Pounce (8 months old) - "in fun mode"
                                                           Pounce Training Journals Archive (link)
                                                             (July - December 2014, January - March 2015)
  Jan 30 morning repeated yesterday's session - went well, however, if I stood up
           (instead of sitting on the bucket) she was not coming in all the way...read
           this as situational "issue" so the direction was reversed and the hesitation
           was the same when sitting = must keep a close watch when locations or
           presentations are altered which means be proactive about her abilities to
           generalize =
focus on being seamless
       note: watched several DVD's where pups were catching a "tossed"
                        bumper in play action to increase excitement, Pounce "sees all"
                        and doesn't miss a twig in the snow, but with a bumper she'll
                        duck and waits until it hits the ground before pouncing on it, which
                        led to using popcorn....she ate a few and really was excited about
                        the taste....dropped one toward her on sit and she jumped aside
                        very suddenly, after awhile she was jumping up to take one and
                        eventually there was a "few inches" gap.....it's a start....she leaps
                        into the air to take a bumper from my hands, but tossing causes a
                        completely different focus....the goal is have her "catch it"
            3;30 pm did fetch session - front sit, bumper held on each facing her with
            leaping lunges to grab on the "fetch" command = about a dozen times
31st "fetch" session
                  note: do only a single presentation (look/picture) per session per day
 note: weakest link = here
            11;30 am snowing heavily - put the dogs out to air and picked up before
                     "it" becomes buried, then took Pounce to the "deck area" for a warm
                     session of "fetch" going back to a basic principle "don't appear too
                     big for a puppy", sat on the floor and tossed bumpers eight feet away
                     followed by the "fetch" command, after a several of "fun bumpers"
                     and being especially vocal (me), upbeat and encouraging (but not
                     loud) she was soon burying her head in my chest with a bumper in
                     her mouth...and ready for the next one, she never got tired...I did
Sometimes it is necessary to go back and re-visit square one.
32nd "fetch" session day #19
Feb 1 Spring will soon be here, but the snowblower will be busy this morning.
            note: removed 5" of snow from drive with 4" more to arrive plus the
                     20-30 mph winds should prove interesting (two smaller "clears"
                     are a lot easier than doing it all at once) after the snow job,
                     Pounce did a "fetch" session = really excellent!!! great drive,
                     very excited and finally realizing delivery means another
            note: another week of this and she will begin collar "fetch" re-enforcing
33rd "fetch" session day #20

A recent RTF thread mentioned working on starting multiple marks with a pup {less
than two years old). Last year (even before placing a deposit down on a pup), the
decision to experiment on an effective approach began. The focus was on "stand
alone" marking. This is a skill my dogs (and I) have been performing for several
years. The decision was to use Kooly and Daisy in an experiment. They will provide
feedback and stay in shape for next
hunting season. The experiment began and
"data" was kept in my training journal along with several YouTube videos for visual
feedback. Pounce will be doing a great deal of singles plus simple counting to two
setups, before serious work begins with advanced marking skills.

With a heavy snow on the ground and January flexing its muscles, this was the
ideal time to gather all the "data" into a page. The result is the following link.

"Stand Alone" Multiples (link)

Feb 2 up
after midnight to check snow depth, looks like at least another 5"
          12:30 am decided to have some "fetch fun" with Pounce, sat on the
          bucket to see if being "taller" would be OK = some hesitancy, but
          she moved with it and we did many, many short "fetch" / "here" reps
 34th "fetch" session
          up early to remove the second 5" of snow from the long driveway plus a
          2 foot drift across the garage entrance - northwest wind always does this
late evening fetch session = "fetch" drive to make a retrieve off a steady
          "sit" and "here" is finally showing improvement
35th "fetch" session day #21

Hillmann's e-collar Conditioning Videos (link)

