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                                                       Gunny's Training Journal
 the second phase of FF started this evening
Jan 28 Gunny has been carrying a bumper to and from each airing outside for over a
            month, in his OB lessons he has done much with a bumper in his mouth = proofing
            hold is over
                    note: mild pinch, mouth opened and buck in = five times lesson over (good
                             start), about 3 minutes
     note: all the "turn off pressure" experiences in other areas have paid off
                             (pressure conditioning)
                    note: much warmer this morning, all dogs took an upland run with photos
                                                                                                     (left click on thumbnails)
            "On the Move"  
                                        "Wild Child"
            "Not Relaxed"
                                   "Eat White Snow"
           "Taffey & Gunny"
         "You are Yellow"

(Taffey is his Mom)
                  Jan 29 Gunny had to be restrained from lunging for the bumper before a pinch, he knew what
                             was coming and was anticipating it........which means he was trying to avoid the pinch
                                     note: slowed way down and was very deliberate about the sequence of presenting
                                              the bumper along with the pinch
                                     note: he doesn't need much of a pinch (less than Daisy or Taffey) 
                                     note: two short sessions today about 5 minutes each
                                     note: more anxiety today, bumper not held quite as tightly (much like a second day
                                              might be expected), tapping the ends of the bumper firmed grip up 
                  Jan 30 Gunny was more "amped" today, lunging really hard (even against restraint) while being
                             pinched, again slowed down to try and get a rhythm to the "on/off" switch routine
                                     note: he is a strong pup and bigger than my previous pups (older when starting FF),
                                              got a few spit outs right after taking the bumper, those were quickly corrected
                                     note: still having trouble NOT saying "no" or "good" = no sense in giving him any
                                              chance for miscommunication errors, at the moment he needs to just react
                                              properly to specific physical stimuli and one verbal command = the only
                                              reward is pressure ceases because the right thing is done, any "distractions"
                                              could be misinterpreted and several things are going on at the same time
                                     note: anticipation again was strong today, fewer pinches farther apart helped to
                                              reach some kind of a rhythm, about 8-10 minutes
                                     note: Gunny's attitude is very good, cheerful when finished but he does remember
                                              things. Today when we finished OB he went right over to where the FF gear
                                              was stored, he knew what was next. Tomorrow's lesson with be a lot more
                                              low key with fewer pinches = short and sweet (change of pace) in the morning
                                              because his OB class is tomorrow night 
                                     note: second session at around 11:30 pm was very short, slow paced and effective,
                                              about 5 minutes
                  Jan 31 FF session at 8:30 am, focused on quiet use of sit, fetch, sit, hold and drop with a pinch
                                     note: He will no longer lunge for the bumper every time he sees it. I can hold it out
                                              in front and he will wait for the pinch. He is now into the "on off" light switch
                                              mode. Restraint has him lunging with a longer pinch (not harder). Sit is now
                                              more readily taken because he is less anxious about what is going on. He is
                                              not pouting, trying to wheel away or turning his head to avoid my taking a
                                              hold of his ear. Basically, he wasn't throwing his weight around as much. He
                                              did spit the bumper out on one lunging fetch early on, but after that, the rest
                                              were solid. I threw in a few free ones, too. This was a good session, and he
                                              finished with a great attitude, about 7-8 minutes
                                     note: It didn't take a really hard pinch to get a yip out of him, trying to get just the
                                              right amount to convey the message, but he is not nearly as vocal as Daisy
                                              was (his full sister). This morning there were not many yips.
                             (evening) Gunny went to his OB class and was much more relaxed with the action,
                             heeling was better and down much better, the new lesson was working on the "stand"
                             command which for us was "whoa" = most everyone was struggling with this, but Gunny
                             was a natural as the "sling hold in place" technique was immediately effective
                                     note: "whoa" training for him is going to be very easy and it kind of shoots the
                                              theory that a dog taught to sit won't be very comfortable with "whoa"
                                     note: all the other dogs are so treat conscious they had a "special" exercise to
                                              teach leave it, a treat is put on the floor and it was difficult for most,
                                              Gunny was like......."What's that?"
                                     note: The most interesting part of the evening occurred when the instructor went
                                              around to each dog to do what is called a greeting exercise. This instructor
                                              has a couple of high powered OB dogs that have advanced AKC titles. He
                                              came toward Gunny and told me, "Please, sit/stay your dog." I replied we only
                                              use "sit". He got a little closer to me and quietly said, "That's a good idea. I
                                              wish I'd done that with my dogs." This evening was another good experience
                                              for both of us.      
                                     note: late night session was short - sit after pinch/fetch an issue, about 3-4 minutes
                   Feb  1 session at 2:00 pm, focus was on getting to respond quickly to sit after lunging forward
                              with restraint, spent time setting up each pinch/fetch and used stick corrections for sit,
                              a couple of lurches away from me tested my arm a bit, he did spit three out right after
                              grabbing them in his mouth and was quickly "reminded" with another pinch and a
                              slightly assisted bumper pick up from the floor, much better rhythm at the end & eased
                              off the pressure at the end with 6-7 quick pinch, fetch "light switch" results, each
                              session shows improvement, his attitude before and after is good, but he is not thrilled
                              with what goes on in between
                                      note: today's afternoon session went about 7- 8 minutes (longer than usual)
                                      note: I have transitioned over to the Kwick Bumper in preparation for "going to the
                                               floor" in the next week or so
                              (evening) the plan was for a short session late, tonight Gunny made the transition from
                              "this is something to do, I know what you want, kind of fun" to "this is work and I'm not
                              too thrilled with it any more" = got some spits after reaching and fetching, plus the
                              bumper became invisible when I lowered it
= important stage = now it becomes real FF         

