May 21 the basic plan is to train every other day - blinds, marking & skill drills with an
                   emphasis to maintain conditioning
                       note: dogs' day off, trimmed pine trees, "weeded" yard, removed/cut many small
                                weed trees, mowed back yard, gave Asian pear trees a major pruning, did
                               the daily swimming therapy and worked out in swimming pool
                       note: van repair completed - new brakes on front & rear, packed wheel bearings
                                front end                                               

             many places to train (several close by) - Riverside Park, Winnebago County DTA,
             Rockton Road DTA, Square Pond DTA, Duck/Fish Camp (Mississippi R.) Madison
             Retrieve Club "W", Stoughton, Gallagher & Hook Lake properties, Bong Recreational
             Area (WI), RockCut State Park DTA, Kelly-Meyer DTA, Rock River Retention Pond

             Waterfowl season will have a new "approach" the second weekend in September.

             July 1-5 health issue (minor surgery) = dogs' days off
                     Interceptor for all dogs
             July 6-7 dogs' days' off - trainer's health issue from minor surgery I
                          re-injured left shoulder (things are not going well)
             July 8 trained late morning at the Square Pond "grassy" area - setup three different
                       remote lines and ran Gunny, Kooly & Daisy from their "own" line" to 5 different
                       singles.....with send backs. "put them up" one at a time = remote sits (side by
                       side), called individually to the van, kenneled up and watered, Taffey ran 3
                       shorter, easier singles from the center remote line
                             note: missed several days of training/conditioning & today was fun, easy
             July 9 dogs' day off
             July 10 trained  skills day - focus.....develop a four dog, steady drill with a popper gun,
                         duck/goose calling, gun stand and two Dokken's at the Square Pond DTA using
                         an Avery Ultra Low dog hide, two place boards and a "down" mat
                              note: the initial setup will not use the popper gun (fewer moving parts)
             July 11 left for Duck/Fish camp at 5 am, good two days of weather (no high "temps" for
                         dogs) on the water at 8:30 am with Gunny as first mate & went to Cable Crossing
                         spot, caught two small channel cats, four red tail suckers (big) and a bunch of
                         sheepshead (busy), kept one sucker to use as cut bait for tonight's bank poles
                         afternoon - came back out with Kooly about 5 pm, first set the seven bank poles
                         in a backwater cut just off the main channel and went back to the morning spot,
                         not much biting early, but just about 10 minutes before sunset a huge hit "finally"
                         ended up with the biggest channel cat I have ever caught (8+ pounds), with no
                         running lights I was concerned about the fact that the sun went down before it
                         was finally in the boat (light spinning tackle is the "bomb"), made the run back
                         to camp and thought it was too dark to take any pictures....then realized my
                         sunglasses were on
note: Kooly learned (maybe) to keep his nose out of and away from fish
                                     hooks with worms, after a short session of trying to avoid getting bit,
                                     giving a new meaning to the term needle-nose pliers and a little dog
                                     "yip", the hook was snatched out of Kooly's flared nostril....he was
                                     not happy for a few minutes 
                                                                                     (left click on thumbnails) 

              July 12 early morning, Taffey and I went to check on the banks first I
                          thought one had been pulled out, but they were all there, the first two upstream
                          sets were empty (no bait on one and the other untouched), the third line was off
                          at a slight angle (kind of reminded me of the Swamp People alligator show)
                          with a rhythmic movement, the rush was immediate without the adrenalin of
                          danger & big seven pound channel cat was soon boated, the next two were not
                          touched, the sixth line was straight yielded a nice, fat three
                          pound channel cat, the last line had me run the boat in too close over the line
                          (it was under the boat), as I pulled, there appeared to be a fish on...then suddenly
                           it went slack, that's when I learned something new......don't run the boat over a
                           line and expect to pull any fish out from underneath - DUH!
                              note: What an extraordinary rush for my first attempt a bank poles! Why
                                       didn't I ever try this before?

