The Kwick Journal will take on a new atmosphere dealing with age issues, keeping
                                dogs in shape, duck/goose hunting, our 50+ year marriage and most of all raising a
                                  beautiful little child with special needs. With respect to the dogs it must become
                                                                        simply "Maintenance Mode".
                                May 20, 2013 Kwick Journal entry - Today marks the beginning of a new phase - all
                                four dogs are now officially retired from hunt tests. Training will be pointed toward
                                 maintenance of skills with the emphasis on being ready for fall waterfowl seasons.
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                         Nov 27-29 the routine of therapy twice a day is going well - "no gain"
                                     has to be measured carefully....need to avoid thinking about the months it
                                     is going to take......having never had any lengthy health issue before, it has
                                     taken awhile to recognize the time factor element....adjusting and accepting
                                     has finally taken choice.

                                     It's good to be retired and have a loving wife that takes this all in stride. The
                                     only positive about this inconvenience is it's during the winter.....not much
                                     going on anyway.

                          Nov 30 up early (6 am), did shoulder therapy exercises sans pain pills, never thought
                                      taking a shower & getting dressed would be a half hour of aerobic exercises,
                                      new post surgery 1st, I can now scratch my nose with the left hand.
                                      won't be "stepping over" Lylah's security gates anymore, hooked foot and
                                      fell on left knee and right elbow right in front of my wife, scared both of us,
                                      left shoulder protected by instinctive effort to roll away from "crash", in a
                                      few hours the "stingers" were's going to be a long winter

                           Dec 1-2 Ground Hog Daze
note: all four dogs had their Heartgard Plus pill
Dec 3  two weeks after surgery & after one week of therapy = range of motion is on
                                      target, very little to absolutely no muscle initiated torque on shoulder allowed,
                                      basically preventing formation of adhesions, allowing for healing of "altered"
                                      components, maintaining/strengthening nerve/muscle/brain impulses and it is
                                      a very slow process = months.....the "ice machine" goes on for at least 30
                                      minutes after each session, no driving, must sleep in the recliner and wearing
                                      the stabilization sling almost 24/7 (not during therapy/showering), this is quickly
                                      becoming a real "drag".....can't begin to fathom more extensive injuries from
                                      auto or other types of accidents......which means I should not be complaining,
                                      the four dogs have not demonstrated any issues with their lack of activity....not
                                      sure what the long range effect on them will be........except conditioning
                           Dec 4  fog, light rain, dreary day.........right after the Bears, Illinois basketball team,
                                      Blackhawks and Bulls all got beat........Wow! things are on a roll
   the finishing touch to this eventful day was catching stomach flu Lylah brought
                                      home from school

