Pounce retrieve Aug. 14th
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Sept 1 trained in yard late afternoon, did 3 short, exciting retrieves...then worked
           on "sit" and "walking on lead"...this is the "off switch" technique from Bill
           Hillmann's puppy program, decided to use the Flex-Lead today and the
           entire lesson went much better than expected in that this was a first time
           experience in mimicking a new technique (thought about it a lot before
           doing) and it was satisfying to observe Pounce reign in her emotions. the
           walking on lead and sitting "flipped the switch"....a smoother transition from
           retrieving to "reigning in emotions" was the focus,  used walking calmly on
           lead or sitting for control, the idea to "drop a bumper while Pounce stayed
           on sit" went extremely well
 note: Hillmann's description of chase & excitement as the "on switch"
                           to walking on lead and sitting as the "off switch" create balance
                           in a similar philosophy to the five factors of balance required for
                           a trained retriever espoused by Julie Knutson - "birdiness" and
                           retrieving vs. focus, control and responsiveness   
                  note: one thing for sure Pounce is quick and can flash into action so I
                           was very pleased she was able to keep her wits about her the
                           very first time we tried it (of course I did kind of block her path)
her eye contact is excellent for a very young pup and this made
                           it easier, she shows good retention of ideas from new situations
                           (and everything right now is new)

                  note: a little surprised with her early responsiveness (quick learner)
                  note: busy mouth & sharp teeth issues called for "elevated" action today,
                           took it in stride with no resentment...she is definitely "spunky"
                  note: short session with sensational progress & results ...."I get it!"
Sept 2 trained at Square Pond DTA "grassy area" - a few retrieves but much more
           emphasis on "sit" and "walking on lead"....the "off switch"  
                 note: last dose of
Albon for coccidia
Sept 3 trained at Square Pond DTA "grassy area" two retrieves, and mostly "sit"
           and "walk" on lead.....worked on balance noted in Sept 1,2 entries 
                 note: it was warm and Pounce was very much a "wild child" today
                 note: the "off switch" was not close to fully engaged        
Sept 4 early morning train - yard at home.....gonna hit middle 90's today, mostly
           focus on being calm and cool
                 note: "evaluate" previous three days' work on balance
                 note: take monthly size comparison photo
Sept 5 - arrived at duck camp about 1:30 am, unloaded van with bugs thick in the
           humid warm, early morning, slept until 5:30 am and then went to scout for
           teal - saw ZERO decided to pass on weekend teal opener and packed up to
           head back home.....but before leaving, Pounce and I visited Teal Island
           to have a little puppy fun = shallow lunging water with a slight current
           over a hard sandy bottom, Pounce was "pouncing"
                 note: cut a large number of willows from the Square Pond DTA to use
                          in making temporary duck blind builds in pool 13
                 note: Pounce did a lot of sleeping the last few days = quiet
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  Pounce On Teal Island (story link)

Sept 6 took Pounce's monthly growth progression photo - the "change" is difficult
           to judge on a daily basis. but the photos clearly show significant growth
   Pounce Growth Progression (link)

           early morning was spent getting Pounce back into "house rules" on airing,
           "She talks and I listen. " Also, the daily routines are fairly predicable. A few
           issues occur during the time after working outside and then drinking a lot
           of water. There's not much distance between the front and back ends.

The Hillmann "process" is going well...except for one issue. Pounce is so
           quick and fast that a ten foot checkcord is not nearly enough. For example,
           stepping on the end often results in a sudden spin and/or summersault
           This is not puppy friendly. I have a longer/heavier upland cord which she
           will grow into........however, "in the moment" I've decided to use a tool
           that I'm comfortable with and know how to present in a gentle manner,
           the thin nylon rope with two knots suggested by Hillmann is just too harsh
           on an extremely animate, fast and small pup....today was the first go and
           it went well....Pounce almost immediately grasped the significance of no
           more cartwheels and a very clean on/off switch working up close and
           hands on

