Christmas Pounce
  Jan. 1  morning t- used continuous walking and regular fetches off the floor using
           a very small, canvass puppy bumper.......this seemed to work and quit while
           we were ahead......decided she really needs to get out more
afternoon - went for a long, long walk at the Rockton Road DTA, on the way
           the small canvass bumper was thrown after putting Pounce on a remote sit
           initiated with the whistle..did several of these and she was very good about
           bringing the bumper back all the way.....the last two hundred yards to the
           van were spent working heel with the 9 foot poly rope and flat collar...gave
           her a lot more loose rope than previous lessons (idea from Pete on RTF) and
           followed his approach....Pounce and I are much improved with what has
           been an we just need consistent reps....she's going to be a
           "handful" for a long time

                  NOTE: One of the reasons for taking Pounce on was to have puppy in
                  house for Lylah to interact with. She is our five year old Granddaughter
                  and autistic. She presently remains totally non-verbal with no real sign
                  language skills. The last four or five months since Pounce came home,
                  she has begun to "warm up" to the dogs. Pounce is a bit too wild right
                  now, but on "sit", Lylah has begun to touch.....carefully....Pounce not
                  so much.
                  Meanwhile, about a week ago Lylah began to "help" me close crate
                  doors on the older dogs and "kind of" oversee their feeding. The three
                  older dogs have been very careful with her and seem to understand.

                  A few weeks ago, I purchased a DVD from Janice Gunn's online series.
                  The purpose was to look at different techniques in OB training and
                  especially the impact of treats on eye contact and interactions.

                  After viewing for quite some time on our Blue-Ray DVD, I took a break
                  and got up from the viewing session to do something else, but left the
                  DVD running. When looking back, I spotted Lylah standing in front of the
                  screen watching Gunn "work" a dog using treats. Lylah appeared
                  transfixed and fascinated.

                    What a great start for the New Year!

                  I quietly, rigged hp the head phones (because there was no sound) and
                  slipped them over Lylah's head. She started to smile and rock back
                  and forth. Then pulled a chair up to become more comfortable.      
         be continued......
Jan. it is now Friday morning and my wife brought Lylah down for breakfast.
         She immediately walked into living room, crawled up on the sofa, took a
         hold of the correct remote for the Blu-Ray DVD and looked at me. I knew
         what she wanted. This time Lylah sat, watched and listened to her dog
         training lessons for awhile then went downstairs to watch PBS's "Word Girl". 


                      Anything else Pounce causes in 2015 will be "frosting on the cake"!
                afternoon - Pounce repeated the same long walk session done Jam 1st
                         note: took the rest of the day off - weather changing tomorrow!
Jan 3 snow, ice = day off - reviewed progress, organized thoughts and plans for
         January with a rationale of meeting the requirements for starting Hillmann's
         fetch process = make each session similar.....being predictable
                         note: consistently working on hold, fetch, delivery and OB
                                  (repetition establishes lasting habits)
                         note: decided to pass on the AKC OB class (too
                                  requirement is the use of a pinch or choke collar plus the
                                  concept of teaching OB without being in "drive" would be
                                  counter-productive.....not what we are doing elsewhere 
Jan 4 four inches of snow, wind chill of 7F at 10 pm with a forecast low -6F
          early worked on kennel exits and heeling to the door for airing, no need to
          excite because Pounce is a self-exciter
                        note: worked on fetch/hold (indoors) - training session at 10 pm went
                                 well - focus on exciting fetches with motion on holds at first
                                 and gradually transitioned to less motion with the last few
                                 hold/sit with plenty of stroking/petting, very upbeat, improved
                                 eye contact (10-15 minutes)
                        note: Pounce can be very intense, aggressive and explosive yet
                                 she is smart and sensitive - what an interesting combination
                                 to work with
                        note: we are now working with a regular 2" Knobby Bumper
Jan 5 Pounce is seven months old - this morning it was
 - 6F wind chill -18F
                        note: Pounce was out for all of five minutes and the "needles in
                                 paws" was a first time experience = record short time for
                                 airing, too
                        note: 12:30pm   0F wind
chill -18F
                        note: worked a short session of hold
                        note: weighed for 7 months and took growth photo

Pounce Growth Photos (link)

                                   weight chart      Pounce
                                           2 months             14 lbs
                                           3 months               ---
                                           4 months             27 lbs
                                           5 months             38 lbs
                                           6 months             42 lbs
                                           7 months             45 lbs Jan. 5th

                             double weight at 4 months = 54 lbs adult
                             compute calculation           = 51.7 lbs adult
                                          Low fifties will be just fine!