note: this is the 5th day of FF pinch with 9 session, he is in the stage where I want
                                               to clarify the "light switch" effect with repetition (most of the extraneous
                                               behaviors with the exception of sitting are minor), as soon as it is "clean"
                                               we will transition to the floor, about 10 minutes

                                                                                    Force Fetch Gear
                       heeling stick (stick fetch), Kwick Bumper, timer, dumbbell, half-DB, buck, aluminum can, e-collar

                  Feb 2  (morning) worked on heeling and sitting with chaining the whistle on sit, he is doing this
                             quickly, finished up with a remote sit and three "here - whistle sits" on the return   

                             this was done to work on reinforcing the sit command during FF which he has not been
                             going all that well
                                     note: FF continued in the same mode as last night's phase - this has become work &
                                              not nearly as much fun, the session lasted about 8-10 minutes, some spit outs,
                                              refusals occurred and some pinches had to be transferred to the collar's plastic
                                              buckle, the "invisible" bumper was often present and Gunny was breathing
                                              harder when we finished, lowering the bumper was not what he wanted, but
                                              we did make some progress on the sit command - good session & important
                                    note: day 6 of pinching, just starting to move toward the floor, focusing on making
                                             controlled, uniform steps - verbalization is now going well using "fetch", "sit"
                                             "hold" and "drop" at the same quiet level, when he is struggling I work much
                                             slower, but when Gunny is "getting it"...the "light switch" effect can be rapid
                                    note: next session = try to get the proper height changes into a good rhythm, no
                                             rush to the floor
                                    note: need to switch to a thicker collar, the thin nylon is twisting too easily and got
                                             my fingers trapped a couple of times when he turned = the disadvantage of
                                             doing FF with a little older and bigger pup
                             (evening) started with some straight forward heeling, transitioned to a chained "whistle"
                             verbal "sit" and finished with a remote sit and three "here/whistle" sits (no verbal), Gunny
                             was quick and precise on each sit - excellent!
                                     note: FF was only about three minutes, good, slow rhythm from the start, kept
                                              bumper out of sight, then presented in slightly different positions so he would
                                              have to kind of look where it was at, using a pretty good restraint, he was
                                              diving at the bumper and sitting quickly afterwards, good firm grip with no
                                              head shaking and an excellent drop from a solid hold with a willing "here it is"
                                              attitude = this was good, probably "light switched" about 15 times with good,
                                              consistent "reps", finished with a bit of fun afterwards and ten minutes later
                                              he is sleeping like a log in his crate 
                                     note: "light switch" means....pinch (pressure on)...until bumper is in his mouth...and
                                              pinch released (pressure off) 
                                     note: three fingers under the collar with thumb and index finger outside & thumb
                                              inside left ear (left side heel), four fingers under the collar if using buckle &
                                              with Gunny I am mostly in the middle of his ear, but move slightly, last night
                                              used a little more "meatier" part of his ear on the refusals (no buckle tonight)
                                     note: 6th day of pinching and 11 sessions averaging about 6 minutes apiece
                  Feb  3 first session today was very similar to yesterday's....short 3 minute OB lesson followed by
                             a FF session of about 6 minutes, good rhythm, few spits, extended restraint and lowered
                             bumper to a little below the knee (I'm short), learned a few years ago that FF on cement
                             or quarry tile gives me a traction advantage, sit was much improved today and he is very
                             determined to turn off the pressure......still a hint of anticipation = more "freebies" today
                             with maybe twenty "reps" 
                                     note: began and finished with short OB lesson = ended with a remote sit followed by
                                              three "here"....."whistle sits" = solid & finished with a "walk away - return" off
                                              leash on a "down".......good job!
                             (evening) short session got near the floor pretty good, but "on the floor" he was not ready,
                             after a two attempts pressure increase wasn't effective and backed off to a few higher
                             position and quit = about 5 minutes
                  Feb  4 (morning) after a few solid ones half-way to the floor, I moved to a couple inches off the
                             floor - more pressure on the plastic buckle, loud yowling and a pick-up went good, sit
