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August 1st -
Pounce is eight weeks old

Aug 1 not much planned for today - our tri-level has 2 carpeted 7 seven steps
          staircases, this morning
Pounce got an excellent start on going up & down
                note: up was easier
                note: the grassy, fenced in airing yard makes letting her loose outside
                         a lot of fun and
she is ALWAYS directly supervised (not left on her
and it is directly connect to the patio exit she knows
                         the way (ahead of time)
                note: when out walking with her, floppy pant legs are a constant target,
                         very different "ball game" with knee high boots ....Where's the fun?
                note: house breaking to go outside has been "phenomenal" - she asks
                         and it is answered with a trip to the airing yard - already knows
                         the routine and there was no need to establish rules....the routine
                         quickly became a simple habit......she is a very intelligent pup
               note: hard to believe she's been home a week and now 8 weeks old,
                        sure would have missed a lot waiting that extra seven days
               note: reflecting about what has worked - she's happy which takes care
                        of just about everything -
being retired makes a huge difference
                        in being able to efficiently manage her daily routines & needs,
                        everything is predictably consistent with no mixed messages

              note: started to keep a written record of feeding & water - difficult to
                       keep track of "when and/or if"

                                           Favorite Two Puppy Pictures of Week #1

                                             "Pounce" during her walk with Lylah


                                                             "First Day Home"
Aug 2 aired at 1:30 am and back out at 7:30 am - not a peep and scoots up and
          down the steep, seven step staircase, fed and sound asleep after her
          morning feeding at 7:50 am,,,,never had a pup this easy to work with at
          this age. very playful and happy, "gotta" have something in her mouth
          all the time, good, consistent eye contact and knows where I am at most
          of the time, as soon as she realizes I've slipped out of view, she goes
          into search mode.....she's a keeper
                 note: trimmed Pounce's sharp nails
                 note: 2nd living room floor "tether" session 1) no longer biting my
                          toes, struggled against pull of tether finally "gave in" and was
                          relaxed about it....became more "us rather than just me"
                 note: almost all of Pounce's vocal "talk" is about "cueing" me in
                          about "I need to go out!" or "Isn't it time to eat?" and as soon
                          as I "begin" the routine she quits....very cool pup 

                 note: keeping a written record of when fed (and how much) and
                 seems the times blend in too well....not comfortable
                          guessing and need to know for sure, keeping notes seems to be
                          a serious necessity as I get older - 74 years old this month
                 note: yesterday marked the first day of being able to swim pain free
                          laps in the pool, shoulder injury last May & delayed surgery a
                          week before Thanksgiving in 2013 so as to not miss all of the
                          duck hunting season - surgeon/doc said it would take a year,
                          it's been less,
shooting a shotgun during last year's hunting
                          season was only possible because of adrenalin bursts which 
                          helped to mask pain, the rotator cuff was completely torn
  note: trimmed her nails this evening
Aug 3 "busy day" for Pounce, did some close up, exciting puppy retrieves at the
          Square Pond DTA using Hillmann's puppy excite/chase technique while
          wearing the 8' "anti-keep-away" tether (needed it, too...because it was much
          cooler under the van
                 note: took one of Lylah's white socks and put a piece of foam in it,
                          made "handy" puppy bumper as she has run through the "rec"
                          room with socks before.....note to self: must keep close eye on
                          Lylah's penchant for tossing socks just anywhere she feels like
                          it plus get a "real" puppy bumper
                 note: Pounce did several "run thrus" with the dog hides....makes a nice
                          tunnel with plenty of room to shoot "in and out" (this exposure to
                          a dog hide will payoff later)
                 note: early, casual "imprinting" is easy and proactive 
          Pounce went for her 1st swim (see photo below) and I went in with her, it's
and very clean....she swam easily (very coordinated), paws stayed IN
          the water and Pounce was knew exactly where to get out
               note: a little anxious at first (eyes darting - somewhat), but not upset
               note: noon feed a bit late - 2:22 pm (after a long nap)

