Maintenance Mode Archives (May '13 - August '14)
  Sept 1 day off
Sept 2 trained at The Square Pond DTA -
Kooly & Daisy ran seven singles
              note: day off for
Sept 3 trained at The Square Pond DTA - repeated yesterday's condition singles
              note: ran in the opposite direction
Taffey ran four fun bumpers with a Dokken in the front yard, did
                       not ride with other dogs to train, she had trouble picking up the
                       Dokken as if her jaws just weren't strong enough, use small
                       white bumpers from now on
Sept 4 day off
Sept 5 trip to duck camp - left late and arrived at 1:30 am the next morning,
           unloaded & slept until 5 am, went scouting for teal all over  saw ZERO
           and decided to go home (for more details check the following link)
                                           Pounce's Sept Journal (link)
Sept 6-7 two days off
Sept 8 trained 1st at the Roscoe Retention Pond
Daisy & Kooly ran individually
           on a water setup - two singles and three cold blinds 
                            (right click on thumbnail)
             Then we moved to the Riverside Park DTA and did six two dog, remote
             line walking singles (to dry off and for conditioning)
Taffey did six fun bumpers in the front yard which avoided
                               loading and traveling in the van
Sept 9  day off for
Daisy & Kooly with four more easy yard retrieves for Taffey

Sept 10-11 went to duck camp in the afternoon after a massive front moved
            through and dropped a lot of rain,  gambled that the weather change
            would bring in some teal from the north....it didn't,,,,,scouted a lot north
            and south, setup for awhile in one spot and never saw a single teal,
            Thursday morning was cold and then it got windy, boating back from
            downriver into a 25 mph wind in 40's was NOT FUN. got back to the warm
            trailer and moved it to the regular hunting position (lengthwise to the
            shoreline) so more duck hunters can put their trailers in and decided "I'm
            not hanging around in hopes that some teal show up tomorrow."
                      note: maybe one last "go" for teal next week
Sept 12 day off - cloudy, cool with sprinkles, all are "sawing wood" this afternoon
Taffey (14), Kooly (11) and Daisy (9) are now converted to
                               Eagle Pack Reduce fat which replaced the Senior formula
Sept 13-15 older dogs just "hung out" and did nothing...no one complained
Sept 16 "stretched legs and blew out cob webs" at Riverside Park DTA 
Taffey did three fun bumpers with Kooly and Daisy running
                               three walking singles  ("two dog, leap frog" mode)
Sept 17-18 took two days off from training - lots of other "stuff" to do
                      note: Pounce did train
Sept 19 trained at Roscoe Retention Pond 1st with a long shore blind
Kooly split a raft of about 150 geese and did the blind,
Daisy got "hung up short" with all the geese on the
                              left and the shore to her right, I ended up walking the shore
                              and "reviewing" swim-by
                     note: the expose top of a waste barrel in the water seemed to be
                              more of a problem with Daisy because it was the only thing
                              there for her, Kooly probably never noticed it because there
                              were many geese on both sides of him
            drove the short trip to Roscoe Riverside Park DTA and ran six cold blinds
            alternating left and right sided handling,
Kooly was good and Daisy was
            a bit "pouty" at first....but snapped out of it
         (right click on thumbnail)  
                      "geese before"  
     "Daisy's look"
      "land blinds"

Sept 20-1 two days off
Sept 22 trained at Riverside Park DTA - late afternoon 
Kooly and Daisy ran two
             Y-drills using a Dokken - first 125 yards and the second at 75 yards
                     note: Kooly is a naturally gifted marker and he did well, Daisy needs
                              regular maintenance and did not do so well, her genetics are
                              programmed to mark by "I will get out there and move really
                              fast all over in this really big are and sniff it out or stumble
                              over it."  With regular maintenance the "I will get out there"
                              becomes more accurate. While Kooly is "I see where it fell and
                              it is on this line. I will go just the right distance, slow down a
                              bit and it will be right there. If it isn't, I have a backup plan
                              which is simply a tight search pattern."
          (right click on thumbnail)  

Sept 23 day off
Sept 24 trained at Riverside Park DTA - different area with
Kooly and Daisy doing
             a set of two Y-drills - the first at 125 yards and the second at 75 yards
Daisy improved compared to Sept 22- better background and
                              more light,
Kooly was good (as usual)
Pounce was in the van - watching
Sept 25-28 four days off - too many other things to do
Sept 29 trained at Rockton Road DTA - heavy cover (calf high) Daisy & Kooly ran
             two Y-Drills with both in the field with a remote line - did first set with
             Kooly running first and Daisy at heel with the "bird-boy" (me) then Daisy
             ran the same "setup" moved and repeated the second set
                     note: both did well and Pounce watch from behind the line from
                              the van
                     note; quick, solid workout and back to the cooler house to relax
Sept 30 day off
Oct 2-4 duck camp - weather issues including high winds - worked on re-rigging
            decoys, rearranging the duck camp trailer and making adjustment to
            Pounce's needs in terms of when to feed and air so as to work around
            not being there to 'air" her when hunting - switching to twice a day
            feeding  note: she can "make it" for 6 hours if the new plan is in place
               season waterfowl dates for Iowa & Illinois (North Zone)
Iowa    -  early duck Oct. 4-18 plus regular Oct 25-Dec 7
Illinois -  duck Oct 18 - Dec16

important dates:

Oct 1 heart worm & tick meds Daisy & Taffey - Frontline Plus & HeartGard Plus
                   note: Kooly new Preventic collar 
                       updated 10/05/14