                             not nearly as fast, tried going up and down the ladder height-wise, but the floor is a
                             natural barrier this morning, it is not the height because even off the first step of the
                             staircase he wasn't ready, started to get a little "hot" myself so I backed off to higher
                             positions with some good reps and quit - about 10 minutes
  note: this was not the time to try & win a battle, many times a pup will not "get it"
                                              one day and have it click in the next, more pressure, more noise and worse
                                              sits could be avoidance or it more than likely is confusion, since this is the
                                              first time on the floor...he gets the "benefit of the doubt"
                                     note: (to self) persistence in the long haul wins over absolute insistence in the
                                              heat of every moment....and force fetch is more effective with persistent
                                              use of attrition
                             (evening) did basic OB lesson first, during this FF lesson work at changing positions up
                             and down with no "floors" at all, needed to get him looking AT the bumper, worked on
                             sit, consistent repetitions with a steady rhythm (set timer for ten minutes - an
                             audible reminder to keep it short) - 10 minutes
                  Feb 5 (morning) did some OB first, especially working on quick sits (used whistle chain), this
                             FF lesson was a continuation of last night's focus - making the bumper a target by
                             holding left, right, high and low, he now is looking for the bumper instead of just
                             impulsively lunging forward, also did some "light switch" repetitions very close in
                             rapid succession - many excellent responses this morning = consistent reps

note: sit corrections at first were with a heeling stick, as the lesson progressed
                                              I only had to show him the stick by turning sideways (in back, right pocket)
                                              and this got a quick sit, he is showing more responsiveness to what is going
                                              on and not nearly as vocal this morning
                                     note: Gunny continues to respond well to "thumb and index finger" pinches, I
                                              know they are very moderate because I've had no issues with a sore hand
                                              or any finger/thumb discomfort
                                     note: dang......he is strong, sure glad his "knowledge" of sit and heel are solid
                                     note: the bumper position change idea is proving to be more effective because he
                                              is "looking before fetching" which increases his focus, using quite a bit of
                                              restraint on most reps, this means a FEW "no pinch freebies" and "no holding
                                              backs" change of paces are mixed in, did a few where he did not have to
                                              move off the sit position
                                     note: timer was set for ten minutes, but we quit after 8 minutes - excellent session,
                                              this is more than enough time to do an effective lesson - he could do more,
                                              but this is attrition and long lessons don't fit into my steady, daily diet of
                                              repetition = give him time to assimilate the concept of turning off pressure
                           (evening) did a short lesson - 5 minutes repeating the morning approach which was
                           varying the positions of the bumper, tonight however, we went with rapid repetitions,
                           the speed depended on his sit, it went very well and got in many, many reps in the
                           short lesson, started giving him some praise with an occasional "good", he was focused,
                           no vocalizations and giving good effort on the steady diet of restraint, moved nearer to
                           floor on occasion and could sense a little anxiety with those, all-in-all this was the most
                           consistent set of responses to date (ear still looks pretty good, too)
                                     note: excellent session - go to the floor a little tomorrow
9th day of pinching and 17 sessions 
 note: may move to the carpet area of the "rec" room when we start "fetching" off
                                              the floor, tile and concrete have a tendency to make a pup be careful about
                                              lunging down on a bumper (it hurts their chin)
                  Feb 6 (early afternoon) deep snow outside - worked on reps in various positions - excellent,
                             then moved to the carpeted area to work lower, "fetched" everything that I had my hand
                             on, but getting 100% refusals on a bumper laying there by itself, did several with minimum
                             touches and tried a few propped up on the toe of my shoes , no hand on = refusal & more
                             pressure wasn't getting it done = backed out with good responses up higher and quit
                                      note: continue with very close to the floor tonight in a short lesson with no "tests"
                                               of leaving it on the floor alone, repeat the "no tests" routine tomorrow
                                               morning with no FF lesson in the evening because of OB class, Friday
                                               try to transition to leaving it alone on the floor

