"Do what a pup needs in the moment."
                                                                             ("traineth" rule #1)
                   The following photos represent puppies in the early "exposure" mode - exploring and having fun.

                                                                                                           (left click on thumbnails)


                                                                    "In The Moment" Links
    The Early Puppy
                                                                        "Windows of Opportunity"
Puppy  Bird  Imprinting
Puppy Water "Intro"
                                                                      The Seamless "Here" Puppy *
                                                                        Anti-Keep Away Approach
                                                                    Puppy "Placeboard" Imprinting

KwickLabs' Puppy Retrieves
                                                                          My "newest" Puppy Plan
                                                                     * a must read concept - "The Walk"

                       updated 05/13/14