In May of 2013 the Kwick Journal was modified to deal more effectively with age issues, keeping dogs in shape, duck/goose hunting, our 50+ year marriage and most of all raising a beautiful little child with special needs. With respect to the dogs it must become simply "Maintenance Mode".

This was the beginning of a new phase. Training focused on maintenance of skills and conditioning. The top priority was being ready for the fall waterfowl seasons.

                    note: A new pup in July will slightly alter this approach.  
                     Maintenance Mode Archives (May '13 - June '14)  
  July 1 trained at Roscoe Retention Pond....Riverside Park DTA closed (flooding)
                 note: water very high in pond/lake = "new" training area
                 note: three YouTube videos
Frontline Plus for Daisy & Taffey, one more month on Kooly's
collar, HeartGuard Plus for all three
                   Daisy & Kooly Water Work/Exercise YouTube (link)

                       Taffey Doing "Geriatric" Water YouTube (link)

                                     Taffey's Ramp II YouTube (link)
  July 2-3 days off = mowed lawn, sprayed weeds and did pool maintenance            
July 4 trained at Roscoe Retention Pond DTA & Kelly Meyer DTA
Daisy & Kooly did some land and water exercise, Taffey helped
                      pick up the water equipment at the retention pond
Kooly's skin issues are beginning to flare-up - time to begin
                      low dose "pred" treatment
             note: normally, there is little to no water in this section of the park
                      and knee boots were necessary for access = fun morning!
                      (deep lunging and swimming possible) 
             note: in the two photos of water retrieving,
Daisy & Kooly ran in tandem,
                      this means when one was retrieving from the line, the previous
                      dog was returning to the line on another side route ("in tandem")
             note: on the second set of water singles, the "bird boy/handler (me)" is
                      standing and moving through 18" of water to establish each
                      station, throw marks, accept delivery ("out there") and send back
                      a retriever to the line = very much fun while being efficient and
                      effective, dogs must be focused, responsive and under control
             note: in the first set of water singles, the gunner is totally out of sight
                      behind a tall stand of willows, the dog hears a duck call and sees
                      the high arc of each throw land out in the water, must retrieve and
                      force his way through the stand of willows to deliver and then take
                      a path around behind the willows back to the line (first time back
                      to the line I can see and direct the dog, the last two, I can't see line 
                      but the dog now knows where it is at)
Kooly & Daisy are totally
                      at ease with this approach = did well & had fun
       (left click on thumbnail)  
              Kelly Meyer DTA
        Roscoe DTA
      Retention Pond
     "second set"

                                     updated: The Puppy Plan (link)

Hillmann Archives 2014/07 (link)

July 5 day off for all
July 6 trained at Kelly Meyer DTA (north area)
Daisy & Kooly ran eight "Ya-Ha"
          singles in calf high clover,
Taffey ran seven short marks with the falls out
          in an old baseball diamond (easy to see) is the best she has run
          all spring (more pep and hung in there)
                  note: five buckets of black dirt "retrieved" to fill holes in front yard
                           made during tree removal a few weeks ago
                  note: shoulder therapy is way ahead of schedule
Kooly is almost converted over to Eagle Pack Senior
July 7day off from training
                  note: river at Fulton at 18.4 feet, water still across camp road/path,
                           plan to move trailer back late this week - maybe
        (left click on thumbnail)  
         "flood levels"
this photo was taken a few
days before "moving day" (June 30th)


        "after breakfast"
weeks old)

July 8 training put off until tomorrow
Kooly's skin allergy med/relief started this evening - "Pred"

                                                newest puppy photo

July 9 trained at Roscoe Retention Pond DTA - Daisy & Kooly ran six water
          singles with the last two an inline, lunging water set (
Kooly had an
          extended hunt &
Daisy nailed it (usually it is just the opposite), Taffey
          got in some water exercise with six swims
                 note: on the way home we stopped at the Kelly Meyer DTA, ran all
                          three dogs on some short, honoring walking singles - mostly
                          to dry off                
                 note: went home, stopped to pickup equipment and "whacked"
                          more shoreline weeds at Thorson Pond          
                 note: retrieved puppy crate from shed - cleaned
         (left click on thumbnail)  
     Daisy & Kooly
   South Side 6/30
    (before photo)