Aug 4 Late last afternoon the plans for today were an early morning "walk"
          with Lylah (easy day with an evening tether session). However the plan
          was altered. Pounce was out for a quick airing about 5:00 pm and the
          idea of letting Lylah run "out there" (bare footed) got the best of me.
          The two romped, ran, played and chased each other almost a half
          an hour. I gave my wife a "heads up"  to meet us at the door with a
          soapy wash towel to clean Lylah's feet off. Which made today's walk
          with Lylah unnecessary, so we are driving up to the Madison Zoo this
          morning and Pounce is "sleeping in" (kind of).
Did a living room tether session late last night. From one
                           session to the next a clearer understanding of "behavior" is
                           evolving...her improvement has been notably exceptional.   

                  note: I still don't understand how Pounce has the "airing" routine
                           down so well so quickly. She was aired at 1:30 and went to
                           sleep quietly. This morning I could hear her "playing" in the
                           crate as I woke up at 6:30 am. She quietly watched as I
                           dressed except for the usually one "peep" to ask "We are
                           going out....aren't we? After a quick drink of water out the
                           patio door we went. Soon, she is "zipping" back in through
                           the "Rec" room, up a flight of stairs and ready to be fed. After
                           eating she has "crashed" for a little nap. Quiet, smart, willing
                           and "unreal" at 8
eight weeks old describes her well.  She's
                           making this entire "puppy" thing really easy.
                  note: the plan is to air her again at about 8:15 am and we will be
                           driving to the zoo leaving Pounce and the other three crated
                           for about three hours. It  is reassuring to know this is doable.
Aug 5 day off from any "stuff", yesterday was the third day of a "slight" diarrhea
                  note: called Vet t and taking a stool sample in however it was normal
                  note: active and happy, no temperature issues, two possibilities
                           1) change from litter routine and comfort = stress
                           2) more likely a sudden change in diet, no puppy food from her
                               weaning litter to mix with the new food Eagle Pack puppy
                              has already had one worming session)
                   note: on the trip back from picking up four live quail had motor
                            "issues", lost coolant suddenly and not hoses, tow truck from
                            Wisconsin to Illinois with "tow guy" stopping on the way back
                            to drop four dogs (and me) off at the house....could have been
                            worse, got help almost immediately, parked away from the
                            highway on a cloudy, cool July morning                          
                   note: while waiting for the tow truck, there was a small grassy area
                            where Pounce had her first exposure to a "fresh quail" just
                            bought at Rice Family Farms in southern Wisconsin...(
                            cords are wonderful
especially at my age) "Pounce" lived up to
                            her name...several times....she was "all in" for the chase and
                            highly excited, ran around with the quail in her mouth and
                            then looking intently with her nose on high alert fop another
initial bird imprint was SOLID
                   note: van repaired - all radiator lost to weakened heater hoses,
                            could have been a lot worse - cost to repair less than the tow
             mid-afternoon decided to use the last three quail for Pounce at the
             Square Pond DTA - tried to make a YouTube video and it was off center
             and could have been a bit closer, so is "just OK" brought along the dog
             hide to add a slight twist - "
Pounce" was in "heaven" - chased, excited,
             retrieved and "turned on" 
                  note: initial "intro's" to the Ultra Low Dog Hide have been excellent

Pounce's Quail/Bird Imprint - YouTube Video (link)
          left click on thumbnails  

                                   "in after a quail"

       "out with the quail"

Aug 6 - day off for everyone -  the plan was initially to have with Pounce just
            "hanging out" and socializing because yesterday was a very long "haul"
            for everyone
  , however, Lylah and Pounce both needed to "get out of
            the house" so we all went for a
walk at the Square Pond "grassy" area (as
            we did about a week ago)

            (July 30th training journal entry)
"The Walk" - with Lylah (bookmark link)