Jan 6 winter is here with a vengeance, will eventually pass
10:30pm = 3F & wind chill -12F, day off
                        note: changed Pounce's airing routine - on a 6' lead, moved
                                 "quiet time" crate into the heated pool room, closer to
                                 the airing yard exit and less viewing of me..........she's
                                 becoming too vocally "needy"  
                        note: two days off (6-7th) = no training
Jan 7
              30 TO  40 BELOW ZERO
Jan 8-9 two days - inside training......forecast 14F & -4F....then 2F & -12F
                       note: five inches of snow on the ground with more coming
                       note: after going back and forth of the decision about enrolling
                                in an AKC OB class, the winter forced the issue = below
                                zero wind chills, 5 inches of snow to remove from the
                                driveway and a 30 mile trip in this weather. simple "no go"
             on the 8th trained in the heated pool room
morning & evening with much
             improved work on "fetch" & "hold" (more focused)
                       note: Pounce continues to demonstrate a great deal of "electricity"
                                when working ---- actually, whenever she is awake

                       note: a book ordered through Amazon arrive late this afternoon
                                "The Koehler Method of Dog Training" Copyright 1962
                                after reading the first 100 pages - interesting "stuff", especially
                                the technique for dealing with a "biting" dog on lead

there are gems to be had with respect to being consistent and
                                thorough, reading with the idea of "sorting" concepts and
                                ideas in relation to present knowledge was not easy because
                                frankly, some of the techniques turned me off..........but it is an
                                historical point of reference with many ideas still in practice
                                today..........more to follow after reading the rest of the book
                         update: read more late this evening....generally, the theme is be
                                    consistent and dogs learn quickly when there are well
                                    timed "meaningful" consequences , mostly dogs progress
                                    quickly if they pay attention....responsiveness is mandatory
                                    and repetition creates lasting skills.........fifties years later
                                    "meaningful consequences" has evolved considerably
Jan 9t
morning session was a repeat of yesterday's with noticeable improvement,
           better eye contact, only a few drops, decreased "head lowering" and an
           increased willingness to deliver....she is now "looking" for repeats....a few
           more days of this and she will be ready for the official fetch process....the
           nasty weather is not very helpful = there is no time table for Pounce each
           step will depend only on her readiness
                        note: heeling is becoming more consistent in terms of knowing
                                 where she should be on both sides, sit is almost automatic
                        note: 3 pm..... 7F and -10F wind chill (5 inches of snow) with
                                 to night's low -10F
afternoon session similar with hold firmer than this morning 
                        note: no problem keeping her excited
Jan 10
morning session continued with the same skill set work = improving
                        note:  Koehler's book has had an impact on heeling
            1. more cognizant of timing (physical/verbal)
            2 working at being more consistently predictable with my motions
            3. increasing the number of repetitions for each segment of the lesson
            4. making sure
reinforcements, corrections and rewards were precise
            5. his corrections are more in the form of very clear consequences with
            6. worked and making more of  a physical connection with Pounce like
                "We are doing this together." =fun
            7. Koehler's methods emphasize learning by paying attention and avoiding
                very uncomfortable consequences (I'm more into subtle consequences)
            8. being on a short lead makes the distance factor important = more control
            9. Koehler did not use low level e-collar positive reinforcement
           10. there are many ideas that are useful and quite a few that are not = there
                 are many things that can be done differently including e-collar "stuff"
Jan 11
morning session continued same skill set work = repetitions!!!! fetch, hold    
           remote sits, "here", heeling (all phases) plus several short retrieves off an
           extended remote sit = much of what she is doing is becoming automatic
                          note: weakest area remains "hold" in terms of being possessive,
                                   she's rather drop it than give it up to hand, each day this is
                                   producing slight improvement - eye content in this phase
                                   is poor = no concept of coming back to sit and deliver, the
                                   plan is to do many, many, many reps of recall and front sit
no bumper involved
                          note: half time of the Green Bay vs. Dallas game Pounce did
twenty "remote sit recalls to front sit" with for eye contact
                                   (do twice a day for two weeks)
                          note: started fetch command  -
1st session "fetch" day #1 went well
Jan 12 worked inside......again.....11 am snow on the ground & wind chill is 1F
                          note: worked on hold (moving and sitting) plus did 25 reps of
                                   remote "" to a front "sit"
                          note: no need to work at getting Pounce "amped"....when she
                                   is awake that level is already engaged
                          note: Pounce functions in two modes = "awake" (in drive) and
                                   "asleep" (not in drive)