 Dec 5-6 cabin fever is starting to set in....but at least the Bulls beat the Heat last night
                           Dec 7 finally found out why the Website was taking so long to "process" a file when
                                     editing - one of the photos was not stored properly and took a long time to work
                                     back to the home computer files (I think), once stored in the Web file = no more
                           Dec 8 snow
                           Dec 9 snow plow contractor did his thing (not being able to use the snow blower or even
                                     shovel after doing all the removal myself for many years feels weird - but not all
                                     that expensive)
      note: three full weeks since shoulder surgery - typing with both hands on the
                                                     key board and have been off pain meds for over a week, daily therapy
                                                     not all that bad, but wearing the immobilization sling and sleeping in
                                                     a recliner is getting old = progress is good 
                                            note: excellent finish.....Lylah's 4th birthday and Bears win easy
                           Dec 10-16 this winter is becoming a "pain in the behind", can't get out, shoulder surgery
                                     therapy....and a slowly developing problem finally diagnosed as staph infections,
                                     probably due to age and type II diabetes.....Doc is on top of it.....but, I'd rather be
                                     doing something else...then again it is winter and there is nothing else to do but
                                     deal with it, Monday the shoulder doctor may tell me if I can start driving again,
                                     not sure about that though, it has been so cold the van door locks are frozen solid
                                            note: the bulky stabilization sling is gone....... need to wear a basic sling for
                                                     the next two weeks (in more difficult situations like walking outside in
                                                     the snow/ice), with the sling only aspect it can be placed over a winter
                                                     coat which is a great much warmer when picking up the air yard,
                                                     mobility/strength progress is excellent and the best news is my
                                                     driving ban is lifted
                           Dec 17-18 beginning to get the swimming pool up to speed, heating and balancing
                                     chemicals is a fairly easy process while taking the cover off and on may need
                                     some creative thinking (left arm not ready for any pulling, lifting or turning of the
                                     pool cover crank handle)
                                             note: all four dogs' nails need trimming which requires two healthy arms
                           Dec 19-20 two new exercises - upping the ante on flexibility with little work using two
                                     new approaches - one with a pulley system (had "stuff" at home to construct it
                                     it instead of buying one) and a cane....stretching muscles (not building yet) and
                                     allowing shoulder ligament attachments to solidify and shape, pain is a sign of
                                     how far to extend and//or stretch.....noticeable improvements every day and "no
                                     pain no gain" is the therapy mantra
                                             note: icy weather issues today with large amounts of snow tomorrow
                           Dec 21 snow starting later the afternoon with very large amounts predicted, however
                                      present radar suggests the majority will be south of us 
                                             note: got to thinking about the four KwickLabs ages after noticing Daisy
                                                      has what appears to be a small fatty tumor on top of her head, in June
                                                      Taffey will be 14, Kooly 10
, Daisy 9 and Gunny  7...."Time flies!" 
                                                      (puppy late spring of 2015 ?)
                           Dec 22 heavy snow day
                           Dec 23 at 5 pm it is 1 F and feels like
-12 F with about 8" of snow - contractor plowed
                                       driveway out yesterday (not ready to shovel, let alone use the snow blower)
                                              note: therapy exercises becoming more complex and pain is really not
                                                       much of an issue (unless I push it too much)....not wearing sling
                                                       anymore and sleeping in bed (not recliner), can drive, but with snow
                                                       and ice my wife is more than willing to taxi me around
                           Dec 24-31 - weather is consistent = cold, snow with the snow removal contractor billing
                                       at four times - expecting more late today, shoulder issues required modifying
                                       therapy sessions = too much led to soreness a couple of days off not sure if it is
                                       old age or doing too much (probably a little of both) last session of 2013 at the
                                       therapist's today, went driving by myself for the first time since a week before
                                       Thanksgiving (no issues except closing the driver's side door) 
                           Jan 1 heaviest snowfall of the year 7+ inches with more on the way
                                              note: shoulder therapy up until yesterday was almost all waiting on healing
                                                       and stretching, isometric (resistance) has begun with pain the main
                                                       limiting factor.....not all that big of a deal since progress according
                                                       to my therapist is excellent,
twice a week therapy sessions are to
                                                       last about last 12-14 weeks during that time daily exercise routines
                                                       are twice a day......after the therapist is finished it will take several
                                                       months of regular exercise at home to finish....then again I may not
                                                       stop exercising to keep in good shape
                                              note: the engrained habit of picking up the dogs' airing yard immediately
                                                       makes keeping any build up from happening, winter snows make
                                                       now! the only choice no matter how bad the conditions may be
                                              note: weather forecast for the next couple of weeks is not good
                                              note: note: all four dogs had their Heartgard Plus pill
                            Jan 5 aired dogs at 1:30 am with about 9" of snow in the airing yard. it's 19F with a
                                      wind chill of 5F, picking up using a small spot light was fairly quick and easy,
                                      not too sure about Sunday night....wind chill is supposed to be
- 45F  
 Jan 6 Monday = no school for Lylah - ridiculously low wind chills
                                             note: at 10:30 am it is
- 17F with a wind chill of - 43F  
  note: at 5 pm it is - 11F with a wind chill of -33F
                            Jan 7 the plan is to avoid doing much outside - school cancelled again
                                             note: at 10 am it is -8F with a wind chill of -25F
                            Jan 9 at 12:15 am the temperature is -8F with no wind, forecast high of +21F
                                             note: big change in the weather - milder "temps" for at least 10 days
                            Jan 10-13 winter is moving along.....slowly.....snow, ice and cold persist = normal 