Aug 7 Pounce spent thirty minutes in a "tether session" after feeding and airing,
          then was shown her new wire crate next to
Taffey....this will be a gradual
          "intro--phase in" starting with one hour - too much room for a pup still in
          house breaking mode
                note: remained "anxious" in the wire crate and immediately went right
                         to sleep when moved back into her small, enclosed puppy den
                note: tether sessions are progressing well, bite inhibition has improved,
                         getting use to the soft puppy collar, not testing/fighting the lead
                         as much and beginning to display a quiet moment (or two)...just
                         more relaxed
                note: feeding three times a day seems to be more effective as the loose
                         stool issues has subsided and now seems more use to the food
                         change & adjustment
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        "new wire crate"

Aug 8 - Pounce is nine weeks old today and we walked the south shoreline of the
 Retention Pond (breezy, 81 F) went up the shoreline and came
            back on the high ground in cover (breaking her own trail and not just
            following) walked over 600 yds & was "full of it" all the way back to the van
                  note: many small frogs hopping all over and she did "pounce" after a
                           few, got wet to the point of floating, but we weren't there to push
                           that - pretty much free to do "whatever" and "explore", I just
                           walked and kept my mouth shut....the idea is she will walk along
                           and become responsive to my motion....any change in direction
                           becomes a "physical influence" which she'll instinctively adjust to
Pounce slept well afterwards
                  note: it has taken two weeks to
finally have Pounce's digestive system
                           dealing properly with her new food and home, her habits about
                           house breaking have formed extremely well - easiest pup of all
                           even with the first two weeks of some diarrhea

Aug 9 day off from anything outdoors, tether session for a half-hour and worked at
          having her day "down time" in the little wire crate next to
Taffey (she is 14
          years old and sleeps most of the day),
Pounce looks over and thinks laying
          around doing nothing is normal
                   note: airing and feeding times are on a very good schedule and she
                            knows the routine - easy pup to house break and I am already
                            getting a full six hours of sleep at night,,,,having the night time
                            crate in my bedroom has made a difference and being retired
                            provides all day to do "whatever"....that makes for predictable
                            daily structure which a smart pup will pick up on "right a way" 
responsiveness is a two way street means more in a 24/7 plan)
                   note: she has learned a lot in two weeks
Aug 10
Pounce trained at the Rockton Road DTA (after Daisy & Kooly0 and today
            was the
first official session of beginning Hillman's puppy program, she's
            already done some exciting, chasing and retrieving...........but mostly to
            establish the "Are we ready rationale?"....and she was definitely ready
this was the very first day she had seen a real, retriever bumper
                  note: previously it was a combination of the following
              left click on thumbnails  
    (bulb changer)
       "agility toy"
         "live quail"
        (her favorite)
 and a small sock
   of Lylah's with
     foam inside

note: in retrospect
  not a good idea
       Hillmann Sessions
       "Oh, yes!"
    "water break"
       "I get it!"

Aug 11 - Pounce and Lylah went north on the west side to the corner of the huge
              Roscoe Retention Pond- Pounce played at the water's edge and went in
              a little too cool off, the water was a test to see how Lylah's autism and
              water fascination meshed, at first it was difficult to keep her from walking
              right in, that's one of the reasons we have taught her to swim in that one
              huge issue with autism and water is drowning, the last part of the walk
              back was up on high ground and finally terminated at the gravel boat
              landing where Lylah discovered throwing rocks into water is very cool 
              and Pounce discovered that not all food is tossed in the waste barrels         
                       note: when back home Lylah didn't seem to be tired at all, but
                                Pounce has been "passed out" in a crate for the last 2 hours
                       note: a good time was had by the Pounce & Lylah team
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          "north to south" 

