Riverside Park Dog Training Area - April 11, 2014

                                                                         Training Journal (link)

                        April 11 - trained at the local park in a flood plain. Daisy, Kooly and Gunny are
                        out of shape and Taffey is aging  rapidly. A huge tree made for a quick exercise
                        session.  Using a stand alone setup and send-backs to the line, each dog got in
                        a few exciting and short retrieves. The camera was handy to snag a few photos.
                        After the first three ran, Taffey went out to help me pick-up the equipment. 

                        A "spur-of-the-decision" led to a set of pictures with Taffey doing a couple of
                        retrieves. Her eyesight and hearing are failing rapidly. In addition, getting in
                        and out of the van is difficult. However, adrenalin and old memories have a
                        way of overcoming poor "go" in a very old dog. The photos of her effort will
                        always be a pleasant memory....especially her quick and humorous solution. 

                                                                            (left click on thumbnails)
                 Daisy's three photos

four photos
             Gunny's three photos
                                                        Taffey's 1st retrieve - hop
 on top and then jump off
                                                 Taffey's 2nd retrieve - "duck under the tree" (forget the jump)
                                                          Kwick Slide Show (YouTube link)
                      updated 04/16/14