Feb 3 -day off
Feb 4
trained around noon - changed the direction and distance (indoors) of the
          "fetch" & "here" training....yesterday was the first day she was
          bringing back the bumper for another go (after getting praise), the line
          where I was sitting on a bucket was now the full length of the building to
          the tossed bumpers (off stable sits), Pounce would "fire", on the fly snatch
          up the bumper & turning to return the first one....I was expecting a slow
          down and maybe not wanting to give it up, instead I suddenly had a fifty
          pound, wiggling pup jump in my lap with a bumper buried in my chest,
          each time Pounce got a good hug, "lots of good" and she fetched several
          more.....I'm fairly certain that eventually wheeling and sitting beside me
          will not be as exciting or "rewarding".....for her
               note: everyday Pounce seems to throw in a new wrinkle that
                        keeps me guessing at how to keep things seamless
               note: in retrospect, I took the "sit" before "here" philosophy too
                        literally. I should have spent time on imprinting the "joy of here"
                        early on with Pounce as I had done with all my other puppies, I
                        did not equate the difference between "imprinting" a simple
                        expectation vs. teaching/re-enforcing a "command". Which means
                        I'm often times trying to teach Pounce something that requires
                        that deeper, early puppy sense about "the joy of here".
                        (making for lost time is not a good thing to be doing..in fact, it
                         often becomes a pain in the "donkey")

                        36th "fetch"
session day #22
  note: the last couple of weeks Pounce has been working on catching
                        thrown objects trying to eventually snatch bumpers out of the air
                        in the play/excitement "moments", however, she was not too
                        thrilled at first.........therefore, an attempt to make it easier was
                        needed.......using popcorn (small, light weight, easy to see and
                        tasty) I flipped one to her and she ducked like it was some huge
                        object.....made it more gradual and within a few sessions she
                        was catching short tosses. The next step was a lightweight,
                        white paint roller = same thing....startled, shying away jumps, 
                        after getting her leaping at it in my hand, she gradually (and
                        benefiting from the popcorn transition) started catching it in
                        the air during tonight's session = this will be added to the
excitement routine that is an important component of teaching
                        in Hillmann's program    
Feb 5 eight months old - weighed & took growth photo -
morning minus 8
       trained in the pool area - worked first time on collar fetch - went well and
          finished with a review of e-collar conditioning on the other commands, sit",
          "heel" and "here" that went well, too....she has generalized the concept
          that the e-collar re-enforces the command immediately preceding it
                    note: took this session in stride = no issues
37th "fetch" session
                 note: bringing this along slowly because of her sensitive nature and
                          the winter weather won't be very conducive for moving into the
                          field (a little more than three weeks until March)
                 note: weighed and took monthly growth photo

Pounce Growth Progression (link)
       Weight chart       Daisy      Taffey      Kooly    Pounce 
      2 months          14 lbs      14 lbs      15 lbs      14 lbs  
      3 months          24 lbs      25 lbs      24 lbs
      4 months          34 lbs      34 lbs      33 lbs      27 lbs   
      5 months          43 lbs      40 lbs      43 lbs      38 lbs   

      6 months          49 lbs      47 lbs      51 lbs      42 lbs   
      7 months          54 lbs      54 lbs      56 lbs      45 lbs   
      8 months          58 lbs      60 lbs      59 lbs      48 lbs   
      9 months          58 lbs      66 lbs      62 lbs                  
                  note: Pounce made it to 48, vet had me worried early on saying
                         she was going to be smaller than that
                note: perfect size for hunting out of the dog hide mounted on
                         the Four Rivers "Migrator"
 (left click on thumbnail)
        note: at eight weeks old Pounce was in and out of a dog hide on "live quail day"  
Pounce did a "night owl" session at 11 pm - worked on collar "fetch" at a
          distance and did the usual OB lesson ("sit", "heel" & "here")
38th "fetch" session day #23 
                note: afterwards Pounce had some fun working on her popcorn
                         catching skills
                note: it will be about a month before the weather will "allow"
                         regular field work - this timing provides a good chunk of
                         days to solidify Pounce's OB and reach a good balance
                         with the five factors - retrieving, "birdiness", control, focus
                         and responsiveness......the basic skills will be in place
                note: the weakest link is "here" - popcorn may be the key
Feb 6 started a session about 10 pm, however the tennis ball ring "bumper"
          was picked off the rack......she likes it, but we've been using the soft
          DT's, so I switched back..........she would have nothing to do with "the
          switch", refused to pick up the DT, wouldn't leap at it like she has been
          doing for several weeks and didn't even want to look at it, she insisted
          on having the other, different "ball ring", tried teasing and excitement,
          but she pretty much shut down on trying, so just to check things out I
          used the throw ring again......she was fine with that....but she wouldn't
          even look at her "regular" DT bumper......quit the session immediately
          to think about this
                note: decided to give her some time off ....she will eat, sleep and
                         do brief, boring walks on a short lead
                note: a sensitive, pouty side of Pounce surfaced and she has never
                         done anything without giving 100%......which means this
                         was her full blown, pouty avoidance.
"When she's good...she's good, but when she's bad...she's NOT better."
                note: about 3 pm decided to check this out.....let her run outside in
                         the snow and then brought her in like nothing happened......
                         .....and she acted like.....nothing.....had.....happened
did a few fetch, here, hold, heel sit with the regular bumper and
                         everything was fine........kind of early for a heat cycle, but not
                         out of the question

