May 22 - June 30
May 22 scattered showers with a high of 72F - train/exercise (if break in weather) 
                  note: had van's left rear tire leak repaired (internal patch)
                  note: early evening Daisy, Gunny & Kooly ran four cold blinds at the Square
                           Pond grassy area, Taffey ran the first two
                 note: yard work = mowed back yard
May 23 a few showers with a high of 61F - day off for all four dogs
                 note: yard work = mowed front yard
May 24 trained late afternoon at the Rockton Sport Complex - ran "Ya-Ha" singles
                  note: Daisy & Gunny ran first with six marks starting at about 75 yards and
                           ending out over 200 yards  
                  note: Kooly & Taffey were next - Kooly ran six marks out to 150 yards with
                           Taffey doing only the first two shorter singles and a few fun bumpers
                           as Kooly was returning to the line
(link to "Ya-Ha" Singles
                  note: checked out Riverside Park DTA - extended spring floods plus no
                           mowing has resulted in too much tall grass to train - later this spring ??
                  note: yard work = transplanted/divided 20 blue Halcyon hostas, RoundUp
 treated front and back yard empty flower beds 
May 25 cloudy, cloudy with high of's the "dogs' day off session"
                  note: time to sort, clean & store hunting gear and prepare boat for fishing,
                           charge both boat batteries, fresh gas for tank & reserve tank, change
                           fuel filter, change ProDrive motor oil & filter, change gear oil, "freshen
                           up" lower unit, grease all motor "ports", clean air filter (or buy new),
                           new spark plugs?
                  note: "VH" day
May 26 trained mid-day
65F, partly cloudy with a nice breeze
                  note: skill work = three gradient, "cheaty", angle entry/exit shore blinds in a
                           public Rock River retention pond
                  note: Daisy, Gunny & Kooly ran the three cold blinds....Taffey had the day off
                  note: all three dogs responded to staying in the water on very "cheaty" blinds
                  note: need to work on Gunny's angle entry skills
                                                                                      (left click on thumbnails) 

May 27 day off for all....forecast showers, high 76
                 note: "things to do"  = begin work on boat maintenance 
charge both boat batteries, empty main gas tank & reserve, fresh gas for
                          both & add SeaFoam, change fuel filter, run ProDrive motor & change
                          oil & filter, change gear oil, "freshen up" lower unit grease, grease all
                          fittings, lubricate all linkages (spay with waterproof silicon type),
                          check/clean air filter and replace both spark plugs
means completed)
                 note: still reading the Internet dog training forums, but have managed to gather
                          a lot of time for "other" things by not doing anymore forum posts, it's been
                          a challenging month to break a long and sustained habit

May 28 strong thunderstorms & high 77
                 note: marking day for dogs put off one day - couldn't dodge rain 
                 note: read this link about a year ago....went in a different direction with Daisy
                          which didn't work, she'll get a full summer (or more) of this, not so much
                          to run hunt tests, but to practice the methodology
                          (rationale = we may both acquire a new perspective/skill)  
                               Force or Correction - "Reconditioning the Dog's Mind" (link)  
May 29 mowed airing yard first
            trained at Riverside Park DTA on the "flood plain" = high cover and setup ABC
            marking drill. ran Daisy, Gunny & Kooly in tandem with each dog doing a "send
            back" for their turns, no collar, goose call and a 3" Avery Flagged black/white
            flasher, wind was out  of the south (left to right), "temp" in the seventies with high
            humidity and wet, tall grass = three dogs ran four singles rotating turns and did
            really well in the high cover, Taffey got some exercise helping me setup the
            four field stickmen and line, the goal of marking day exercise was a winner
                                                                                     (left click on thumbnails) 

