This retrieve was in the yard right after the long trip home from Indiana.
                                                                   The Solutions for Mouthing
                                                                  (excitement, variety, focus & fun)
  The first day home, Pounce retrieved a small plastic object chosen after a quick search for anything handy. It is the end attachment to
a long light bulb changing device (a perfect fit for her small puppy mouth).  She zipped around the yard in an instinctive "drive mode".
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The next few months had her doing countless retrieves and learning
about Hillmann's "on-off" switch concept. She spent time retrieving many different objects. In the process, Pounce learned that picking up each one required a slightly different mouth adjustment and it was always exciting. After months of variety, it became obvious that she was comfortable when retrieving anything.

With respect to mouthing, it is less likely that a pup will be lazy and careless when focused excitement, fun and
rewards are the primary motivations. "Variety is the spice of life."

Here is a photo of  the types of retrieving objects Pounce "fetched" in the last seven months.

Then there is the second problem of not wanting to give it up. The
"Chuck-It" ball was eventually used to re-focus Pounce into willing deliveries.   

                                   DT bumpers (2 & 3" white & black/white), small puppy canvass, large canvass,
frozen mallard, live quail, two goose wings (zip tied), Can Dokken, Baby teal &
                                   black/white ATB's, yellow ring & ball agility toy, stuffed Snow Man, two Chuck-It
                                         bumpers (orange and fluorescent green), orange Chuck-It ball, two Kwick
                                          Bumpers, 2-3", Avery flashers and white paint rollers (to name a few)

                                                               Pounce's Retrieving Progression (link)
                                                                                    (action shots)