                       Taffey is really starting to show her age, so we went back to camp and cleaned
                       fish, as soon as this was taken care of, Daisy (her turn) was taken on a fishing
                       trip back to yesterday's spot on the west end of an island = we fished until the
                       morning shade was lost - the "bite" was slow - one good fighting sheepshead
                       and back to camp to load up for our trip home, back at main "camp" (home)
                       before 2 pm.......getting warm and next week will be "really bad" the 90's
                       every day - can you say HOT!!!! 

                            note: the slow morning "bite' was filled with photo opportunities during the
                                     never ending, steady northern flights of cormorants and pelicans from
                                     the roost islands in the south end of the pool
                            note: all four dogs got "boat time" and with the river pool stage at 12.6 feet the
                                    "fun, shallow run" was still possible ("dang", forgot the video camera)
                            note: Potter's Marsh duck blinds draw is July luck last year and was set
                                     on not trying again....disappointment has sufficiently faded
                                                                                    (left click on thumbnails)

                 July 13 - day off for the dogs - sleeping well in the cool house at 9 am
                                    note: 5:30 pm....deep fried Mississippi River catfish strips & new potato
with plenty left for a midnight snack  
   July 14 slept in and took the day off from training
                July 15 trained early (left driveway 5:51 am and back a 6:30 am) setup was two
                            sets of "Momma/Papa" singles at 100 & 125 yards (four singles total for each
                            dog) with stand alone, send back singles at Kelly Meyer DTA
                                     note: Daisy & Gunny ran first in tandem
                                     note: Kooly & Taffey ran in tandem second with Taffey only running the
                                          first single and then three short fun bumpers from the two stations
                                     note: temperature in the low 70's headed for a high of
                                     note: video example of
  Tandem singles - Taffey & Kooly                
                                     note: need to buy Federal Waterfowl stamp
                                     note: change to new line on all spinning rods
                                     note: mowed front lawn
               July 16 day off for all dogs - high was 93
               July 17 too warm & humid early on for dog training - high was 95
                                    note: three big choke cherry trees removed very early this morning
               July 18 repeat of yesterday - high was 95

               July 19 "Ground Hog Daze" (almost) - high was 94
               July 20 trained early with temp at 64
- refreshing for dogs, ran four walking singles
                           with zero factors at the Kelly Meyer DTA
                                   note: Daisy & Gunny ran "tandem", "send back" singles. Taffey & Kooly
                                            ran the same setup except Taffey only ran one of the singles and
                                            three fun bumpers, this was an "exercise" session after several
                                            days off due to the heat
                                   note: time to start cutting weeds around the Square Pond
              July 21 trained early  with "temp" at 63
- ran "Ya-Ha" singles with one mark from
                          each of five stations starting at 75 yards, alternating sides and finished with
                          the last being a 200 yard single, used remote line, send backs with two dogs
                          working/alternating in tandem.....home at 6:30 am
                                   note: Daisy & Gunny went first with Kooly & Taffey second (Taffey only
                                            ran the first two singles)
                                 note: huge baseball outfields terrain at Kelly Meyer DTA
(link to "Ya-Ha" Singles examples
              July 22 dogs' day off, "whacked" weeds on part of the Square Pond shoreline, two
                          tanks of gas was a morning's work....much more to do
                                                                                     (left click on thumbnails)
                              Thorson Pond
        "equipment van"
   south west corner


                                "south side"