May 30 thunderstorms late, 'dodged" the worst
                 note: regular day off for dogs
                 note: all boat maintenance finished
May 31 trained 11 am at the Square Pond DTA - thunderstorms early afternoon
                 note: skill day for dogs = angle entry/exit drills for Daisy & Gunny
Taffey & Kooly swam parallel blinds
                 note: both Kooly and Daisy began the training cited in the May 28th link "silent
          (left click on thumbnails)   
      angle entries set 1
   angle exits set 2
 Taffey's parallel blind
                                Kooly's blind
           duck house
      "resident geese"

June 1 dogs' day off
                 note: "VH" day
                 note: mowed back yard & weed removal asparagus patch              

June 2 forecast = clear & cool and it is "marking day"
                 note: mow front yard, spray weeds
                 note: buy tomato plants
                 note: training day = Y-Drill, knee high cover, 3" Avery Flasher bumper,
                          Kelly Meyer Field DTA Daisy, Kooly & Gunny with Taffey getting
                          fun bumpers and a run when "fetching" the setup (link to Y-Drill)
                 note: Iverhart Plus for all four dogs and ordered next 9 months' supply
                 note: ordered three forty pound bags of Eagle Pack Power (30/20)
                 note: ordered nine bottles Omega-3 Fish Oil (1000mg, 250 soft gels per)                  
June 3 forecast = clear & cool.....this is the dogs' day off, not mine
                 note: mowed airing yard (again), removed many "weeds gone wild" in
                          the flower beds & tomato plants went in the ground, lit up the dry 
                          "burning pile"     
June 4 dogs' cold blinds day - trained at Riverside Park DTA,  cover was "almost"
            too tall, "lost" the dog once in awhile, but Daisy, Gunny & Kooly worked well
            on the three cold blind setup, Taffey only ran one of them
                note: no more training at this spot, with all the rain most of the areas do
                         not have short enough cover to train
                note: "yard work" resulted in eleven tomato plants in the ground and the
                         garden fence is up  
June 5 dogs' day off
June 6 trained - dogs' skill day, rain finally passed through at 11 am -  + walking
           baseball with two Dokkens at the Kelly Meyer DTA (mowed this morning) - noon,
           cloudy & 62
            Daisy, Kooly & Gunny did "Walking Baseball" while Taffey did four, easy
            walking singles
                note: ordered 12 pipettes of FrontLine Plus
June 7 dogs' day off, afternoon sprayed weed areas with Round UP, finished setting last
            of tomato plants, Bimini now mounted on boat
June 8  trained - marking day, long "Ya-Ha" singles at Kelly Meyer mud volley ball area
            (mowed two days ago) Daisy & Gunny worked their remote line, "send back"
            singles in tandem (one is retrieving while the other is cast/returning to the line),
            distances for the six singles were 75-175 yards, Kooly was out next and did his
            alone while Taffey stayed with me in the field retrieving five hand thrown
            tosses during Kooly's "send backs"
                note: it was an excellent, quick maintenance workout for all four
                note: most training areas have cover that is too high for training
(link to "Ya-Ha" Singles
                note: "VH" day 
June 9 day off for all four dogs
                note: mow back & front yard
                note: maintenance mode schedule has "cold blinds day" up next
June 10-11 trip to Duck/Fish camp on the Mississippi River - power. wire wheel cleaned
             the trailer roof and coated it with aluminized roofing paint (took most of the
             day) - went to bed early
    , up early the next morning with a very "rebelling"
             body and drove home = luckily the trip for this job came with perfect timing, low
             humidity, good breeze off the river, afternoon shade and temperatures in the
  , the roof will be good for a few more years before the next maintenance
             coat....I guess if it wasn't all that difficult this year at 73 years old......75 may not
             be impossible

                      note: new tomato plants have done really well in just a few days
June 12 - trained at Kelly Meyer Mud Volley Ball DTA - Daisy, Gunny & Kooly ran four
               cold blinds & Taffey ran just the short one (75-125 yards), weather middle 70's
                  note: cold blind day = exercise and maintenance of skills, all four did well
                                                                                    (left click on thumbnail) 