                      note: she was relaxed, focused, responsive and happy
                      note: she did
NO retrieves today and there is no need to push
                               this side of the balance
                      note: it is critical that knowing how to use the pinch collar was
                               important......the pup dictates ALL the tightness and the
                               trainer's job is to FINESSE the understanding....it is not
                               anything close to a choker collar type application...even,
                               steady tension is all determined by the pup and the two
                               knot checkcord was just not effective
                      note: there is no intent to use this on a checkcord during retrieves,
                               Ponce just needs a little insight into the fact that she doesn't
                               have to do cartwheels and run wild when walking on
a lead,
                               she was beginning to demonstrate little understanding of the
                               off switch and it was far from becoming an expectation, if
                               anything we were going in a different direction
                      note: once this issue is resolved the rope will again be effective,
                               the transition to the "soft" e-collar application will be next,
                               I can easily layer in a "soft" pinch collar approach now, for
                               a pup the message of a tightening pinch collar is not all that
                               different than the sensation applied by a "soft" e-collar if
                               one exercises care and uses calm reactions
 update: got the results I was looking for and went back
                                                to the flat collar September 13th

        further update: that week of experimenting was not worth it

                                      in the long run, to be brief...counter-productive
                                      note to self: "AVOID GOING OFF CAMPUS" 
                      note: we are back on course, this evening had Pounce doing the
                               "living room tether" session.......again mostly working on her
                               biting issues (not hard....just very persistent nips)            
  Sept 7 after the early morning feed & airing Pounce did a "walk on lead & sit"
           session in the yard - this is coming along very well and a stable sit with
           distractions (i.e. tossing bumper on the ground with me in between) she
           is "cool" with it plus she is comfortable with petting and stroking....nice,
           square sit - came in and took a long nap
                   note: compared to yesterday, she was much more level headed   
                   note; airing routines are doing super
No retrieves today she's got that down (restoring balance)
Sept 8
early morning - "walk on lead" lesson with focus on sit with a bumper       
           pm ground distraction plus worked at "walking" her approximately on
           both sides with two-sided heeling the eventual expectation, "sit" is done
           with "hands on" and several "reps" with  slight lift on the collar for
           reinforcement, the visual bumper is held to enhance eye contact and to
           toss down with me in between while she maintains the sit......this is going
           well and Pounce is relatively calm with the process -
key components of
           the "off switch" are focus, control and responsiveness
late morning after the
           two older dogs has trained Pounce did 4-5 exciting retrieves on the big field
           at Riverside Park DTA
                   note: broke out the heavier and longer upland checkcord because of
                            her speed and my lack of mobility - worked well and gave me
                            the needed time to control the retrieves - she's FAST!!!
late afternoon - ten minute swim in the pool - water at 83F
                   note: feeding three times a day is going well

                               "quick" photo burst of pin, pickup and return
                    (left click on thumbnails)  
Sept 9 went to the hardware store and since Pounce has been very lively most of
           the day decided to take her for a ride and stop at the Roscoe Riverside Park
           DTA, started off just to go for a long walk wearing her "heavy upland cord,       
           I could see was "digging in" to pull it, but making nice long casts, about
           halfway around the planned loop, took the cord off and she was noticeable
           speedier, some of her casts were 40-50 yards which led into applying the
           moment of one of the steps in Hillmann's puppy DVD....when a pup is "not
           near you" toss a bumper, she did four retrieves like this and nailed everyone
           while not wearing a checkcord, the "I'll trade you for this trick worked" just
           fine and after four fast/fun retrieves we just went back to walking together