2nd session "fetch" and (less than 5 min. - morning)
                          note: trimmed nails - 1st time with Dremel - (fairly easy with
                                   head snubbed up to a door knob and standing) 
3:30 pm 3rd session "fetch" day #2 (about 3 minutes) with
                                   hold being firmer & willing = huge improvement (zero
                                   head "ducking")
Jan 13 aired later than normal & worked inside...again, 8 am snow on the ground
           and temperature  9F (no wind)
                          note: morning worked first at "amping up" (putting Pounce in
                                  drive) then did many remote "sit" recalls to a front "sit"....and
                                  finished with her
4th session "fetch" (about 5 minutes)
                          note: 3 pm repeat of morning session
5th session "fetch" (5 minutes)
                                   still working on "hold" and close, not ready for collar
    note: in hind-sight, should have had "hold" more solid
                          note: 11 pm repeated previous lesson
6th session of "fetch", day #3
Jan 14 aired at 8 am single digit "temps" cold! warm up coming
                          note: another
"fetch" session a bit longer (7+ minutes) extended
                                   hold expectation a bit longer, still rolling the bumper, but
                                   less when extending time with praise, her anxiety to need
                                   action overrides being still, there is very little concept of
                                   being still with a bumper in mouth when "amped"....taking
                                   any small increment to start with
 7th session of "fetch"
                          note: need to begin cutting back on food
                          note: late evening after last airing
8th session of "fetch", day #4
Pounce is beginning to "get it" = more responsive, holding
                                   better - no rush (still a lot of cold weather ahead with not
                                   much else to do) 
Jan 15 aired at 8 am much warmer today nearly 20F
                          note: morning session = 5 minutes of excited (in drive) heeling
                                   remote sit, front sit "recall" OB
                          note: "re-amped" for
9th session of "fetch" - big improvement
                                   over yesterday = more focused on the task at hand (no pun
                                   intended) with much more tail wagging, got a few reps near
                                   the finish where she appeared to realize letting me "take
                                   the bumper from her mouth" on "out" meant doing it all
                                   over again....she wanted more...doing "mini-walks" at heel
                                   holding two or three times seems to "steady her up" a bit as
                                   in more focused
day #5
                          note: she is now seven months old - maturity is just beginning to
                                   "peak through the door" which means a lot of this "stuff"
                                   appears to be "slowing down"  = her "skill set" acquisitions
                                   are more likely (becoming easier)
                          note: observed a much more consistent effort to work this morning,
                                   a pup that likes to train is a lot more fun to work
                                   we seem to be "growing on each other"
                          note: the ideal "thing" about doing "fetch" now is the weather is
                                   not even close to being able to do and meaningful field work,
                                   nothing lost and gaining much needed specific raining
               3:30 pm went to Roscoe Riverside Park DTA and Pounce ran in the snow
                      plus did four retrieves off a steady walk-away sit = good job and a
                      well deserved break from
"fetch" sessions (only one today)
                          note: really held on to the bumper much better than ever before,
                                   however, she did not want to give it up
            (left click on thumbnails)  