June 13 - dogs' day off
June 14 - trained - 2 land singles with "poison bird" blinds in the "grassy" area of the
               Square Pond DTA
                  note: forgot whistle & e-collar so they ran the setups "sans tools", used verbal
                           "sits".....Daisy, Gunny & Kooly did just fine, it became quite obvious
                           that at about 25 yards Taffey is totally deaf to loud verbal commands,
                           resorted to shouting....she's 13 and aging rapidly aging,
today's hearing
                           issues demonstrated/explains her lack of responsiveness when airing
                  note: mowed airing yard (grass is growing super fast with cool temps and an
                           abundance of rainfall)
                  note: tomato plants have tripled in height
June 15-16 two days off for the dogs
                  note: 16th was 51st Wedding Anniversary & Father's Day
                  note: "VH" day
                  note: mowed backyard
June 17 - trained - ran singles as per June 8th setup at Kelly Meyer DTA (in a different area)
 note: (link to "Ya-Ha" Singles
                  note: ran early - "temp" 70
F at 8:30am when we finished
                  note: Kooly had a very slight limp - left front (turns on a "dime" at full speed
                           when stepping on marks, preliminary opinion = slight shoulder strain,
                           he'll be 10 years old this fall and I know what that means.....physically,
                           in a human comparison, he's almost in his 70's and I truly know what that
                  note: Wow! It's
90F at 5 pm.  
     note: during 5 pm airing Kooly showed no signs of soreness (slight stinger ?)
June 18 = dogs' day off  Kooly looked fine during today's airing sessions
                  note: Taffey had her coat "fulminated" (two down & two to go) 
June 19-20 trip to Duck/Fish camp on the Mississippi River, Gunny went on the Thursday
             morning fish locator trip and Daisy went in the afternoon, River still high - boated
             a dozen sheepheads, three large carp, a huge red sucker and my first ever striper,
             needed to find shady spot in the afternoon because the Bimini top provided zero
             protection from the hot sun for Daisy, Thursday morning started out nice and cool
             but ended up changing/searching for any "working" fish, got hot early & Taffey
             needed the shady spot (ninth change) on the east side of an island on the Iowa
             side = caught three channel catfish and several sheepheads, called it a morning
             at 9:30 am, headed back to camp, loaded up and was home at 2 pm
                  note: Kooly didn't get his boat trip - first next time he goes first
                                                                                      (left click on thumbnails) 
   Anchored at one of the last "stops" with 13 year old Taffey relaxing on the extended deck. 

June 21 dogs' day off with strong thunderstorms in the late evening
June 22- 23 can't train on weekend mornings and with 90's in the forecasts = no training
                   note: late evening the new bifocal glasses caused a misjudging of the last
                            step on a stairway, badly bruised left shoulder & ribs - can't lift left arm
                            at all
June 24 rain all day & couldn't train anyway
June 25-27 extended break until trainer recovers - heavy rain this morning, four inches the
             last two days with more on the way, 27th hot & humid all day, shoulder improving
                   note: Frontline Plus for Taffey, Daisy & Gunny with a new Preventic collar
                            on Kooly
June 28 trained - early morning (cool & dry), ran three easy singles in the Y-Rill presentation
                   note: Daisy & Gunny ran first with Kooly & Taffey running 2nd (Taffey only ran
                            one of the singles plus two, short fun bumpers from the "gunner station"
                  note: trained at Kelly Meyer DTA (remote line, alternate "send backs", tandem
                  note: (link to Y-Drill), example -
Tandem "Semi-Chaos" Y-Drill Taffey & Kooly

June 29 dogs' day off
June 30 morning - trained at Kelly Meyer DTA - setup four cold blinds in a different area
             than the last session, ran dogs alternating right/left heel positions, forgot about
             the bad left shoulder, but used my right arm to lift the left and the dogs had no
             trouble responding to what was expected, Taffey only ran the two short blinds

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