HR Kwick Draw McGraw SH
                                De-flaring Sessions (with photos)
                           note: pictures are not in the final order of a dog's training sequence (under construction)
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           "no-no Drill"
          "full setup"
       "the return"
           "up close"
       "the return"
       "lining drill"
      (multiple slots)
        "no-no mound"
       "no-no mound"
  "2nd longer drill"
 "mound/slot drill"
    (two stickmen)
        "slot blind one"   
       "slot blind two"
   "slot blind three"
note: cold blinds
         "terrain flare"
   "angled exit/entries"
note: marks  
                                                                                  The Beginning
                 "jump components"
        "straight on"
    "1st step - here"
     (Daisy - demo)
                   " 2nd step - here"
                  (opposite direction)
       "Daisy's back"
      "the hurdle"
   (return from pile)
                    "Daisy digs fun!"
     (Gunny's lessons)
      "Gunny's back"
      (after teaching)

  "Gunny's routine"
    (diggn' the pile)
                       "the hurdle"
   "get out of the way"
     "Here's Gunny!"
      "the launch" 
    (another return) 
                      "Gunny's Up"
                      (last retrieve)
                     first day of drill
note: 1) the long pile
         location has been    
         2) the drill includes
         a single identifying 
         toss of a bumper to
         the long pile location
note: dog must be
         able to "handle"
      "no-no" drill
 (complex- two logs)
  past 1st & over 2nd
                   "identify the pile"
                    (Daisy's 1st time)
          "up the slot"
     "adding distance"
     "front of jump"
                     "beyond jump"
       "more distance"
       "full 164 yards"
note: first time dog will work
         this drill for 2-3 days
         after a "jump prep"        
note: using a previously
         established pattern
         blind, short grass
note: dog must "handle"
             "identify the pile"
                  (for Taffey) 

             "move back" 
            (next step)
  (experienced dog)
 "beyond the jump"

   "full 164 yards"


                         updated 01/27/14