                    note: Pounce was sleeping right into the evening hours with a short
                             wakeup call for her last meal of the day
                    note: another addition to the daily routine is having two crates, one
                             is where the older dogs "hang out" and the other is in her
                             "quiet zone" which is where she sleeps at night (she seems to
                             like the contrast0
                    note: biting issues are improving & putting collars on her is less of
                             struggle (Pounce is extremely quick and I'm glad this will be
                             taken care of before her size becomes a significant advantage)
Sept 10-11 trip to duck camp on the Mississippi River - Pounce was mostly just
           along for the ride.....this is her third trip, and the only thing she did was
           watch, sleep, eat and air.....she travels well in her own crate, quiet and
           happy for the entire trip with little complaining about the irregular
           feeding schedule - mostly designed so I would be back at camp when she
           needed to air.......zero mistakes! and seemed to enjoy just "hanging out"

                    note: she's a lot of fun
Sept 12 day off - just played a little in the house and got back into the routines
Sept 13 this morning was about the fifth walking on a leash session using the pinch
             collar - easy finesse has her responding well to a slight lift to reinforce
             the "sit" command, and does well on the "dropped bumper" distraction,
starting tomorrow we will transition back to the wide, flat collar for a few
             weeks before beginning the "soft" e-collar intro

having a few thoughts about doing "sit" before "here" because
                             my previous four pups would always come to "here" early on
                             when it was systematically imprinted from the beginning as a
                             "good thing"......HOWEVER, since I'm doing a new program the
                             urge to deviate has been resisted...."sit" first then "here" (old
                             habits do not die quickly)
  I keep reminding myself that we
                             are working to establish a steady pup with a stable, strong sit as
                             part of the "on/off" switch and "here" before this is achieved is
                             contrary the program's sequence

Pounce is now sitting in just about all the normal situations,
                              I can walk around her, drop a bumper and pick it up and she
                              is good with that, in addition on our walks and retrieve sessions
                              she will now freely cast about sometimes as far as 30-40 yards
                              in wide open areas, the opportunity to toss a bumper in those
                              situations (where she is not near me) are frequent (she's not a
                              boot licker) 

her drive is terrific (never seen her tired), eye contact is super,
                              the program is progressing well......"here" not so much 

 however, the longer checkcord has been an excellent

Sept 14
spent the day working on the "off switch" with a two pronged approach
             first of all in the early afternoon (while watching THE basketball game),
             Pounce spent about an hour on the living room floor with me doing the
             "tether session" - she is a tough cookie (still working on "not biting") &
             later this evening we did a long "walking with me session" on a short
             lead while stopping once in while to work on the "sit" command - used
             1) verbal command, 2) enforced with pressure by lifting on flat collar
             and 3) the upright "traffic cop" hand gesture...in addition, I am at the
             stage of being able to walk 360
around her (distraction) plus pulling
             lightly forward on the lead as she resists coming off the sit......and she
             is comfortable with all this - the training term is "sit" is in the early
             stages of becoming a stable expectation

started asking her to sit before going through any door 
                              (after me) - "sit" is becoming a daily routine in context

                     note: since the "sit" & "walking with me" have been essentially
compartmentalized (at first) it seems combining them in a
                              training session with "chase/retrieve" makes it easier for a pup
                              to mentally distinguish each skill as they are integrated into a
                              more complex training sequence (this is a personal opinion),
                              another way to look at this is that trying to teach more than one
                              expectation at a time is rather difficult (actually, it is a poor
                              approach)......but teaching each skill separately and adding
                              them gradually to the mix makes the entire process of puppy
                              training more seamless

                     note: this evening Pounce came in from airing and was put on "sit"
                              in the "rec room", Lylah is autistic, but has quickly learned that
                              a very young pup has very little control over jumping, biting
                              or just being calm....for at least 15 minutes Pounce was on "sit"
                              while Lylah slowly warmed to the idea of moving closer,
                              Pounce was OK with that and only needed an occasional lift
                              on the flat collar and a quiet "sit"- it was a very cool time for
                              both of them and it kind of surprised me, Pounce was calm,
                              relaxed and still while Lylah began to slowing move in and
                              seemed to warm to the possibility that maybe she's going to
                              be fun