Feb 7 trained in the morning (8 am) after airing 21
F wind chill 14F   8" snow
          did collar fetch session (went well) kept excitement up and worked OB
          "reps" on the "here", "sit" and "heel" command
with e-collar + whistle
          with mostly a loose lead - she's beginning to put it all together plus a
          solid three more weeks (until March) regular yard and field work will
          begin to shape up......being seamless is cool
          39th "fetch" session day #24
  note: fed and watered Pounce after training session and at 9:30 am
                         let her out into the airing yard with no lead and me not with
                         her, but she is wearing the e-collar - time to see if the OB
                         "reps" have established the expectation - "here"/"nick",
                         right in the door she came and bounced into her crate with
                         a happy tail (airing has now become a whole lot easier)

                note: March is only three weeks away
                note: finished viewing Hillmann's Land & Water Fundamentals for
                         the second time....have several nearby training areas (land
                         and water) for this summer plus the Madison Retriever Club's
                         grounds and the possibility of a field trial group lined up to
                         work with once a week
afternoon session went to Roscoe Riverside Park DTA for a good run
          and a couple of fun marks....then went to the woods for a different terrain
               note: Pounce slept soundly until feeding time
        (left click on thumbnail)  
   "lock'n load"
    "over drive"
    "the pounce"
   "big bumper"
     "stable sit"
   "beast mode"
    "initial prep"
  "NOT pointing"
   "wild'n crazy"


Feb 8 short morning session of OB wrapped around a few, exciting retrieves
          combining e-collar re-enforcements on the four taught commands "here",
          "heel", "sit", "fetch" - she's getting to where loose lead is normal...but this
          has NOT been generalized to many other places with distractions
                 note: having no timetable has proven useful - no rush and moving
                          at her pace was the original plan
evening session repeat of the morning - went well upbeat. exciting & fun
                 note: by the time March comes in, Pounce will have had many, many
                          "reps" of the commands which means when we move into pile
                          work her OB skills at the line will be solidly in place and then
                          become even more deeply engrained as we continue
                 note: the program has been a big adjustment and within the last few
                          weeks, the expression "patience grasshopper" has taken on a
                          totally new and fun perspective........I don't think there are very
                          many seventy-four year old grasshoppers
                          39-40th "fetch"
session day #25
Feb 9 - 15 next three days are the warmest (run outside Wednesday the 11th) then
                four very cold days (inside)
Feb 9 took morning off - loafed & continued working on the new airing routine is
         the outside (on her own) in the fenced airing yard (off lead with the "here"
         command in place) and 100% supervised from behind the windows in a
         patio door (where it is warm).......this is going extremely well with not a
         single hint of any hesitation or refusal - comes right in the door when asked
evening session off lead OB working with the consistent e-collar
                         conditioning on the four taught commands ("here", "sit", "heel"
                         and "fetch") after amping up with a few exciting bumper routines,
                         her focus during these sessions is becoming more consistent....,
                         and she is now working on extended sits at a distance             
new page
  Pounce's Monthly Pinups (link)

                            new page      "Stoked" (link)

Feb 10 morning session OB and 41st "fetch" session day #26
Feb 11 morning repeated yesterday's session OB and 42nd "fetch" session day #27
evening - started teaching the cast to a place board (short five minute
                           session after late airing)
                note: new lens arrived = Canon 70-200 mm f/4 = better photos!

