Training journals are an effective technique for keeping track of progress. At first, the work may seem time consuming. The written work requires more contemplation and visualization enhances the process. In the long run, extra effort put into "viewing your work" will be extremely rewarding.  
   Kwick Training Tip - March  2004
Learning how to train dogs is a long-term process.  What you know and can apply at any one time is critical to the advancement of your dogs.  Dog training is somewhat like chess "it depends a great deal on how much you know.  But, what you know is really everything you've learned, minus all you've forgotten.........and the forgetting process is powerful." Rolf Wetzell
Therefore, it would seem a daily record enhances “remembering” and is a wise course of action.  It provides a reference with context.  This “paper trail” will provide quick recollection and inhibit the “forgetting process”.  You will know more because you have planned to forget less.
  The intent of this page is to demonstrate the use of photography and editing techniques to produce visual data. Photography can be time consuming and expensive. However, the needs of a journal can adequately be met by using entry level DSL equipment. I "topped out" with a Canon Rebel XTi. My only two lenses are a Canon 28-185mm and a wide angle Tamron 14-50mm. The camera
goes everywhere in a protective, waterproof Pelican case. Don't ask me why.

These two lenses are "inexpensive" by DSL standards. However, with two excellent editing programs and consistent practice, quality photos for my Website or online "demos" are fun to manufacture.

The two programs are a very old MS Paint & Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.

Each step is described starting with the original photo.
                note: all photos are presented in thumbnail mode (
a left click on
                         a thumbnail increases viewing size
                note: thumbnails are very much smaller files and do not "eat up"
                         as much memory making download access faster
                note: each photo has an embedded HTML code line that when
                         clicked "off" returns the viewer directly back to the photo
                         set (Website navigation must be designed to maintain viewer
             RAW photo -
huge file
          3888-2592 pixels 1.56 MB
           note: may not even download
       resized 571-398 pixels 54 KB
     added borders 61.8 KB
         edit - brightness, contrast,
     sharpness, fill flash, color, etc.
   MS Paint - locate & mark
     orange dots for blinds
    MS Paint - "draw" arcs & lines
  Corel  - words & numbers

The finished photo files are then "stored" in the KwickLabs Website. The links to each are easily accessed and can be downloaded to Internet posts or placed in up-to-date WEB journals and/or special page projects. A Word program file with photos can be designed as an "in house" journal  .

After thoughts:

Working on a Website requires time...
not that much when you get up to speed. I no longer work for a living which means I must find other things to do. It is a difficult job that I am more than willing to fill. Being retired suggest that I am getting old and the impending possibilities of not "thinking" quite as well will become an issue. Don't believe that nonsense.

Recent evidence supports a view that "If you don't use it... you loose it." This doesn't just apply to strength, coordination and "other stuff". Thinking actively  keeps a person up to speed. 

My wife always says, "I am not going." That sounds like a good plan. Recently,
I enlisted some help. Pounce (the banner puppy ) is "keeping me on my toes"
                       updated 09/28/14