Jan 16 aired at 8:30 am  morning session
"fetch"= 10 minutes of excited (in drive)
              heeling remote sit, front sit "recall" OB....then "re-amped" for
10th session
"fetch" (good session) day #6
note: we are not nearly ready for collar conditioning to fetch
              late evening session - same as this morning
11th session of "fetch"
Jan 17 warm up and snow is melting - 8:30 am Pounce did another session and
           did heeling, front sit warm-up with excitement and when I "retrieved" the
           fetch session bumper she became highly "amped", sat solidly, more eye
           contact and hold improved dramatically in the last few days
                     note: about 3 days ago, Pounce continued to "roll" the bumper in
                              her mouth = causing some issues in the fetch progress, then
                              I recalled long ago that one of the "selling points" of an Avery
                              hexa-bumpers was that dogs were less likely to roll them,
                              since none of my dogs did this much (rolling), it just wasn't
                              a significant thing to notice................however, I pulled out a
                              white 2" Avery Hexa-Bumper.......because it wouldn't hurt to
                              test out that theory -
it did make a difference and the reason
                              behind it is Pounce's teeth "catch" in the triangular wedges
                              plus the hexagonal flat sides inhibit rolling, both structures
                              make it more difficult for her tongue to push/roll the bumper,
                              when this happened (no rolling), I now had something to praise
                              rather than try to "inhibit" and she just stopped trying.....the
                              physical excitement and her anxiety of the bumper in her
                              mouth was reduced (a lot) and the impact of praise was a
                              welcomed alternative, a "moving" bumper was a manifestation
                              of her anxiety and simply reinforcing the behavior, with this
                              distraction "removed" (without any external pressure) it allowed
                              her to focus on me........
12th session of "fetch" and day #7
 (actually one might call this FF = "finesse fetch"

                             bumper update: read January 22 journal entry (in red)
Jan 18 repeated "fetch" sessions morning & evening 13th & 14th sessions day #8
Jan 19 morning repeated
"fetch" session  15th session
note: kind of reached a plateau - not really driving on the "fetch"
                             command toward the bumper held out at any distance
                     note: hold is much remains an issue - but thawing
                              the next three afternoons will have above freezing "temps",
                              Pounce will have free runs in the snow with no retrieving
                     note: the previous pups seemed to take a lot of time for their maturity
                              to rise to the same level as their excitement - presently there is
                              a wide gap within Pounce - she's a fast pup = slow down and
                              don't "rush" this phase........her over-reacting to simple things
                              suggests the same issue
                     note: evening entry suggests need for more exercise 
            afternoon - went to Roscoe Riverside Park DTA and Pounce got a long
                              free run - half the snow was melted and the drifted areas were
                              spread out - she ran wild for about 30 minutes & did four remote
                              "sit"...."here" = spent a lot of energy
                      note: slept soundly when back home
            about 9:30 pm Pounce did an extended heeling session and was almost
                              always in the right position (both sides, auto sits, backwards,
                              left and right turns and changing speed.)....this session kind
                              of pointed out that Pounce needs more exercise to burn off
                              all her pent up energy - needs it for balance - she was very
                              "different" this evening = We both needed that! 
                              finished with a short
"fetch" session - 16th session day #9     

                                   Pounce's Retrieving Progression (link)

Jan 20 Pounce did an early morning "fetch" session - 17th session
  note: preceded by the entire "heeling" work...with bumper in mouth,
                                the many good repetitions are making a difference 
                       note: we are at the stage of "It takes as long as it takes."
            at around 5 pm - went through the entire
"heeling" routine with steady
            intervals of excitement elevation, then repeated....finished with several
            remote "sit"/"here"/front "sit" deliveries with bumper (did no fetch)
                       note: She was so "with it" (loose lead), I gave a big fist pump
                                YES! and we went into the house.
                       note: consistent repetitions plus Pounce is beginning to understand
                                the process of learning.....she's a tough little "cookie" with a
                                wild streak......
maintain the toughness and channel the wild
                       note: understands the "down" command & gradually working
                                on extending time (when solid will begin "whoa")
                       note: temperatures have dropped and the melted snow is now
                                packed down, "rutty", slick and dangerous = unfortunately
                                the airing yard has a slight incline
                       note: slight thaw this afternoon with soft snow
            ssooooooo.....we went to Roscoe Riverside Park DTA for a free run just
            for some exercise and the huge "grassy" was about 2/3's free of snow, she
            was somewhat like a 50 pound waterbug even when we went over to the
            cover strip, about took my right knee out once, but fortunately the strike was
            a bit high, sooooooo.....after burning off some steam, an attempt to work on
            heeling began which did not go so well....while in the grass and snow, but
            when we moved to the parking improved (a lot) right now her mind
            can't seem to handle sudden changes in distractions or locations - never
            had a pup like this.....she'll stop on a dime with a sit command in the field
            and hold that stable sit for as long as I ask, but after that all bets are off
                       note: until the weather breaks so that we can work outside regularly
                                nothing will change much
                       note: this is going to get interesting
            9:30 pm went to the training area and started right out with an excited
"fetch" session 18th and day #10 = did many "reps" of tosses at five
                   to six feet, driving pickups right back to a "sit" and holding nicely,
                   ready for "out"....rapid fire and "amped" exciting, this was by far the
                   best session to date and with the afternoon outdoor "event" still
                   on my mind it was a breath of fresh air
                       note: the airing yard is a glaze of uneven ice and now a light,
                                fresh snow has made it......really nasty 
Jan 21 early evening Pounce did a brief (5 min.)
"fetch" session 19th and day #11

