Welcome to KwickLabs II. The original website was created with FrontPage '02.
                     In the early part of 2011, web hosting dropped the use of FrontPage extensions.
                   This conflict turned into about a year long "lull" in updates. Meanwhile the idea of
                  a complete revamping of KwickLabs began to take shape. It was simpler to create 
                              this "secondary section, "KwickLabs II, to make up for the missing year.

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                            Taffey, Kooly, Daisy and Gunny are "KwickLabs". Their primary reason for
                             training is to attain skills which could be "measured" via hunt tests. With
                             experience, a titled dog deepens those skills while field hunting (waterfowl
                             and upland). The last few years, They have visited hunt tests less often. Our
                             focus has narrowed to ducks and geese. The 2011-12 goose season was a
                             huge success. Ducks on the Mississippi were "interesting". Our new rig is a
                             16' Phowler with a 27 hp ProDrive mud motor. "Big water" became easier.
                                                                         The "Kwick" Rig
                                                                ScoutingTrip (YouTube link)
                                                                 Thorson Pond  (north side)
                                                                  Thorson Pond  (southwest corner)
Kwick Taffey of JoeMac's MH
Kwick Kooly Do It Allstar
    HR Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper
Kwick Draw McGraw SH
                                                                                  updated 10/20/13