Sept 15 at dusk Pounce went for a long walk at the Square Pond DTA moved up
             the mowed erosion strip all the way over to the other side of the sixty acre
             bean field, heavy wet grass was soft to walk over but Pounce ran hard and
             often, noticed a slight hint that early teething may be starting - keep an eye
             out for more obvious visible verification - probably will just simply switch to
             paint rollers for the next month & a great deal of time will be spent at duck
             camp with the obvious perks of a wide variations in daily structure
                  note: the neat part about "all this stuff" is nothing seems to phase her
                  note: bought four paint rollers for the eminent "teething phase"
                  note: important "intros" before winter are completed - 1) lunging and
                           swimming water plus the warm indoor swimming pool, 2 boat
                           rides and LOUD mud motor "conditioning", 3) duck camp routines,
                           4) frequent trips (short and long) in the "dog" van, 5) real live birds
                           (quail) and 6) a solid start on Bill Hillmann's Early Puppy Program
Sept 16 trained at Riverside Park DTA and did a long "walkabout" in the huge north
             field with Pounce dragging the long checkcord, threw a paint roller when
             she was off on about four long "casts", in between we alternated the "chase"
             close by with the reinforced sit (lift up on collar/traffic cop hand signal)
                  note: evening Pounce had a long session off lead just playing and rough
                           housing before being put up for the night
Sept 17 just the regular day off routines with no outside training 
                  note: did a long tether session in the evening with Lylah cautiously
                           moving closer to pet and play with her tail, steady progress here
                           for Lylah, but I have to snub Pounce up tightly to avoid any sudden
                           puppy lunges (overall this is going well), still has the "busy" mouth
                  note: her "puppy look" is disappearing and my "small dog" is beautiful,
                           the present guess is Pounce will top out at a little over 60 pounds,
                           built for speed and have an outstanding dark yellow coat with the
                           dense, courser "overcoat" valued for work in cold water
                  note: Pounce's small Einstein e-collar called "The Educator" 400TS
                           arrived today....
see video link in Sept. 20th journal entry
                  note: removed the tiny asparagus patch from a fenced area in the middle
                           of the airing yard, it created a blind spot for observing the dogs
Sept 18 Pounce has the day off, in that she did not "go to the field", a few days ago
             she started being allowed to go into the airing yard without me tagging
             along, she was tentative/cautious and any strange sounds (distant barking
             dogs, road noises and even rustling trees) would send her scooting to the
             "security" of a small, brick patio entrance,....,,,,she very quickly began to
             "brave up" to being on her own, she stared to venture further away from
             the door, after each feeding she was allowed to be out there by herself and
             little did she know that I was watching through the window, her body
             language suggested that she knows just how little she is...."spunk" is highly
             over-rated when measured against big size differences
Sept 19 in one day her comfort zone has greatly increased, she is learning a lot
             by just allowing it to happen, this afternoon Kooly and Daisy were to run a
             few blinds, the water was at the Roscoe Retention Pond and it was still full
             of geese accompanied with the resultant mess on land - Pounce was not let
             out of the van
we moved to the Roscoe Riverside Park DTA and Pounce went for
                             a good walk with me to set out the six blinds, afterwards we both
                             went back to pick up the stakes and took a huge swing through
                             grassy cover that was chest high (but bent over in some places),
                             she plowed though it dragging her checkcord and rarely was
                             following me, pretty cool to see a little pup "pouncing" through
                             difficult cover.....all of today's activities were not actual training
                             setups, "training" doesn't have to be throwing marks, OB or even
                             a drill, exposure and just letting a pup "go with the flow" is an
                             excellent way to kee
p the magic - never made her do anything
                             except be with me
                    note: she is definitely a "keeper" 
Sept 20 morning session of "on/off" switch (yard) went really well, made it more
             exciting by using an old squeaky toy from the past (a rubber steak) focus
             was on creating a distinct change from "one to the other", seeing a solid
             understanding of which "thing" we are doing
                    note: very impressed with her sharp transformations into each of the
                             of the three phases
carrying over is obvious when we are exiting and entering,
                             she understands that sit is the response when I'm about to do
                             other things - not just at doors, such as when putting on or taking
                             off a collar before exiting or entering her crate - she simple defers
                             to the relaxed position, almost  an automatic response to the