                       note: installed carpet (over the tile) in the pool deck training area
Jan 22 airing yard is really risky to walk in - dogs are OK....not me...hard ice with
            a thin coating of fluffy snow - ski pole helps, but more confidence lessens
            caution - at my age and recent shoulder surgery makes it "scary"
            Pounce trained well this
morning and the carpeting makes a big difference
            no slipping on leaping fetch and snatching bumpers from the softer surface
            makes it more fun did an extended lesson of
"fetch" session 20th
  note: really attacking the bumper high when I'm holding it or off
                                floor when tossed......."hold" is now consistent (no dropping),
                                still not totally eager to "give it up", but way better than it
                                has been.........need better weather to add more outside
                                distractions......however, this may be to my advantage to
                                keep the present "reps" solidifying the standard...basically
                                it is better to focusing on what she needs.......being more
                       note: it is not easy to proceed slowly with a fast pup, she keeps
                                telling me that, but I sometimes forget

note: went one more step with the training bumpers the Avery
                                shape was effective, but they are HARD so needing new
                                bumpers, I bought the softer DT rubber bumpers with their
                                wedges.........Pounce likes them  
             5 pm Pounce did about a 10 minute
"fetch" session 21st
11 pm
Pounce did about a 5 minute "fetch" session 22nd and day #12
 driving fetches on command "out of the air" close & six feet away
                     plus several on the floor (all off a stable sit on command), getting
                     consistently well timed, rapid fire "attacks" each followed by a
                     stable sit, "out" and ready for the next "fetch", she's looking very
                     dynamic (her hold is no longer an issue)...afterwards we did four
                     longer remote "sit"...."here" = need work on long recalls

note: very cool day

             Here is a link from Bill Hillmann's online "Blog" with Jim Wegner doing
             a Hillmann based puppy session. Jim has been a great source of advice
             during my attempts to keep in tune with Hillmann's program.
             The video is an outstanding example of a teaching trainer engaging a
             very young pup. Their "connection" is inspiring.

                      Building Excitement and Focus - Jim Wegner & "Jiba"
Jan 23 1 pm (afternoon) did "fetch" session first, worked a longer remote "sit/here"
             session, then Pounce was "turned loose" for a long free run with me in
             partially snow covered short grass and finished with an extended, slow
             heeling session on the way back to the van - Roscoe Riverside Park DTA
                  note: each segment went as planned - knowing more about what
                           could happen (see Jan 20 journal entry) there were plans in
                           place to make that not possible this time around

This afternoon, Pounce began working on the "here" skill with
                           collar reinforcement. She knows the command and it had been
                           reinforced via lead tugs up until today. I am using a very long
                           Flexi-lead rather than a checkcord. The initial low level "e-stim"
                           (used for many, many sit "reps") had her quickly slowing down to
                           sit. She was obviously confused. However, I kept here moving with
                           verbal encouragement (and no more e-collar).

                           I thought about it briefly and on the second go decided to change
                           up to use the vibrate mode (very different feel). She noticed it and
                           was comfortable with the contrast ("sit" vs "here" sensations).
                           Several more "reps" were smooth. That's probably not the
                           program choice, but it made sense and worked well. There's no
see update below

                           Pounce is wearing an E-Tech 400TS.