     "whacked" (1st day)
   north & west sides

                July 23 trained early at Kelly Meyer DTA - ran four walking singles with two dogs
                            in tandem, send backs to a remote line (100-150 yards), Daisy & Gunny went
                            first with Kooly & Taffey running second (Taffey only ran two singles)
                                  note: afterwards went directly to the Square Pond for more weed work,
                                           two tanks later the south shore was finished plus the east & west
                                  a good start on the north side
                                  note: mowed back yard plus the airing yard (finished at about 10 am) 
                July 24 dogs' day off - did more weeds at the Square Pond, finished over half of
                            the north side, very cool morning for late July & mostly in the shade
                    July 25 trained at sunrise in the Mud Volley Ball area of Kelly Meyer DTA, pits were
                            roto-tilled which made for interesting marking factors (no mud yet)
                                  note: temperatures in the upper 50's and dew on the grass
                            Daisy & Gunny ran six, remote line singles in tandem with "send backs"
                            Kooly & Taffey ran in tandem with Taffey only running the first two singles
                                  note: left for Bloomington, Illinois  around 6:30 pm to pickup my new
                                           Four Rivers Migrator marsh boat (home after 7.5 hours)....the
                                           owner, Tom Boehmer, was on a trip from Missouri to Ohio for a
                                           boat show (with a full load), he went out of his way to make the
                                           delivery of my "package".....Thanks!!!...Tom
                                  note: after spending several months looking at alternatives, I always
                                           seemed to come to the Four Rivers boat, after seeing mine "in
                                           person" it was absolutely the correct decision
                                  note: photo is the "new" boat loaded in/on my "tender mud" rig in the
                                           best "down the road" position upon "resting" pads on the front
                                           extended deck and the split, stern bench seats (streamline and
                                           very secure)
                                             11' Four Rivers "Migrator" (many more photos to follow)

 (left click on thumbnails)
  tentative "tender" position

                 July 26 dog's day off - thunderstorms
                                  note: shoulder injury May on 23rd is just now feeling close to normal,
                                           daily and often painful rehab exercises in the pool have made a
                                           huge difference...however, still can't give a full left angle back

                 July 27 trained late afternoon - extremely cool for July, did six "Ya-Ha" singles at
                             Kelly Meyer DTA with Gunny & Daisy running remote send backs in tandem,
                             Kooly & Taffey went second with Taffey only doing the first three
note: (link to "Ya-Ha" Singles examples
                                  note: drove to check Riverside Park DTA (Rock River flood plain) and
                                           the shoulder high grass has finally been mowed, this area is now
                                           almost twice as big as last year
                 July 28 dogs' day off - at noon the temperature is a cool, cloudy
61F - for the next
                             ten days the highest forecast temperature is
83F......???? August????
                 July 29 another great day - trained at the Riverside Park DTA  (recently mowed)
                             set up a remote line double with a poison bird and two cold blinds using
                             stickmen in the field and training alone (returned to the line to run dog),
                             3" black & white flagged Avery Flashers for the marks & orange bumpers
                             for the blinds, used duck call in the field, walked dog to the first gunning
                             station and sent back to the line, threw "memory", walked to second station
                             and threw the "go bird, returned to the line for waiting/steady dog and
                             switched heeling sides to run poison bird blind, picked up go bird and
                             memory, then ran the "inline" cold blind first, finished with the long blind
                             "up the middle" 
                                  note: Daisy, Gunny and Kooly went in that order without any issues and
                                           actually did quite well since we haven't done anything close to
                                           being this complex for quite some time
                                  note: Taffey ran only the single mark & "poison bird" combination
                                  note: all four were responsive and worked efficiently, good session!
                                                                                       (left click on thumbnail)
                                                            "double with poison bird plus two cold blinds"

July 30 dogs' day off
                 July 31 trained at the Riverside Park DTA in the afternoon - cloudy, slight breeze
                             and 7
3 (strangely pleasant summer weather), setup four, easy gradient
                             cold blinds for Daisy, Kooly and Gunny.......Taffey ran the first two and
                             helped pickup the blinds stakes afterwards
                                  note: no issues & very few whistles
                                  note: reinjured left shoulder......this sets back trap shooting at least
                                           two more weeks
                                                                                        (left click on thumbnail)
                                                                                               "the blinds"


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