                    note: found useful link/explanation for Pounce's new E-Collar which
                             is a Einstein design "The Educator" 400TS 
                             she's not nearly ready for that phase of training, but I wanted
                             a collar with a bit more flexibility than the present ones I have
                             now = more time to get comfortable

                                            Leerburg E-Collar Video (link)

                    note: Pounce has "grown out" of her plastic "Pet Taxi" and moved
                             into to a wire crate (Pet Lodge) like the ones at Duck Camp
                    note: need to work at the progress of a distant, stable sit, may take
                             awhile, but there no hurry....... she will only be 4 months old
                             October 4th and winter here in northern Illinois can be brutal at
                             times, we will do a session of AKC OB beginner class in January
                             just for something to do toward socialization and wait until her
                             maturity catches up with her precociousness
                                    ratings (
for her age)
                                       responsiveness -
very good
                                       focus - short attention span, but above normal  -
                                       control - reflected by the first two -
no problems     
                                       potential - exceptional
                                       progress - excellent
                                       bias - probably off the chart
                    note: trimmed nails for the third time
called vet & next appointment is Sept 29th at 8:30 am
     note: recently noticed the dogs are "different" when a fan is droning on
                             and they can feel the breeze......it has a more dramatic impact on
                             Pounce - she is just a lot calmer - which I really enjoy
                    note: I don't recall any of my other pups always being hungry, Pounce
                             seems to think she should be fed about every three hours - the
                             fan has helped 
NOTE: Pounce has entered the phase where "rocks and twigs" are "good
                              things to eat".......solution no more free airing.....only on a lead
Sept 21 did the "big three" on a lead in the yard "chase, sit and moved out into our
             frontage road for a more sterile and less distraction ground cover (asphalt), 
             walked on a lead", about half-way through two people came up the hill
             walking two dogs on lead  - German Shepherd and a big black sheep
             dog (of sorts)....when they were about 50 yards away Pounce was startled
             and jumped sideways and let out a yip that ended in a growl....begging me
             to hold her back before she ripped them to shreds, then she moved slightly
             behind me when they moved on as if to say "I'm with this big guy!" She's
             feisty and it is going to be tricky settling her in loose with the Kwick Pack
                   note: late afternoon we went to Riverside Park where the older dogs
                            did two Y drills, Pounce went for a long walk with her super
                            sized checkcord and had a few marks thrown for her, did the
                            "walking on lead" and "sit" in concert, she loves to ride in her
                            own Ainley box with the older dogs
Sept 22 mid- morning repeat the front yard/road exercise (see Sept. 21 entry)
                   note: this morning marked the first sign of Pounce being easier to
                            "retrieve" from her crates....usually, she just tries to bolt by,
                            now she is more flexible in that a gently hand under her chin
                            is more likely to induce a sit, placing a collar on her is easier, if
                            we come to a door and I stop she will sit without being asked
                            (not every time, but often) plus no more bolting out the door
                            whenever there is an opening
                   note: mouth still not trustworthy, getting more "half-assed" swipes vs.
                            actual nips followed by the obvious "oops" motion of her head,
                            easy to read and react properly......if I am paying attention
                   note: compared notes with Dan's pup and sister to Pounce about water
                            consumption - both seem to be drinking A LOT which creates a
                            few problems if airing "routines" and puppy hints are not
                            efficient, I am retired and have 24/7 supervision capabilities,
                            this is a huge advantage......but it has not been perfect
              late afternoon - long walk at Roscoe Riverside Park with about five
              retrieves, went back to the shorter, lighter checkcord because "keep away"
              has suddenly decreased dramatically, this is probably because I have
              become more of a source of the fun rather than just being a "kill joy taker"
                   note: parked van so she had a perfect view of Kooly and Daisy running
                            their two Y-drills........best thing was no barking  
Sept 23 - trained yard/ exercise in the morning (see Sept 22) and late afternoon ran
               six retrieves at the Square Pond DTA plus a long walk up the mowed
               erosion strip.......walked close on lead and did some alternating sits
                   note: got a lot in for the short time there
           (left click on thumbnails)  

