around in her mouth. The entire outing was basically a "free walk" for fun.
                                She was feeding off my presence and becoming more responsive. This is
                                known as working on "Physical Influence" (no talking......just going).
                                It is important to establish that WE are doing this together. 
              updated 06/30/15