Feb 12 morning extended OB and 43rd "fetch" session day #28 and the first day
            of a walking fetch (in the context of OB movement), upbeat and exciting

note; did not see this anywhere in Hillmann's program, but we are
                         indoors and the modification seemed to fit well.....fun, exciting
                         and worthwhile
loose lead & just a big WOW! of a session
  in the last week,
                         it seems like all the work in doing continuous, consistent "reps"
                         suddenly has her clicking on all eight cylinders.....BUT we are
                         indoors and distractions are minimized 

                note: the next 9-10 days are going to be very cold.....however, the
                         timing is excellent as we will continue to produce a large
                         number of exciting, fun "reps" in OB and "fetch"....leading into
                         the beginning of better weather, green grass and field work
                note: still trying to teach Pounce to catch........anything
Feb 13 morning session similar to yesterday - but with 10 more days of below
           freezing weather plus many single digits at night....decided to change
           things up a bit.....bought a two "Chuck-it" toys (bumper and large bal)
afternoon session = Pounce was alternating retrieving each with the
           emphasis on "catching" and still has a way to go on that...the good thing
           about the new "game" is that when alternating (one to the other) she is
           really getting into the idea of "sitting & giving one up" to retrieve/catch
           the next.....the "here, sit, give" routine is getting a fun, exciting and fast
           paced workout 
44th "fetch" session day #29
evening session around 11 pm = same, mostly about fun and catching
Feb 14 picked up the airing yard and then Pounce went out (yard must be clean
            or she "searches").....well, I missed one pile under some drifted snow, so
            Pounce's "here" command was put to the test....5 times.....because that's
            how many "pieces" she found.....these
Valentine retrieves to hand were
            not what I had planned, but it went well
            note: completed the morning session about 8:30 am = worked on
                              collar fetch "reps" from about eight feet lunging to take
                              a suspended bumper from my hand
45th "fetch" session (including collar fetch) day #30
note: we're ready to train outside...need warmer weather
 note: eight inches of packed snow, 
9F......feels like -11F
                     note: at 2 pm  it's
9F......feels like -13
Feb 15 this morning it was 3
F......feels like - 8F did short session of OB after
           airing..........we need green grass, warm weather and ducks!
                    note: deep snow with hard crust = far from ideal
                    note: analyzed training skills to date &
identified one that needs
                             the most work
, we will soon be doing bumper drills which
                             require multiple deliveries, the less hassle with receiving
                             a bumper.....the more focus on the skill being taught
                             therefore, with about 2/3 weeks left before the weather will
                             allow the drill work to begin.......Pounce will be focusing on
                             "reps" within the present OB skill set plus 30 "reps" per day
                             (two sessions) of remote front "sit" with bumper in mouth,
                             "here" to front "sit" delivery... and after delivery, the wheel &
                             "sit" with a "fetched" bumper will begin the next "rep"

                    note: this will be worked on in three different areas,
                             outside if we ever get a temperature into the 20's
 note: check freezer for a "good" duck  
                    note: began remote sit, "here" to front sit bumper in mouth
                             delivery drill
late morning = hereafter, for two weeks called
                             "The Drill" and it went well.....15 reps at 20 feet ("hold" firm,
 "fetch" snappy and eyes responsive) with a good attitude #1
late afternoon repeated "The Drill" in a different area with
                             15 more reps
Feb 16 early
morning repeated "The Drill" and added a remote sit with a pick-up
           fetch on the way to a front sit 15 more reps
#3, after the drill Pounce then
           is given a chance to chase the bouncing "Chuck-it Ball", super fun session
mid-afternoon Pounce did a "run through" of Hillmann's newest "practice
which uses a rapid sequencing of "sit'..."fetch"..."out".."down"..."sit"
           Pounce has done many reps on these.....but not is this sequence.....so
           we started today - my only question was how she would deal with "down"
           in this new context.....she was "slick with it"

                         Hillmann - The 2 Secrets of Good Training (link)

                           note: by subscribing to Hillmann's Blog (see link info)
                          video updates will be indicated via e-mail notifications

                  note: "reps" over the next two or three weeks will make transition
                           into early land work more seamless (if it ever warms up)
                  note: the
practice format is set for the next few weeks and the
                           focus will be on
Feb 17 quick session this
morning....really need to get outside and start land,
            wind chill at 11:30 am is
+2F, crusty, packed & uneven snow
- worked on catching, snatching/snagging bumpers out of
            the air plus chasing down a Chuck-it ball - she loves this game/session,
            switching out "targets" keeps Pounce focused & responsive with good
            eye-contact on her the sit/deliveries
                     note: still working on consistent catches (but much improved)
 evening - reps = remote "sit" (with bumper) to "here"/front "sit" delivery
                     note: today's three sessions - about 4-5 minutes each
Feb 18 trained after airing at 8:30 am......
"temp" = 3F with wind chill of -17F
           worked on fetch - sent for single (inside, full length of the building) and
           retrieved to front sit......after delivery (to a front sit),  the Chuck-It ball
           becomes a bouncing reward (did several of these in about 5-6 minutes
                     note: fun, command re-enforcing "reps" 
                     note: planning ahead - Pounce will be duck hunting before the
                              spring of 2016 rolls around, therefore a page was developed
                              to deal with her training sequence
Ducks'n Derbies (link)