                           update: The key concept is
e-collar "stim" only has meaning when
                           preceded by a verbal or whistle command.  Pounce is just learning.
                           Initial confusion is normal. Finesse through with proper timing and

                           There is no need to use the vibrate mode.

                           Received great advice from Jim Wegner and input from the RTF.

                  note; excellent session - she is "sawing wood" big time right now
"fetch" session 23rd and day #13
                  note: a huge flock of scattered geese flew in from the north and
                           Pounce spent some time gazing at them "float" over
                  note: solved the dangerous ice situation in the airing yard by
                           purchasing some
Yaktrax Walk Shoe Grippers and they really
                           made a huge difference 

                                                 "The Process"

                 Reflecting on where Pounce is at right now as opposed to where she
                 could or might be reveals an interesting perspective. February 5th she
                 will be eight months old. Her age is the only thing that is on a time
                 table. Everything else is a sequence of skill milestones and there is
                 no rush.

Jan 24
8 am Pounce worked about 5 minutes on "fetch" - what fun! she'
              we are both into this.....exciting fun and very rewarding - many "reps
              (leaping and off the floor), her hold and responsiveness are good
"fetch" session 24th and day #14
afternoon - repeat yesterday's "four quadrant" session - "fetch, "here",
              free run & heeling" (with e-collar re-enforcement) - knows the command 
Jan 25 probable snow day - inside session - work on "fetch", "here" and heeling

           this morning was "interesting" the read on Pounce is smart, fast, dynamic
           and sensitive.....sensitive popped up today 1) yesterday's session was very
           good...with very exciting "fetch" session first, the "here" adjustments went
           well, the free run was "wow" and afterwards "heel" all the way back to
           the van was a huge improvement....she was busy the whole time & slept
           well the rest of the day

           the contrast: this morning was inside, she was relaxed and ready, but
           the excitement phase was not as high as the normal, then we went to
           review yesterday's "here" training.......just OK....not fast and a stark
           contrast for her usual "go", so the next step was to do a few quick and
           exciting "fetches" and she was very less than enthusiastic\about that,
           her sensitive side surfaced and the excitement was not high enough to
           have much of an impact......quit early and this "surprise" caught me off
  I put her up and went off to sulk....a bit....and she slept
"fetch" session 25th and day #15

           3 am Bulls lost and I wasn't in a good mood which was probably the
           wrong frame of mind to take Pounce to the training room...aired 1st
           and then came in to "amp" her up and she was....OK! That's good.
           Did several end of six foot lead remote "sit/here" OB, then did five
           "stand alone" 38' singles (inside pool deck length) with the "fetch"
           (haven't done the e-collar re-enforcement on that yet
                  this morning was kind of a warning "mirage" which revealed that
                  her sensitive trait (when it surfaces) needs to be dealt with carefully
assuming the e-collar re-enforcement has not been generalized to
                  enforcing the command (any command), so we went back to the

"here tug" enforcement = more reps and focus on precise timing
Jan 26 morning off....snow - decided to train indoors at
3 pm....the focus was
           mostly on the timing of re-enforcing known commands - sit, here and heel
           with a rationale of making sure Pounce understands a "tug" on the collar
that preceded command - using the heeling "routine" & remote
           sits, she was getting consistent and repetitive re-enforcements and was very
           sharp (no confusion), did excitement routine occasionally to keep the
           "amps" up and the session concluded with 6 "singles" (remote line) with
           her on "sit", walked back to the line, sent her on "fetch", she responded
           well to "here", sitting and holding for delivery = huge improvement!
           six singles mostly counted toward a "fetch" session
26th and day #16
     note: ordered Hillmann's Land & Water Fundamentals (2 DVDs)
Jan 27
morning - repeated yesterday's training "fetch" session 27th & day #17
                 note: primary focus on timing the of re-enforcements (sit, here & heel)
afternoon (late) trained at the Square Pond DTA in the bean field, 1st
           time without the checkcord, long walk with stand alone singles in the
           snow - wasn't sure how she would be with delivery - with animation
           she was bringing them back - fun session. excellent exercise & photos
"The Split second at a Remote Line"
                                             "Pounce's Stable Sit"
 "Pounce's Fetch Intensity"
                                                       "There It Is!"

