Aug 1st - dogs' day off
                                    note: Frontline Plus on Taffey, Gunny & Daisy, new Preventic collar
                                             for Kooly next month
                                    note: Iverhart Plus for all four dogs
                                    note: new Kayak paddle arrived via USP (need to make a tether)
                  Aug 2 - trained at Riverside Park DTA - ran three remote line, "send back" singles
                              angled down the cover (each single longer than the previous)
                              Daisy & Gunny ran in tandem and Kooly & Taffey ran the next set with
                              Taffey doing only the first two.....all angle back throws in short, easy cover
                              with stickmen at the two longer stations (marks from 100 to175 yards)
                                    note: "new project" - make a sculling oar for my Migrator
Duck Boat Scull - YouTube (link)

                                                note: found the old set of oars that came with my old Carsten Bluebill
                                    (don't have that boat anymore), scraped/sanded off the old paint and
                                    noticed a pronounced warp/bend on the paddle end which probably
                                    was produced by years of standing these oars in a corner when not
                                    in use......that's turned into a good thing......I won't have to bend
                                    my sculling oar
                                                note: a 36" blade will be shaped and glued/fiberglassed in place
                                    (need to think about what length is best)                                   
                   Aug 3 dogs' day off
                                    note: sketched/measured/designed sculling screen for Migrator
                                    note: bought Titebond III wood glue, Scotch-Weld contact adhesive
                                             arrived, all the paint is off the old oar, Benelli is cleaned and
                                             ready for weekly trap shooting practices - early teal and goose
                                             season is in four weeks
                   Aug 4 trained at Rock River Retention Pond DTA - run "tandem/send back" water
                             singles in the northwest bay, used two stickmen and two remote lines
                                    note: Daisy & Gunny went first and did really well with good, long
                                             swims "down the shore".....four singles, Kooly & Taffey went
                                             next and Taffey did four shorter retrieves with Kooly running
                                             the same four singles the first two did.....the dogs do not loose
                                             concentration when passing (retrieving & returning)
                                    note: all marks were "out of water & up on land" except the longest
                                    note: mowed airing and backyard plus it's "VH" day
                                    note: made cardboard pattern for a transom mounted sculling bracket
                                                                                    (left click on thumbnails)
             Gunny & Daisy
         Gunny retrieving
         "the delivery"
              Gunny "again"
         Gunny returning
         Daisy "on honor"
           2nd station
  Gunny's "swim"
   (only mark......


             "delivery time"
          ...thrown in water)
        "telephoto honor"
    Daisy's "long swim"

     "the arrow"

                                                   "easy focus"
       Daisy's delivery

                   Aug 5 dogs' day off 
                                    note: worked on sculling oar, bracket and bow screen, decided where
                                             to install boat hardware, cut patterns for Hydo-Turf placements
                                    note: still unable to lift/mount/swing my shotgun to shooting positions
                   Aug 6 trained at Riverside Park DTA - setup remote line for tandem, "send back"
                             walking singles, Daisy & Gunny ran 4 singles "up" the east road, Kooly &
                             Taffey worked next with Kooly running all four and Taffey only the first
                   , cloudy in the middle 70's and the mosquitoes were swarming
                                    note: singles went from about 75 to 175 yards                                 
                                    note: continued work on yesterday's list of "to-does"
                   Aug 7 dogs' day off - "Dremel'd" all dogs' nails
                                    note: sheet of Hydro-Turf for the Migrator boat arrived
                   Aug 8 left at 4:00 am for duck/fish camp on the Mississippi River and was fishing
                             in the morning fairly, cloudy beautiful day so Taffey was
                             the first dog out...........she was comfortable even though the Bimini was
                             not hoisted, eventually caught a bunch of sheepshead and the red tail
                             sucker I wanted for cut bait on tonight's trip to plant seven banks poles
                                    note: late afternoon Gunny was up for the next trip......fished a wing
                                             dam and boated six channel was a "good bite",
                                             then we moved to plant/bait the bank poles and had enough
                                             time to clean fish, feed and air dogs before the mosquitoes
                                             had a chance to "feast"
                   Aug 9 up early, aired the dogs......Daisy and I left to check the bank poles, they
                             had not been touched with all the bait intact which was surprising because
                             a huge, long nosed turtle watched me bait them the night before....even he
                             wanted no part of my attempts, Daisy and I then motored over to a nearby
                             wing dam to fish, it was another beautifully cool and refreshing morning
                             especially for August, caught more wing dam rip-rap than fish, several
                             sheepshead, one nice fat channel cat a surprise......a fat small mouth bass,
                             back to camp by 10:30 am, drove the boat down to the Big Slough boat
                             launch (where I had parked my van/boat trailer), cleaned the two fish and
                             were on the road by 11:30 am.....the drive home was a quick two hours of
                             easy roads
                                                                                           (left click on thumbnails)
                barge from south
          "up close"
           "full shot"
            good "eat'n"

             "edge of wing dam"


    "wing dam behind"