Feb 19  trained in the
morning at 8:00 am..."temp"  = -8F with wind chill of -28F
            did several "sit/fetch" sends with a front sit delivery of a bumper using
            Chuck-It ball to focus on.....after delivery the ball is bounced as a fun,
            exciting reward and keeps her "amped" for the next retrieve
            on consistent delivery "reps" the second part of the session was to begin
            practicing extended remote sits....since she is really excited with the
            fetching and motion exercise, she now will have to sit motionless on a
            stable sit for an extended interval.......did not want to test her to see how
            long it would take to make a mistake - therefore estimated that a least
            two minutes would be the right amount start with,,,,and she was up to
            the task, solid, square and relaxed with not a hint of anxiousness
                        note: will stick with 2 minutes for 4 days and then increase by
                                 30 seconds until it is a 10 minute sit,  before each increase
                                 Pounce will be asked to do each interval with me "out of
                                 sight", in the evening, when there is no light from outside, I
                                 can move to a position in the pool structure (behind a corner)
                                 where she can't see me, but I can see her reflection in the
                                 glass window in back of her......in this case, I really want her
                                 to test the standard.......getting in the simple correction of a
                                 NO! sit when she can't see me is almost magical and every
                                 puppy I've done this with has "discovered" that I'm always
                                 there....deepening the expectation of a "Stable Sit"
                        note: this very cold winter weather is working well in that
                                 Pounce's OB skill set is getting in a great number of "reps"
                                 along with a great many short retrieves
afternoon short session of "fetch and catch" with front sit deliveries
                        note: the continuing "reps" are building up and Pounce is showing
                                 consistent responses without even thinking about it, the lousy
                                 weather has had a significant. positive impact in developing
                                 the solid OB brass ring.......we shall soon see how moving to
                                 new areas outside with more freedom impacts this 
Feb 20
morning did OB - sit, here, heel then worked on "fetch/catch & delivery"
            and finished with a 2 minute remote sit with me thirty feet away & no lead 
                        note: sharp!
                        note: always "amped" up to start work & kept there 
early afternoon after airing Pounce did about 5-6 minutes of the" fetch and
           catch with front sit deliveries plus some heeling with bumper in mouth, in
           addition the "heel, here, sit and kennel" commands are consistently done
           in the house to and from the airing yard
                         note: she knows when I stop because she is paying attention to
                                  where I am at and what I'm doing or asking.....the "reps"
                                  are adding up  
                         note: time to review & update water training areas for summer
                         note: the Winnebago Co. DTA and Square Pond DTA are the
                                  smallest water areas - they will warm up the fastest

Water Training Areas (lnk)

                         note: best place to start Pounce in water will be the W-property,
                                  the drainage ditch area will provide a short lunging "in and
                                  out retrieve" and becomes wider and deeper moving to the
                                  main part of the pond (shallow, in the sun all day and will
                                  warm up quickly)
              (left click on thumbnail)    
            "W property"
    Madison Retriever Club

                        note: finished updating "photography" page

Photography & Editing Progression (link)