July 10 drove to Mississippi River duck/fish camp and moved trailer back to
            summer shoreline spot (flood waters have dropped)
Daisy & Kooly
            went for the ride and
Taffey stayed home 
July 11 day off from training

      puppy newest name   Kwicklab's Fountain of Youth      call name "Pounce"

July 12 mowed back, part of front yard plus the airing yard...dogs' day off
July 13 trained at the Square Pond "Grassy" Area -
Daisy & Kooly did a basic
            Walking Baseball - worked on right/left angle backs and conditioning,
Taffey ran a "fan" of eight fun bumpers from one line ("all in" afterwards)
                  note: unseasonably cool weather for July
July 14-18 Vacation Bible school - can't train in the morning...dusk & probably
            water may be the only alternative this week
July 14 trained in the late afternoon at Kelly Meyer DTA -
Daisy & Kooly ran 8
            "Ya-Ha" singles in tandem. field not mowed lately and the white clover
            is now almost calf-high (cool July weather has allowed it to remain
            soft and "lush") - great for making a dog mark well with no terrain to
            key off = demand for good lines......distances started at 75 yards & ended
            at 175 yards.....
Daisy again did a better job of marking than Kooly - wow,
            what a surprise!,
Taffey then came out & ran 8 short singles of 40-60 yards
            with the last 5 yards of each out onto a thinly grassed infield = didn't want
            any "hunts" for her (just exercise) 
                                           bookmark link to "Ya-Ha' singles
July 15 day off for the dogs 
                note: cool afternoon - whacked weeds at the Square Pond, did east
                         end and half the north side with about another two hours of
                         work left, massive ruts, holes & deep muskrat runs up into the
                         bank (northeast corner)
July 16 train - conditioning....long distance, short grass at Riverside Park DTA
Daisy & Kooly ran eight stand alone, send back singles in
                         tandem (into the wind, 75-150 yards) at the Riverside Park DTA,
                         very late afternoon, short grass & orange bumper, low humidity
                         and cool (70 F),
Taffey ran eight fun bumpers from the line
Taffey will begin a "one day break" between running short
                         singles for exercise, on her day off she'll help me pick up
                         the equipment used with the other two or stay at home
                note: new line on all four fishing reels
                note: topped deep cycle charge  for dog van's Endless Breeze fans
July 17 forecast high of July???? - day off
                note: today marks the beginning of a new focus - more time must be
                         "found", Lylah our autistic Granddaughter plus a new pup will
                         require making "adjustments", the easiest thing to create "more
                         time" will be to
no longer spend time on the Internet forums,       
                         simple and never have felt it was really necessary......more like
                         mental old brain needs to be active.....well now,
                         the "activity" will change - the best way is "cold turkey" 
                         rationale - less reading & zero forum posts "finds" time"
                         (starting Friday July 25th)

July 18 dogs' day off, worked on cleaning Migrator, measured trailer positioning
            of boat supports & winch and adjusted to fit
July 19 trained
Daisy & Kooly at the newly trimmed Square Pond, each was
            placed at their own line about 60 yards apart on the south side to run a
            set of eight water singles "in tandem", remote line releases & alternating
            "send-backs", the singles were started by throwing an 3" Avery Flasher
            along the west side of the pond which has been only partially trimmed,
            the south side is about 75% trimmed with a few "walls of weeds" along
            the shoreline,
Taffey had the day off
                  note: no issue with swimming back to line as the other was retrieving,
                           waited each time to provide a clear path with no visual
                           distraction from the other dog, eight singles with distances
                           varying from about 75 to 125 yards (both are sleeping well
                           this evening)
             (left click on thumbnail)  
                  Thorson Pond
      8 singles (in tandem)
"fall of each mark"