                                             note: eight weeks since shoulder surgery, in one way winter is OK
                                             note: bought Taffey a thick foam dog bed for her create, she loves it
                                             note: gave the thin one Taffey had been using to Kooly
                                             note: Taffey will be 14 in June and Kooly is 10.....time flies
  Jan 14-20 more snow and it's cold....however, in less than two weeks it will be
                                       February = short month and headed toward spring
                                             note: last few days have been the "two steps back" part of the "three
                                                      steps" forward with regards to the shoulder therapy process
                                             note: last night Gunny suddenly went into a "nasty" protective mode
                                                      when I removed his food dish after feeding time, lasted about
                                                      two seconds.....let him wind down, removed the empty bowl,
                                                      put him on a short lead and did a loooong OB
                                                      indication of remembering what he did.....and this will always be
                                                      a potential "thing"'s been a couple of years since he last
                                                      exhibited that "issue".....the lack of work this winter hasn't helped
                             Jan 21 disaster struck this morning - after working on the index to this Website, it
                                        was lost after making an inadvertent editing error....big DUH!, it may take
                                        a few days to "shake out the cobwebs", a backup is not easily accessed  ,
                                        all files are stored with a two month old backup available, getting a "day
                                        old" back will save a lot of work........the only good thing is we are buried
                                        in a miserable stretch of January winter - not much else to do
                             Jan 22-3 very cold, snow and the lost Website is back up, good thing GoDaddy
                                        found a way to "find" the main page (index) and it wasn't free
                           Jan 24-5 no change in the weather - deep snow, cold, windy - What 's new?
                                             note: aired dogs around 2 am, Kooly & Gunny were limping around
                                                      after two minutes in the cold snow.....they finished up FAST!
                                                      Taffey has large feet with much hair - didn't phase her at all
                             Jan 26-8 this morning will be
-19F with a wind chill of -37F, school cancelled
                                             note: at 11:30 am it has warmed up....
-4F with a wind chill of -19F
                                             note: weather forecast lows for the next ten days are single digit, so
                                                      much for global warming
                             Jan 9-31 not much new
                                             note: all four dogs had their Heartgard Plus pill
                             Feb 1-5 same weather (lousy) ordered a couple of Avery Ultra Low Dog Hides
                                         after finding out they were discontinued, two bags of Eagle Pack Power
                                         and one of Senior due up for delivery, switched to Heartgard Plus this
                                         month, ordered more Fish Oil and Glucosamine MSM Complex tablets
                                             note: dog nails up to date on Dremel "work" 
                             Feb 6 cold and windy = 0F and
-16F wind chill at 11 am Thursday
                             Feb 7-9 snow depth is presently 16", at 1 pm Sunday it's 16F with a 3F wind
                                         chill....forecast reveals a couple of days with highs in the 30' ten days
                                             note: with all the snow on the ground in the upper midwest coupled
                                                      with a late thaw, the Mississippi River may have serious flood
                                                      issues, move stored duck trailer to even higher ground ??
                                             note: latest regular shipping of dog food arrived from Amazon, less
                                                      expensive and free shipping.......which means delivered
                                             note: finally discovered that my shoulder surgeon & physical therapists
                                                      were not on the same page.....too much....too soon
                              Feb 10-14 February is "hanging tough"
-2F tonight - 2 more weeks until March
                                             note: spent the last few months updating the Website (not much else)
                                             note: finished up rough draft on income tax (no surprises - someone
                                                      else will be spending "my money")
                              Feb 15-19 yesterday marked the first day of any thawing - much more to go and it
                                           won't be much longer before we enter "mud season"
                                             note: the last couple of weeks a new Website page was designed. going
                                                      back and looking through old "journals" and pulling photos from
                                                      storage devices, many were "recalled" and sorted with several
                                                      re-edited, the new photo album page makes viewing and being
                                                      able to reminisce "cool"  KwickLab's "good stuff" photos (link)   
                                             note: next 2 days = 38F sunny and next rain with 43F.......this brief
                                                      interlude of "mild" weather will be followed by eight more days of
                                                      freezing, cold winter with highs mostly in the teens & single digit
                                                      lows....March will come in as a "lion"
Feb 20-23 nothing new - forecast lows below zero March 3,4
                                             note: decreased therapy sessions to once a week, results seem to be
                                                      much better.......still a long way to go....changing an overhead
                                                      light bulb is impossible
                                             note: while working on the photo page (see link above), several photos
                                                      edited using the same program were re-edited, fortunately many
                                                      of the older, stored photos were retained in larger files in an
                                                      external device which allows for later editing, the two photos
                                                      below demonstrate that editing skills improve with practice, ("old
                                                      and new" from the same, small KB file), the regular "struggle"
                                                      with "Do I need higher quality lenses (more expensive) to obtain
                                                      better quality photos for this Website (or not) continues." 

(left click on thumbnail)
                                                               "before" - 2008
         "after" - 2014
                              Feb 24 - March 2 well, it "came in like a lion" and there has been no let up. more
                                          snow last night
(almost five inches) with bitter cold tonight.......March 2nd
                                          (tonight) the low will be -
14F with the extended forecast over the next 10
                                          days providing only 2 days with slightly above 32F
                                             note: all four dogs had their Heartgard Plus pill - March 2nd
                        updated 05/21/14