Thorson Pond
                                                          HR Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper SH
 Mississippi River - Iowa Opener
(2nd split, day 2, 2009)
                                                                      HR Kwick Draw McGraw SH
 Mississippi River - Iowa Opener (2nd split, day 1, 2009
                                          MPR HRCH UH Kwick Taffey of Joemac's MH
Mississippi River - Illinois Early Teal Opener (2009)
                                                        Kwick Kooly Do It Allstar SH
                                                  Blonhaven Hunt Club Pheasant "Euro" Shoot - Wisconsin (2008)
                                                                    Gunny, Kooly, Taffey, Daisy
 Winnebago County Dog Training Area - "Taking Turns"

       "Daisy" (3 months old)
Sept, 2005
     GMPR MHR Rik's Risky Raider MH                               (Taffey's Sire)
  1st HRC training session
            (May 1997 - Sept 2007)
(5 weeks old)
(in the uplands)

(lining drill)

                                                      "Daisy" on point  (18 months)

                                                                 "Daisy" - winter goose 

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