                                        "first four"
          "last four" 

                note: finished boat trailer "adjustments" & Migrator rides correctly (not
                         perfect, but it will do), trailer is well built and almost "overkill"   
                note: shoulder surgery rehabilitation continues at a steady pace with
                         flexibility and strength about 80%, still can't change an overhead
                         light bulb with my left arm without discomfort...pain is the limiting
                         factor....but that is happening less and less, a month ago I could
                         not start the gas Stihl weed whacker without pain - no longer is
                         an issue, the speed of rehabilitation has greatly increased since
                         starting water therapy....averaging six days a week and can now
                         swim laps....without pain....isometric exercises greatly increase
                         possibilities working on strength, flexibility, endurance & pain 
July 20 day off - left for Fish/Duck camp & took all three dogs,
Daisy went for the
            first boat trip and we fished/scouted the high water - wing dams too
            dangerous, tried a few usual spots and then settled for flats where
            current was sweeping by - caught one nice cat and went in,
            went on a scouting trip south to check on the American Lotus fields,
            late, high floods did them no favors. vast beds are now reduced to small
            areas meaning a lot of fall duck cover will not be there , wind picked
            up and the main channel provided a wet ride back, fed the dogs early
            so that late airing is before night sets in....bugs less of an issue
July 21 the power inverter was acting up, the "Frig" wasn't working regularly
            as the 12 volt battery was drained, cooling ceased about 3 am, later
            put everything into cooler with ice,
Taffey went for a boat ride early
            when it was cool and we managed two more "cats" along with the
            usual high number of "sheepsheads", loaded up and home by 1:30 pm
                 note: dogs are sleeping like they are exhausted
                 note: called RV repair for power inverter "fix"
July 22-23 two days off for all
July 24 drove to duck/fish camp to do a "repair" on the power inverter "issue",
            fixed quickly as the fuse (I didn't know was there) was replaced
Kooly & Daisy rode along and Taffey stayed behind to rest,
                         stopped at the Winnebago Co. DTA on the way back and threw
                         several short singles for
Kooly & Daisy
               note: leave at 3:30 am tomorrow morning    
July 25 Friday morning - picked up female pup after four hour drive to Indiana
                note: took two "scent" towels, small collar, lead & crate (plus smaller
                         spare), plastic bag (or two), paper towels, baby wipes & water 
Daisy & Kooly will be along for the ride....Taffey stayed home
                note: didn't need the Endless Breeze fans - cool day (for July)

                                    "Pounce" - New Pup Page (link)

July 26 passed on driving to Savanna, IL for the Potter's Marsh blind drawing
                note: not a good idea on pup's first full day home
                note: another day off for all the dogs
July 28 first was
Pounce's trip to the vet for her initial Wellness Package
Daisy & Kooly trained at the Square Pond "grassy" area and ran 4 easy
            singles, nice and cool for July
Pounce went for her "First Walk" near the Square Pond  
July 29 trained at Rockton Road DTA -
Daisy & Gunny ran a set of three cold
            blinds, the county just mowed the land and it was excellent, cool
            July morning with a nice breeze out of the North
                note: check Pounce's training page for daily updates
        (left click on thumbnail)  
     "three cold blinds"

July 30 day off for the older dogs & Ponce went for a"Walk"
July 3l  
Ponce went to the Roscoe Retention Pond for her first water exposure,
          Kooly. Daisy and Taffey trained at the Riverside Park DTA -
Taffey ran 3
          short fun bumpers & that's about all she was up to,
Daisy & Kooly ran the
"Two Dog Steady Drill" (without wearing an e-collar}, the focus is on
          responsiveness by being steady, obeying the control commands - sit,
          down,  fetch on name or fetch on name after coming to heel 1st, the
          "no retrieve" and remote-drop --- "in your face", high excitement
                 note: denial is the correction - both did very well  
                 note: about 6 weeks until hunting once a week
                          use dog "hides" every other week
                 note: starting next month trap range once a week