     Iowa limestone bluff

                        Aug 10 dogs' day off - resting from trip and it's another cool day in August
                                    note: worked on measuring and cutting Hydo-Turf for Migrator - one
                                             sheet was "just" enough
                  Aug 11 train - setup was physically easy, mentally challenging and quick....short
                              solo mark (single), walk back to line with a tight, long  poison bird blind
                              Gunny was first - one whistled the blind & pinned his mark, Daisy was
                              2nd and had to delay the blind because a jogger was going too near to
                              blind,,,,,she three whistle the blind and stepped on the mark.....Kooly
                              really wanted the mark (his landed in a short grassy area and was visible
                              from the line) = four whistles and Taffey struggled with my poor left hand
                              casts (shoulder still bad) but finally hacked her way to the blind...her mark
                              was visible, too.....short session and had time to finish mowing the lawn
                              before the noon forecast of thunder showers.......never rained  
                                    note: finished work on the Migrator Hydro-Turf project
                                                                                        (left click on thumbnails)
                                    "rough cuts"
           "floor down"

                  Aug 12 dogs' day off 
                                    note:  Kayak Cart (YouTube)
                  Aug 13 train at Roscoe Riverside Park - six long "Ya-Ha" singles
                              Daisy ran first with send backs, Gunny was second & Kooly & Taffey
                              worked in tandem with Taffey only doing the first three
                                    note: good long runs provided plenty of exercise with no pressure
                                    note: finished before 7 am with the temperature still in the upper 50's
                                             and dew on the grass......this can't be August
                                    note: continue work on Migrator boat....mounting hardware & build
                                             a PVC, two wheel Kayak dolly/carrier
                  Aug 14 dogs' day off - continue work on the boat hardware & dolly 
                  Aug 15 left for Duck/Fish camp at 4 am and on the water around 9 am, fished a
                              wing dam until noon with Gunny and kept seven catfish 1-4 pounds &
                              a bluegill, back out in the late afternoon with Kooly and kept two more
                              good sized channel cats & a smallmouth bass, took Daisy & Taffey for a
                              beautiful evening boat ride to the "Cable Crossing" and
                              day in more ways than one, cloudy, comfortable breeze in the 70's in
                              the middle of August and an active bite, cleaned all fish, fed & aired
                              dogs before the mosquitoes took over
                                    note: motor sounded "different", could not pinpoint the problem,
                                             ran good with speed.......just sounded "off"
                                                                                         (left click on thumbnails)                          
                                                                                        "ready for the knife"

                  Aug 16 up early for a morning trip back home, stopped at O's Small Engines
                              and they immediately spotted the problem - crack in the muffler
trip to Illowa Marine next Thursday for a replacement.....not cheap
                                    note: sold a dozen Avery FB Field Mallard Decoys plus 12 slot bag
                                    note: added pre-built doors to Migrator & will mud all the "camo",
                                             too much "shine", but it sure looks "purty" before
                                    note: bought shotgun looped panel, just like the one in my Predator,
                                             to "glue" to an inside wall (no fumbling for shells, especially
                                             swatter loads, in the "heat of the battle")
                                    note: photos of boat work to date - "The Migrator" (mud next)
                                                                                      (left click on thumbnails)

                                     "shell strip"
            boat "dolly"

                 Aug 17 73 years old today  - nobody works
                                    note: beginning to realize injuries take a lot longer to heal when
                                             you get older, shoulder "issue" coming along very slowly,
                                             maybe I should contact Biogenesis for some PEDs
                                             I've really started to push the rehabilitation with a lot of
                                             different exercises in the swimming pool (every day)
                 Aug 18 trained early at Riverside Park DTA - setup was four cold blinds
                                    note: Daisy, Gunny & Kooly ran all four with Taffey doing only the
                                             two shorter blinds, today was the first time in three months
                                             that the dogs had no trouble with my left hand casts & it is
                                             a good thing my dogs run excellent blinds (few casts), the
                                             shoulder is now at about 75% strength and I don't need to
                                             "prop" it up with my right arm anymore....however, each left
                                             hand "effort" is far from pain free
                                    note: at least I can finally "mount" a season is a go
                                    note: new page link
Progression of the Migrator
                 Aug 19 dogs' day off - this week it is going to be warmer
                                    note: this week the plan is to finish off the transom side sculling
                                             bracket, the initial design has one question "Will the section
                                             below the waterline on the starboard side cause too much
                                             drag?" The possibility is the "right turn" caused by any drag
                                             will be offset by the oar "torque/push" from the starboard
                                             thrusts of the sculling oar.
The bracket will slide down over the vertical section of the
                                             transom (easy on and off). Construction will be laminations of
                                             marine plywood on two small, shaped sections of  2X12's. The
                                             oar lock section will use a laminated insert made of hard rubber.
                                                                                      (left click on thumbnail)
                                                            sculling bracket prototype cardboard cutout

                 Aug 20 training day - trained early at Roscoe Riverside Park DTA - ran set of
                             seven tandem "Ya-Ha" singles. Daisy & Gunny ran first and stretched
                             them out from 100 to about 250 yards, Kooly & Taffey went next and
                             Taffey did only the first three (she was all in)
                                  note: after today, the decision for this hunting season will be to take
                                           Taffey only on an occasional easy hunt with the goal of shooting
                                           one duck for her (if any)
                                  note: finished the rough cutouts of plywood to laminate for the transom
                                           mounted sculling bracket  
                                  note: scheduled an MRI for my left shoulder 
                 Aug 21 dogs' day off - leaf blow front yard, oak trees are heavily dropping
                                  note: Lylah started school this morning
                                  note: began lamination of the sculling bracket, sculpting/designing
                                           around the transom is going well, the TiteBond III has a small
                                           window to work with and it's "messy", but so far no "screwups",
                                           doing incremental layers seems to be the most efficient & safest
                                           way to assemble it.......two more pieces to go, then seal it &
                                           add the hard rubber oar "holder"