Aug 12-13 drove to Duck/Fish camp on the Mississippi River early Tuesday morning,
Pounce needed to learn a new routine about the crate situation with three
            dogs and Pounce, feeding and airing different routine, in and out
            of trailer, etc. in addition, with the "airing yard" open and only a fence on
            north and the river on the south, Pounce was put on a Flexi-lead for the
            first time (she did well after getting over trying to "chew it off" - tried a few
            retrieves, but there is a reason for doing early puppy retrieves in short,
            open grassy there were just too many distractions.....we just
            focused on the camp dog routines
                 note: she was a bit more "yappy" than at home, but we all slept well
                          that evening.....quiet is often of function of being tired 
                 note: with the water level down, there is a drop-off at the shoreline
                          Pounce got wet but had more fun playing with the exposed and
                          tangled tree roots plus Mississippi mud - all new "stuff" for her
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Aug 13 started out with getting back into the normal home base routines and took
            the next photo to add to the collection of Pounce growth stages
         left click on thumbnail  
          ten weeks old
 Pounce Age Photos  (bookmark)

 Aug 14 trained at the Rockton Road DTA - Pounce did four "Hillmann" Retrieves
             then went for a long walk, after the older dogs trained, she walked along
             "to pickup" the equipment.......sleeping real well later
                      note: did excellent tether session this morning since the "piranha"
                               effect has shown up...."muzzle grab" corrections to meet
                               level of whatever was applied - she's smart and the lesson
                               sank in (no pun intended)
                      note: old training friends dropped by to see Pounce....when she is
                               older and continues to show promise we will join their group
                               and train once a week on the Madison RC properties
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Aug 15 another great, cool day.....quick trip over to the Square Pond DTA for a
            little work - four exciting singles and a good walk on lead, in the evening
            Pounce did a tether session and her biting tendencies have been reduced,
            she also had a session of treat sits in the living room......loves all the play
            "stuff" and is getting more relaxed as the daily "structure" repeats

10 weeks old (will be three months old on Sept 5th)
Pounce has completed retrieves using five different objects
                    note: very pleased with how the retrieves create the "on switch" and
                             and the calm time on lead after provides the "off switch"
Pounce is a "ball of fire" when excited and shows great progress
                             in becoming appropriately responsive
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Aug 16 early morning lesson focus in Hillmann's puppy program - build together
            excitement, chasing, retrieving, walking on a lead and sit (gradually)
note: Hillman's early foundation development of the "on/off" switch
                  note: this meshes well with Knutson's concept of balancing THE five
                           factors - retrieving, "birdiness" responsiveness, focus & control
                  note: Pounce is a "ninety miles per hour yellow furball" - therefore...
                           train a fast pup slowly plus "more of this and less of that"

                  note: did two brief treat sit sessions in the house & continued with
                           imprinting "kennel up" with a treat after entering her wire
                           crate - same "command" verbally given at each of her three
                           feeding times a day not surprisingly she sits and looks right at
                           me to see what comes next plus when we go for walks she
                           keeps track of where I am

Aug 17 - birthday.....74 years old 

                  note: in human years Taffey is 98, Kooly is 84 and Daisy is 63 
Pounce at about 2  
             brief session of yard work to deal with excitement using a few short
             retrieves, walked loosely on a lead and being calm on sits, during
             that "segment"...Pounce got a bit tangled up in her long lead and
             during the initial efforts to sort that out the "piranha" surfaced again
             and the tiger in Pounce was revealed - she was "nasty" with her sharp
             teeth snapping and lips curled up.... glad she is little and on a lead,
             got that sorted out (by "controlling" her muzzle)  and she recovered,
             "tested" her a bit later by offering up a finger, but she was "over it"
             with the "been there, done that" look in her eyes and was pleasant
             and responsive the rest of our walk.......back inside a little water and
             then outside for a brief visit to the airing yard and she's sound asleep,
"in the moment description"...very spunky with lots of grit and smarts,
.....don't think this will be the end of her testing limits over who is
             ultimately in charge in those "moments" when I don't see it coming

