Pounce's Busy Morning
  The van was loaded after deciding what gear was required. First up was a five minute drive to a "grassy area" in the Square Pond DTA. Pounce would be first doing a solid, review and practice session of two bumper, three handed casting. This was done at the apex of where the T crosses Pounce's single T area. That went well and Pounce was taking all the casts correctly. Actually, the two bumper approach is a lot of fun.

Next up was hand throwing (as far as I could) two concept doubles. It is short grass. Therefore, the memories were thrown beyond a rise in the terrain so they became essentially out of sight. She did fine with both and was looking for more. Therefore, we ran the back pile of her single-T twice from 80 yards (right side and left). "Fogged" those. We were done there.

In the photo below, from the matt to the facing tree line is her single T field. The 3HC and doubles were done in the open area between.
                                                                           single T area
Our trip to Roscoe Riverside Park did not take very long. The plan was to set up a two winger pod with stickmen and stretch Pounce's marking distance a bit (150 yards). Mostly it was to clarify what to look "out" for. Not too concerned about "go".......just where.
                                            3 stickmen & 2 mallard loaded wingers at 150 yds.

She has seen wingers before, but spotting them from afar and knowing what to look for or hear is very new. For Pounce, the issue is focus. The horizon is huge. "Where to look" is not clearly defined.....yet.

The first photo below represents what an inexperience pup sees at the line.......a wide, vast horizon. I knew where the wingers were. She really does not have that skill. I could not hear the beeper or duck call plus  noticed no cues from Pounce that she did either. The mallards both had short ribbons attached. Ducks have a way of speeding up learning.
                                       This is what the inexperienced pup sees from the line.
                                  An experienced retriever looks out and focuses on the "action". 

Pounce evidently spotted the duck in flight on the first "go" and I did not need to fire off the second winger "en route".  She lined it. This drill was about "seeing the picture" and focusing on the area of action. Therefore, Pounce was lined up and sent for the second duck.....repetition. Her intensity at the line was noticeably elevated. She knew where to focus, was motivated by the anticipation of another duck and nailed it.

Next session up was at the Roscoe Retention Pond DTA. Right away Pounce spotted five geese down on the shoreline. When near them, she chased the small flock into the water and continued her pursuit. I was not going to let her "go there" and finally whistled her off that idea. 

Moving up the shoreline and off to the east, we headed for what is left of an overflow pond. There is a small lunging water area where Pounce  likes to do a few exciting retrieves and get very muddy (not necessarily in that order).    

The next adventure was mostly done to clean the mud off Pounce. We went back to the big water and plunged in a few times (just her).

After getting "cleaned up", there is a great upland area to the south and Pounce ran a few singles in the heavy cover.  It was exciting. Actually, there is very little that doesn't turn Pounce on. She was able to warm up a bit and dry off.
                                                           Pounce took a long nap this afternoon.