The Kwick Journal will take on a new atmosphere dealing with age issues, keeping
                                dogs in shape, duck/goose hunting, our 50+ year marriage and most of all raising a
                                  beautiful little child with special needs. With respect to the dogs it must become
                                                                        simply "Maintenance Mode".
                                 May 20, 2013 Kwick Journal entry - This is the beginning of a new phase. Training
                                   will be pointed toward maintenance of skills with the emphasis on being ready
                                                                        for fall waterfowl seasons.
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                                        June 1 - morning....trained at Riverside Park DTA Kooly & Daisy ran the 2nd
                                                      phase of training alone doubles (refer back to May 15th setup diagram
                                                      Taffey ran four fun bumpers from the line (see YouTube videos below) 
             (left click on thumbnail)  
                                                                Daisy's Double Routine (Setup #2) YouTube (link)
refer back to journal page bookmark Link)
                                                               Kooly's Double Routine (Setutp #2)  YouTube (link)
                                                                 Taffey & I ..."Too Old ... Almost" YouTube (link)
                                                                              Taffey's ramp YouTube (link)                                                                    
                                           June 3,4,5 CCW classes with range qualification Saturday
                                           June 4 - mailed in deposit on female pup - whelping due this week

FC AFC KPR's Wet Willie x Grizzly's Scooter Magee MH   

                                                                                        Pedigree (link)
      June 5 mowed lawn....again! - can hardly keep up  
June 6 beautiful morning - Kooly and Daisy ran 7walking singles in tandem
                                                      and afterwards Taffey ran 4 short fun bumpers from the line
                                                          note: as we were training (Riverside Park DTA) an ultra-light was
                                                                   flying just off to the west, finally....he "slid" into a glide and
                                                                   floated down to a rather risky, running landing and stopped
                                                                   about 150 yards away, walked past us to his hatch-back and
                                                                   drove around the access road to a closer parking spot to
                                                                   load up (very cool!)
                                                          note: keep a closer watch on Kooly.....peeing more frequently,
                                                                   just started him on Glucosamine and MSM complex ???
                                                          note: whelping today - so far three females and four males
                                           June 7 Qualification test for CCW - passed easily, mowed back yard,

                                                                                     summer to do list
                                                regularly scout pool 13 on the Mississippi River for changes during
                                                          summer fishing trips (especially for new sand bars)
                                                both boats are already dialed there is little to do there
                                                keep Daisy and Kooly in shape
                                                make sure the new pup is "camp ready"...not for hunting
                                                maintain the duck camp trailer
                                                practice sculling (this summer)
                                                find three new shoreline "spots" to build temporary willow blind frames
                                                finish shoulder therapy (surgery last fall)

                                           June 8 trained at Riverside Park - Daisy & Kooly ran five long singles with the
                                                "send back" tandem routine, first two were a "Mama-Papa", #3 single
                                                was a longer inline with mark #2 with #4 and #5 off to their left, both did
                                                very well with one excerption - Daisy backsided mark #3
                                                         note: Taffey got three fun bumpers (not very "peppy" today)
                                                         note: overcast, cool and a good breeze (10-15 mph out of the NE)
                        (left click on thumbnail)  
                                five singles
      "looking east" 


                                                    back crate


        middle two crates


                                                                   note: received photos of new pup's litter

                                                                           Wow! ten siblings (five & five)

female pup    Kwick Stand Back Stevie Nicks    call name "Stevie"
                                           June 9 day off - rain
                                           June 10 evening Daisy & Kooly ran four cold blinds 175 - 225 yard (light
                                                        cover, stiff cross breeze...brief break), then three short singles 
                                                               note: decided not to start a tomato garden this year