                                 "six months ago - seven weeks old"
          (left click on thumbnails)  

Jan 28 after Pounce's 3 pm airing decided to do a brief "amped up" OB session
           did heeling (several different motions), sit, short casts to a place board,
           remote sit "here" to a front "sit" then heeling to one side or the other
                  note: a lot can be accomplished in five minutes
                  note: yesterday's training session was planned for the Roscoe
                           Riverside Park DTA, upon arrival the very large grassy area
                           had at least five hundred geese spread all over it and the huge
                           deposit of goose "poop" eliminates (no pun intended) this place
                           as a training area for quite awhile, most flew off before I could
                           "shake" the camera out 
                                            "lens full"
       "last to leave"

Jan 29 morning - trained in the pool room - did the excitement phase & moved
           right into OB commands ("heel", "sit" and "here") with collar low e-collar  
           re-enforcement....back to excitement and worked on the "fetch" command
           Fetch keeping it "up beat" with rapid motion and finished with "heeling,
           sit and here" with bumper in mouth = hold
 28th "fetch" session
                 note: needed to work really hard at maintaining eye contact = still
                          showing signs of being bumper possessive
                 note: 2 pm session was going to use be two bumpers in a rapid fire
                          fetch session...right away could see this wouldn't deal with the
                          issue......went back to one and used animation to get her off
                          the "my bumper" focus on toward an animated praise, kept a
                          lower physical profile by sitting on a bucket......ended session
                          with several "right back to me" retrieves...not all that thrilled
                          in coming directly back to me...need several days of repetition
                          to make this a new expectation
"fetch"...."look at me", bring it
                          back to an animated me and sit...
"looking at me" & not dropping   

 note: went out at 3:30 pm to "review" (just couldn't wait until later) and
                          did five "reps" that were way better than the earlier session - sunk
                          in, still fresh in her mind and she was "amped" (me too!)

 29-30th "fetch" sessions day #18   (DO MORE REPS!)
                 note: viewed newly arrived DVD - Hillmann's Fundamental s Part I Land
                          up to single T, really liked the total approach (quite a bit different
                          than what I've done with my four other Labs) more interesting,
                          seamless transitions and in terms of maintaining a dog's drive
                          and attitude it's outstanding, Pounce will "eat this up" and be
                          ready when the time arrives (mid-March projection)

Jan 30 morning repeated yesterday's session - went well, however, if I stood up
           (instead of sitting on the bucket) she was not coming in all the
           this as situational "issue" so the direction was reversed and the hesitation
           was the same when sitting = must keep a close watch when locations or
           presentations are altered which means be proactive about her abilities to
           generalize =
focus on being seamless
       note: watched several DVD's where pups were catching a "tossed"
                        bumper in play action to increase excitement, Pounce "sees all"
                        and doesn't miss a twig in the snow, but with a bumper she'll
                        duck and waits until it hits the ground before pouncing on it, which
                        led to using popcorn....she ate a few and really was excited about
                        the taste....dropped one toward her on sit and she jumped aside
                        very suddenly, after awhile she was jumping up to take one and
                        eventually there was a "few inches"'s a start....she leaps
                        into the air to take a bumper from my hands, but tossing causes a
                        completely different focus....the goal is have her "catch it"
            3;30 pm did fetch session - front sit, bumper held on each facing her with
            leaping lunges to grab on the "fetch" command = about a dozen times
31st "fetch" session
                  note: do only a single presentation (look/picture) per session per day
                  note: weakest link = here
            11;30 am snowing heavily - put the dogs out to air and picked up before
                     "it" becomes buried, then took Pounce to the "deck area" for a warm
                     session of "fetch" going back to a basic principle "don't appear too
                     big for a puppy", sat on the floor and tossed bumpers eight feet away
                     followed by the "fetch" command, after a several of "fun bumpers"
                     and being especially vocal, upbeat and encouraging (but not loud)
                     she was soon burying her head in my chest with a bumper in her
                     mouth...and ready for the next one, she never got tired....I did
Sometimes it is necessary to go back and re-visit square one.
32nd "fetch" session day #19
Feb 1 Spring will soon be here, but the snowblower will be busy this morning.

February 5th (8 months old) weigh & growth photo