KwickLab's Fountain of Youth
                                                                       link to 7 weeks old puppy photos

                                                                 "In The Moment" Puppy Process
                                         June 4 - mailed in deposit on female pup - whelping due this week                 
                                                                     "Pounce" came home July 25th                                     

                                               FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie x Grizzly's Scooter Magee MH

                                                                       Hunting Lab Pedigrees
                                       FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie (link)       Grizzly's Scooter Magee MH (link)       
                               Puppies' 1st Trip to "Vet" - (YouTube (link)
"Pounce's Litter at 3+ weeks old" YouTube (link)