KwickLabs Fountain of Youth
                                                                              (6 months old - Dec 5th)

FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie x Grizzly's Scooter Magee MH

 Pounce's Hunting Lab Pedigree (link)
                                                                             The Puppy Plan (link)
                                     "Pounce" - The New Pup

Pounce Training Journals Archive (link)
                              (July - December 2014, January - May 2015)
                                 Pounce on Toad Island (story link)
                                 Pounce On Teal Island (story link)   
                                     new  "Just Another Day" (link)

                           Pounce - 1st  Two Months Analysis (link)

                             Pounce's Quail/Bird Imprint  (YouTube)   
                           Pounce Training Session (YouTube) 11/22/14
  Pounce's Early Single T Session (YouTube)
Pounce's 1st ABC Marking Session (YouTube)
                      new Pounce - Marking Concepts (YouTube - link)
                              new Place & Send BacksTraining (link)

        Hillmann Rationale (link) 11/22/14
(reasons for using the program)

                                               Pounce Photos I (link)
                                              Pounce Photos II (link)
                                             Pounce Photos III (link)
                                             Pounce Photos IV (link)
                                         Pounce Tongue Shots (link)
Pounce & "Steadiness" (link)
                                       Pounce's Monthly Pinups (link)
                                                      "Stoked" (link)
                                                 Ducks'n Derbies (link)
                                               "Drive Enhancers" (link)

                  "What & Where" - Training Strategies by Darrin Greene

                                    Pounce Growth Progression (link)
                               Pounce's Retrieving Progression (link)

                                         "Stand Alone" Multiples (link)
 "The Subconscious Manipulation" (link)
                                     Three Weeks to an Epiphany (link)

                                            "The Paradigm Shift" (link)
 The "Mistake" Lesson (link)
 (proactive training)

                                        Kooly & Daisy "Prep" Journal (link)
            updated 06/21/15