The New Addition (born 11/14/03)
January 3rd, seven weeks old yellow Lab "Kooly" will be picked up in Columbia, Tennessee
   from Allstar Labs.  Kooly is by NFC AFC Dewey's Drake of Moon Rivers - the top Open yellow
   Lab of 2002,4, qualified multiple years for the National AM and Open Retriever Field Trials,
   finalist in the 2004 National Amateur and winner of the 2004 National Open.  Kooly's dam is
   Maxine's Midnight Pursuit JH (Maxie) by 2XNAFC 2XCNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac out of
   Greenbriar's Tooter in Pursuit QAA. 
   Maxie became a JH in September of 2001 and littermates Landry's Mardi Gras Magic QAA,
   FC AFC CAFC Comstocks Bodacious on the 2001 derby list plus another sister
   Dixie Chick QAA
 FC AFC CAFC Comstocks Bodacious won a sanctioned Open Field Trial
   and ran 8 series in the 2003 & 10 series in the 2004 National Amateur Retriever Field Trials,
   7 series in the 2004 National Open which Drake won and the winner of the 2005 Canadian
   Open Field Trial
. Maxie has other littermates with derby points.

             Drake & Maxie info (link)                          Kooly's Tentative Timeline (link)
There are four reasons for Kooly becoming
a KwickLab.  To begin with, Taffey will not
be bred until next fall.  This would mean at
least two years before training another pup.
I'm 63 years old and cannot afford to wait.
Experience can be gained only by doing.
Secondly,  Dewey's Drake is high on my list
to be the sire of Taffey's pups.  What better
way is there to evaluate this choice? Next,
Kooly is not bred to be a PL.  This means all
training efforts can be focused solely on
retriever skills (without the concerns for any
upland pointing).  Lastly, Kooly's pedigree
displays a very strong genetic propensity to
succeed as a field trial dog.  Specifically,
Kooly and I will become an ambitious "white
coat" project. But what if he points?)
Dec. 31 Two more days until the trip to pick
up Kooly. Time seems to have slowed down
and we still have to wait another year
(actually a couple of days).

Jan. 3  Kooly leaves Tennessee as a young
KwickLab. The long drive back to northern
Illinois was eased by the familiar scent of his
mother and siblings (placed on a towel). He
was 50 days and the 1275 miles
round trip - went well!
   Jan. 5 total puppy checkup at the vet's - Kooly passed with flying colors 52 days and 11.4
             pounds, two walks a day and making great strides with the crate training, everybody
             loves him (He's a puppy!), zips up and down the carpeted stairs and hops over four
             by fours, scoots thru brush and wants to be with, has already started taunting the
             older dogs (when confronting them in their crates), Taffey has all of a sudden started
             yipping like a pup again, FIRST two retrieves today! narrow hallway with a paint
             roller, many pups will not start this early
                     note: his litter had lots of toys to play with - another socialization bonus!
   Jan. 6 bitter cold,  20 below zero wind chill tomorrow morning - yikes!
                   Retrospective: The night before we went to pick Kooly up, the breeder and his
              family visited with us. Kooly was brought out of the whelping box and left to roam
              the living room. Blake (the breeder's son) held him for awhile, and later he crawled
              over my legs as I sat on the floor. He played and visited everyone. Then he walked
              over to a small dog bed which had a ball, puppy bumper and another toy. Her curled
              up and played with the dummy, and then chased the ball as it rolled away. He was
              perfectly content to be alone for a bit without his siblings. Then he went back to
              visiting.  What a charmer! and what a wonderful example of super socialization. He
              was seven weeks old and acting as if he were weeks older. I felt very fortunate.
              Taffey was an exceptional pup and Kooly appears to be the same.  

                              For ongoing, detailed on the Tentative Timeline link above. 
                            "Kooly's Mallard"
 "Bucket Up"
                       "Goat Imprinting"
"Heaven Scent"
       Kooly is 4 months old & 33 pounds of
      rock attacking, non-stop action.
                      Kooly chukar pointing
              5 months old & 43 pounds
          Place Board Sit - Officially In Training
          six months old & 51 pounds   
          seven months old & 56 pounds

Kooly -  8 weeks & 13 lbs
3 months & 24 pounds  
   notice the "front end"  1/7/04
                        updated 12/28/12