Sept 24 trained at Riverside Park DTA - different area, parked van so Pounce could 
             see Kooly and then Daisy run their two Y-Drills...wanted to reduce barking
             in the van & she was quiet, after the two older dogs Pounce then went for
             an extended walk in the short cover with five retrieves
Sept 25 in the morning the decision to take today off was made at 10 am Pounce
             was sound asleep in the living room...
later in the afternoon decided to do
             something based on the recollection of a friend's pup from years ago

             but first had a neat situation occur earlier this morning in the airing yard,
             the neighbor to the north (close and hidden by a large tree line) was doing
             some roofing with a nail gun....Pounce jumped at the first report and was
             immediately on guard, defensive and a bit startled......which was greeted
             with a lot of excited, "Hey aren't we having fun!" along with a physical and 
             playful rough housing, the response was to make the event exciting and
             fun.....soon the gun continued and she paid no attention to it.....good to go
                     note: the only litter of pups I ever whelped was only a few weeks old
                              when they began to go outside....during this time the next door 
                              neighbor (very close) was having a complete "tear off" of his old
                              roofing and new one installed - lots of noise and multiple nail
                              guns were the norm for that week...fast forward - buyer of one of
                              the male pups called and said he uses a Retriev-R-Trainer often
                              THEY ARE LOUD......one morning he was training and didn't
                              realize that his pup had somehow managed to be "out there"
                              when he fired off the first round.....the pup was off with the shot
                              and trying to make a retrieve......his call was to try and find out
                              how I had managed to gun condition his pup - I said, "My
                              neighbor did that for me."
             Going back to the red highlighted area, the friend's pup was a hard charger
             and talented. He "screwed her down" very tightly so as to be able to earn
             the MH title. Evidently, he saw this as the only choice. He said it wasn't
             much fun, hard work but she earned the title. It worked. Then things
             changed and he wanted to do some upland hunting.

             His talented MH would hardly leave his side in the uplands. They worked
             on it a lot.....but she had zero experience at being free to make her own
             choices. She had become too responsive, dependent, under control and
             a perfect non-slip retriever. Free searching for game was not in her mind.

             So I'm thinking of Pounce in the last several weeks. Most everything she
             does involves me throwing bumpers, asking her to sit and walking on a
             lead plus the daily routines at home. Things are going well except for this
             little twinge about  being free to search.......or not?....maybe a little?

             So we went to an 60 acre (or so) piece of land owned by the state and
             mowed twice a year by the county. The cover is about calf high, easy but
             not too easy for a 3 month old pup. Since it is mowed the thistles are flat to
             the ground and maybe three feet across which probably are not the most
             comfortable thing for puppy pads. In some areas there are no thistles.

             I walked and said nothing. For about twenty minutes Pounce was a "boot
             licker".  She was either following me or close by my side. The distance was
             never farther than checkcord length........except she was not wearing one.

             So I started to walk the "zig-zag" pattern. Not soon after that Pounce was
             "zigging" and "zagging" on her own little pattern. Then suddenly she just
             bolted on a line for about 40 yards. Stopped looked around and came
             flying back. I said nothing. Her body language was almost oozing "Hey!
             That was a lot of fun! She did it a few more times and then gave me
             the "Where is the water look?" and we went home. 

