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 "Maintenance Mode" (older dogs' training)

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                                      Kwick Pivot Drill (link) (literal casting)

                                                      The "Mistake" Lesson (link)
 (proactive training)

                                                      Kwick Pivot Drill (link)
(literal casting)

         Balance Thoughts (link)
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The Curse (Or Not)
                           In The Moment (puppy perspectives)
The Dr Seuss Syndrome

Learning/Teaching in Drive
 Puppy "Placeboard" Imprinting
                                             Place Board Training Pictorial

               Training Alone Perspectives

                               A Five Factor Application
              Five Factor Training Analysis                 
                             Why I Force Fetch (satire)
                                             Marking Off  the Gun


       There She Goes.....Again!
                                             The Hunt Test Wise Dog

The Awakening"
                              Leaving & Getting There
Mouthing vs. Responsiveness
Remote Drop Process/Rationale
Change (link)

   Kwick Drills Diagrams
 Stickmen Training Setups
                              Stickmen Analysis
                              The Kwick Long Wait Drill

The Don't Move Drills
The Hide Steady Drill
 Steady Drill Session

"Three Handed" Casting
Remote Casting
Four Phase Drills (variations)
                                                Gunny's Definitive Casting Drills
                               Kwick Lining Drill
Kwicklabs Go Straight Drills
                               Pre/Post "Down the Shore" Drills

Iowa Opener 2012

Salute To Geese

2010 Waterfowl Opener-Story

            Gunny's Teal Hunt
                         Start of 2010 Hunting - Essay
 Mississippi River Teal Hunt
 Gunny's First Duck Hunt

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt
 "Kwick Four" Hunting Photos

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                              Kwick's Screen Savers
                             UltraLow Dog Hide Pictorial
       Celebration of Taffey

                             Hunting Seasons

                                             Diver Photos

                             Training Day-July28, 2010
                             Ribbons - Taffey, Kooly, Daisy, Gunny
(updated Sept, 2010)
                             Graham Seminar WISILL HRC
                             Alter Egos
Two Daisies To Remember
Daisy's Many Suits

                             KwickLabs Pointing Photos
Decoy Flocking Experiment

                                            Thousand Word Photos
                             Kwick Bumpers  May, 2004
                             Kwicklabs "Mini-my-Wingers"
                             Pinch/Prong Collar (YouTube)

                             The Choker Collar
                                  Kwick Good "Stuff"   
                                  Kwicklabs Visuals  

                             Progression of the Migrator
                    Custom Dog Ramp (bookmark)