note: What a very neat pup!
             afternoon - very cool day for August resulted in a trip to Riverside Park
             DTA was going to work on the river bank, but the water was low and
             the shoreline was heavily covered with little round stones about as
             big as golf balls and smaller = very distracting and kind of worried
             about her swallowing one....drove over to the grass area to train
                  note: walked a huge triangle some on lead and mostly off (loose)
                           had a good walk
                  note: finished the session with three excited retrieves and calm walk
                           on lead back to the van intended to be just fun with me
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Aug 18 - Pounce did four retrieves at the Square Pond grassy area late in the
             afternoon worked on walking with me on lead afterwards - smart pup
             and continues to be responsive with good eye contact
                 note: tether session in the house & continue to work on her biting
                          issue - that is going well....she knows what "No" means
Aug 19 went to Duck camp with the older dogs to work on her daily routine, it            
            is very different - trailer, airing feeding times and complicated by summer
            "temps" , the boat was ready to move to water early after unloading the
            gear and as usual the motor is started first in camp on the trailer (air
            cooled) this time the process was begun while Pounce was still in her
            crate in the van.....the loud motor noise did not bother her, so I moved
            her crate to the extended bow deck where she was totally at ease with
            the motor noise (and I revved it up once), so I moved her crate to a back
            split seat two feet from the motor, again she was totally non-agitated,
            calm - I was surprised....then again her crate is a "safe place" and I started
            feeding her treats as the motor was pushed at bit - no negative reactions
                  note: this resulted in changing this morning's scouting trip to take
                           Pounce down to the Toad Island sand bar and see how much it
                           had changed by the extended spring floods - the results are in a
                           photo story page/link called Pounce's Excellent Adventure
                                    Pounce's Excellent Adventure (Link)

Aug 20 Pounce had the day off - except for airing, the regular routines and our
            trip back to "base camp"
Pounce is nine weeks old and learning like a sponge, her
                           penchant for eating twigs and anything else she can get in
                           her mouth coupled with "You can't catch me!" has her wearing
                           at wide, flat collar and a very light Flexi-lead....."magic" is the
                           only way to describe the results....a light touch with this tool is
                           a must and as of now she hardly knows it is on.....except the
                           "keep away" fun has been "squashed" puppies are a
                           lot of fun and keep a trainer "on his toes"

                   note: treat "sit" is going great and "kennel up" has become a quick
                            understanding, in addition the biting issue has
                            we are working on the "yapping" as she thinks this will speed
                            up her feeding routine, however,
she is learning being "quiet"
                            means you will be fed......and not until, spoiling this pup could
                            be very easy to do.....she is just too cute
Aug 21 - with heavy rains in the forecast, today will be more of a maintenance
              day to work on solidify the daily routines around the house
                   note: just beat the rain with the first airing of the day
Aug 22 - hot and humid, went for a walk wearing a checkcord and did a few
              sessions of treat "sit", "kennel up" with a treat is automatic. tether
              in the living room continues to establish the "no bite" expectation and
              she gets it (smart pup).....she is extremely agile and quick....paws say
              Pounce is not going to be big plus her head and eyes are very similar
              to Willie's
Aug 23 - another hot, humid day with thunderstorms did a couple of "tether
              sessions" in the house working on being relaxed and just playing with
              the "no bite" rules being reviewed, house breaking is really going well
              plus the use of the airing yard has become a casual routine...still need
              to wear my
knee high Muck boots to avoid the pant leg "attacks" and
              the Flexi-lead is now almost "invisible" to Pounce....she is free.....but
              she really isn't (if that makes any sense)
                   note: throughout the day treats are used to continue the imprints of
                            "sit" and "kennel" plus a placeboard is always around to have
                             a few "sit/place" said to chain in the eventual use of "place"
                   note: she is "smart as a whip" & picks up on every new thing almost
                            immediately, she's been grabbing teddy bears on the way
                            through the lower level "rec" room to the airing yard so I've
                            given her a small bumper to carry (as a diversion) she thinks
                            its fun I and think I'm clever so it is a win/win "deal"
                   note: throw a tiny twig out of the airing yard & she will watch it to the
                            ground & her responsive eye contact is sensational, kind of cool
                            to see a small pup motionless and "staring" a hole in you
Aug 24 late morning before being to train  - the Square Pond DTA & Pounce
            did a few retrieves, not enthused rushed out and wanted to play, let her
            watch Daisy "fly" into the water after a few tosses and then moved to the
            south "grassy" to take a long, free walk, put her up let her watch Daisy
            and Kooly run singles......
                     note: brought out the full sized Dokken that bounces & gyrates a lot
                              when contacting the ground, Pounce was all over it and her
                              teeth sank in as she lifted it and carried it back
decided to drive over to a nearby forest preserve that has an
                              ideal water intro situation, I've used this on all my previous pups
                              and it goes like this = park by road north of small viaduct, cut
                              through chest high weeds to a horse trail, turn left and there is a
                              small stream with a good current that is usually 12-18 inches
                              deep in the middle, walk across casually as if nothing is amiss,
                              pup follows, turn loose of checkcord and cross back through the
                              stream and start walking. The key to this is all the many long
                              walks we've already been on. The pup has pretty much kept in
                              touch.....soon Pounce swam across to lavish praise - repeat and
                              rinse a few times and then head back to the van - "easy do"
                              except the water was 2 inches deeper than my knee-high
                              muck boots