             I saw this "free" behavior at bit when we were doing the island adventures.
             We need to do this once in awhile.....regularly. 

Balance Thoughts (link)
                                     (refer to journal entries starting Sept 1st) 

Sept 26 day off - predictable daily routines
Sept 27 easy day except for working on regular daily routines, airing is going well,
             feeding is on schedule and Pounce knows "what's up".....except her little
             puppy mind is often going 90 miles per hour........her "conversation" has
             recently become a bit annoying so we are working on that, she knows
             what "quiet" means, but slips into "test mode" often, at the moment she is
             discovering how to get peanut butter out of the depths of a pig's hoof
                   note: when she tires with that we may do a little work in the yard
                   note: recently I have discovered that a small wire crate in a quiet,
                            semi-dark dark upstairs room with a fan blowing puts her into
                            "useful" and tranquil "intervals".......we both need that
this has become our pre-work routine...an empty mind due to
                            a rested brain is easier to fill and
the first five minutes of a
                            session are the most important
....there are different kinds of
                            brain waves with some better suited for effective learning

        rationale: Many years ago when teaching physics the normal routines of
                        most teachers were to get the students seated, calm them down
                        and take attendance. All this took time away from actual
                        teaching. In a way, this poor consumption of time to do simple
                        "house keeping" was counter-productive to the proper use of time.

                        Whenever a person makes a rather abrupt change in activity brain
                        waves undergo changes. A new, sudden change as taking break
                        allows the brain to switch gears and refresh which in turn provides
                        a new, small window for high level thinking.

                        Therefore, my students would "hit the floor running" the moment
                        the bell rang. Several productive things took place. Very few
                        students were ever late knowing they would miss something. The
                        initial lessons were almost always more effective. And lastly, the
                        task of taking attendance later provided the brief brake needed
                        to alter to brain waves and move into the second phase of the
                        day's lessons. 

                        Brain waves are altered (for the better) and the first five minutes of
                        a session often prove to be the most effective. After that the "edge"
                        dramatically decreases. Teaching becomes less effective because
                        brain waves change. However, if there is a large enough switch in
                        what is being done, the brain will recover for a short period which
                        made questions, explanations and conclusions more meaningful.
                        Establishing context with perspective establishes expectations. 

                        It is said that dogs do not think like humans. They are more linear
                        in function and often motivated to react in to a specific stimuli
                        depending of previous experiences. However, they do have brain
                        waves and teaching seems to be more effective after resting.    

                        Therefore, when training a dog it is important to be cognizant of
                        brain activity and attempt to optimize the effective moments.
                        Short lessons with brief rests in between are more effective than
                        long, drawn out drills. Once again, the "short and sweet" descriptor
                        defines this best.  The key here is to think in terms of effective
                        brain waves and timing.

                        Optimize the moments and do not waste the first five minutes. Rest
                        briefly at regular intervals and make each change distinct. 

                        Frankly, I think I am doing just that with Pounce. I'm sure her training
                        will improve if I continue to review what is happening and why it is

                        OK, Pounce....time to go to work. 
Sept 29th Pounce VET appointment - final shots in puppy series
                  note: in the Vet's office Pounce was a perfect little lady, calm and
                           relaxed with wagging tail
                  note: on the way home  stopped to the train the train older dogs at
                           the Rockton Road DTA and she watched from her crate
                   note: Pounce ran a little in the heavy, calf-high cover and picked up a
                            couple of very short marks (just for exercise), rest of the day was
                            just quiet time & skipped noon feeding
                   note: weight 26.4 pounds four months old in a week = double four
                            month weight for estimate of full growth weight - 54 pounds
Sept 30 morning & evening sessions of "chase, walking on lead and sit"
                   note: long, free walk in the middle of the day

                                                composed:   "The Paradigm Shift" (link)