Feb 21 warmer with high of 32F......then right back into the "cooler"
morning session after "amping" Pounce she did several "fetch" retrieves
            to front sit deliveries with a bouncing Chuck-It ball chased down and front
            sit deliveries, these were inter-mixed with heeling skills while carrying the
            bumper and a few downs (all off lead), finished with a 2 minute remote
            sit (40 feet).....at the 1 minute interval a bumper was thrown 30 feet from
            her...in sight.........at 2 minutes, I walked back toward her bouncing the
            Chuck-It ball and stood beside her to release and fetch up the bumper
                      note: another solid session
then she went outside and ran five
                               laps around the airing yard....butt tucked and snow flying
Feb 22 at 9 pm
"temp" = 12F with wind chill of -3F
morning session - about an hour before Pounce trained, a frozen duck
            was placed back in the pool area in front of the dehumidifier, the scent
            circulated throughout the building and Pounce went through a short OB
            session with her nose up high searching for more scent....then she had
            her 1st "encounter" with a frozen mallard....that went well! very "amped"
                      note: she made about 4-5 short retrieves off a stable sit and then
                               did a few "leaping fetches" out of air while holding it at
                               chest high....finished with heeling around the building with
                               "mallard in mouth".....this whole session went really well!
                      note: will do this about every other day until the end of February
Feb 23
at 10:30 am "temp" = 0F with wind chill of -13F           
afternoon session - repeat of Feb 21st session - Pounce is becoming more
           responsive with every "rep" and the 2 minute plus remote sit was perfect
                      note: she is very solid, comfortable waiting - however, remaining
                               at two minutes for three more interval before moving to
                               three (was going to do 30 second increments, but don't think
                               doing 60 second increases will be an issue)
                                   "Response to a Fun Bumpers Post"

"Drive Enhancers" (link)    

Feb 24 2:30 am
"temp" = 10F with wind chill of -3F    (up late = aired dogs)
 9:00 am "temp" = 12F with wind chill of -5F 
morning repeated yesterday's session except Pounce retrieved 7 different
            objects to a front sit delivery with the bouncing ball "trap and retrieve"
            after each one....then we finished with a 2 minute remote sit - again solid

note: discussed the "plus and minus" aspects of training indoors with a
                         friend, I was given a few creative ideas on how to increase OB
                         session distractions in the pool area - food bowls and/or another
                         dog placed in strategic positions will up the ante considerably

            afternoon session Pounce did several retrieves working front sit delivery
            plus continuing attempts to teach her to catch a "Chuck-It" ball, I think she
            prefers chasing it down because it lasts longer...today's extended remote
            sit was a solid 3 minutes in the opposite corner of the pool room (not
            even the slightest hint of moving)
Feb 25 taking the day off - something very unusual
Feb 26 Kooly to Vet early for dental work.....$$$$$...picked up at 3;30 pm
morning session with Pounce began around 9:30 am worked fetch and
            front sit deliveries with a bouncing "Chuck-It" ball chase/catch routine
            after each retrieve...... super session & Pounce actually is catching a few
            bounces in the air - finished with a 3 minute remote sit - tossed bumper
            40 feet away at two minutes and the Chuck-It ball was dropped in an
            area 25 feet away from the bumper......at three minutes walked over to
            Pounce and released her for the bumper fetch....delivery at a front sit,
            heel to left side and released to fetch the ball - was eager with body
            language revealing remembering the area of the second retrieve
                  note: we are now ready for warm weather and the start of Land
                  note: "Dremeled" Pounce's nails (2nd time) - she's much bigger
                  note: on the trip back to the Vet's to pick up Kooly (dental work),
                           Pounce was weighed on the official office scale = 49 lbs
                  note: at 11:30 am  
12F with a wind chill of 1F + three more inches
                           of snow (on top of the "rest") 

Feb 27 afternoon at 2 pm 
14F with a wind chill of 4F
            repeated yesterday's session - Pounce remained on remote sit the entire
            3 minutes and was steady until released....the earlier fetch session added
            many more "reps" to here, sit and delivery.......eye contact has improved,
            Pounce is ready to move on to early casting and pile work

used a frozen mallard (2nd time) working on fetch & delivery, the
            scent immediately put Pounce in "drive", decided to do a session of OB
            first (on lead)...the duck came out and we did several fetch, sit and deliver
            up close.........then moved to a walking fetch presentation and Pounce
            was expected to heel on lead with "duck in mouth".....this went well and
            all the consistent "reps" and many days of practice this month have paid
Feb 28
afternoon at 2:30 pm 
18F with a wind chill of 5F
                  note: train at 4 pm repeat yesterday morning's session = more "reps"
            warmed up with the retrieve & Chuck-It ball routine & moved on to the
            "3 minute remote sit" routine - each time it seems to become "slicker"     

                                Pounce March Journal 2015 (link)

                         forecast = extended very cold = no snow melting
                             March 4 forecast =
high 14 with a low of -2F
                             March 8 forecast =
high 36F with a low of  25F
                           note: it appears March will be a lot like last year
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