                     note: gave Pounce several different opportunities to "get rid" off the
                              ingested water and even aired her again when we got home &
                             now "sawing wood seriously" ever since placed back in her
                             daytime crate
                     note: trimmed nails
Aug 25  important Vet appt. 8 am - bring all the dogs & a credit card
                     note: weight on Vet scale - 14.6 pounds = 11 weeks old               
                     note: trimmed nails

note: Pounce fecal sample tested positive for coccidia = initial
                              large dose treatment of
Albon and 3
ml daily for next
                              eight days with last dose Tuesday, Sept 2
                              Lyme Booster & Leptovax 4 booster"
                     note: puppy shots "up to date"
                     note: did regular puppy treat "stuff" = "sit", "sit/place" & "kennel"

                                                   AKC registered name   
                                            KwickLabs Fountain of Youth 
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Aug 26 - made quick trip to the Square Pond DTA "grassy area", trained the
               three other dogs and then brought Pounce out to do 4 quick, exciting
               retrieves - thundershower right on top of us....finished and made a
               fast trip home (five minutes).....unloaded half-way in the garage
                    note: earlier this morning Pounce was given her first (of several)
                             doses of
Albon (3
ml daily) for coccidia
Aug 27 - early evening training at the Square Pond DTA - threw a few exciting
              bumpers and worked on "sit" in between, had previously watch a new
              Hillmann video on "hold" and the insignificance of "cigaring" in terms of
              using maybe too heavy handed techniques for correcting hold issues

                                    Bill Hillmann "Hold" (YouTube Video)

                  note: made two mistakes 1) letting Pounce watch Hillmann's
                           "Hold" video. She reminded me that "cigaring" is OK
                           and 2) throwing the famous  "just one more retrieve"
                           (actually....only one mistake
            left click on thumbnail    
                    "right idea"
        "excellent grip"
          "I get it!"
                                         Got a grip!
                                   ("cigaring" is OK!)
  "the one too many"

Aug 28 trip to duck camp - meeting RV/Trailer repairman to fix the old water
            heater - needed pilot light. thermocouple replacement = hot showers!!!
            and warm hands after a cold duck hunt
Pounce travels very much like the older dogs in her own crate
and knows the camp routines, using a Flexi-Lead on her keeps
                             her out of trouble and she is pretty well conditioned to it, her
                             sudden bursts of exuberance however come to abrupt halts.
                             I may need to break out the longer one 
Aug 29
Pounce & Lylah went for a walk at the Square Pond DTA, found out the
            "straight shot" up an erosion strip is "simpler" for Lylah
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