                                      note: 9 minute session
                             (evening) change in plans, something about the way he was being cheerful with the
                             whole process suggested to "up the ante" and make it a little more like force fetch,
                             he was turning his head sideways as soon as the bumper was near the floor, started
                             to bawl and flop with more pressure, used a step on the staircase to have it bit higher,
                             but insisted that the bumper was almost not going to be touched by me, it felt like it was
                             not the time to be all "warm and fuzzy" - it was the time to challenge him a bit, he picked
                             it up off the step a couple of times with my hand near it and we quit with tail wag, what
                             cued this approach was his tail wag at the start of the session......it was just too much fun
                             for where we were at = not looking at the bumper was the read to push = avoidance,
                             there was an immediate need to deal with this sudden display of avoidance, this session
                             lasted 10 minutes and it seemed longer (the timer helps to keep perspective)
                  Feb 7 (morning) , started first with going through all the basic OB skills including alternating
                             "sit" & "whoa" commands while moving at heel, remote downs and sits were solid,
                             about face and U-turns plus circle turns counterclockwise and clockwise were very good
                             FF focus was to get on the floor and through any avoidance, used the lower step of the
                             staircase and transitioned to where my hands would not have to be on the bumper,
                             incrementally each rep got closer, but his avoidance was in full bloom, eventually there
                             was more urgency in his focus as avoidance was clearly not going to work, got three
                             good "picks" off the step & immediately turned to use the floor = after three semi-refusals
                             he was diving and fetching off the floor = lots of "good boy" praise produced tail wags
                             and we quit, lesson was about 8 minutes - mission accomplished and yesterday's read
                             was accurate = we are not ready for walking fetch yet = more floor reps
note: 11th day of pinching, his ear was a little red today and the tip of my thumb
                                              is sore, I was using the plastic collar buckle instead of my index finger and
                                              I don't pinch the ear in the same spot which seems to help all the way around
                                     note: 11th day of pinching and 20 sessions - very pleased with progress to date & his
                                              attitude remains upbeat, there is definitely stress for him as he sleeps like a
                                              log after each session = mental fatigue....................that is why keeping the
                                              lessons short is necessary, measured, fairly applied stress extends boundaries
                                              by challenging perceived present norms = this is not something Gunny
                                              would do on his own

                                     note: no FF session tonight - OB class at 6:00 pm
                  Feb 8 (morning) Gunny had a short FF session preceded by his usual OB lesson, during the OB
                             collar conditioning was started, he was a very quick study with this and we only spent a
                             few minutes with it, he has been wearing a collar (bark and turned off e-collar for quite
                             some time and fully CC'd to hear several months ago, the pinch collar is somewhat like
                             a e-collar correction in that turning off pressure by complying is a rapid event
                                      note: the FF session was a continuation of yesterday's sequence with getting to the
                                               floor and touching with the index finger the barrier, it is rather amusing how
                                               he feels that me touching the bumper makes it visible, but otherwise picking
                                               it up becomes a refusal, very close this morning and finished up working off
                                               the bottom step off the staircase = less than 10 minutes
                             (evening) went to the staircase rapidly and soon he was picking up the bumper when
                             my finger touched the bumper, after a few reps.....I faked him out and he grabbed it. This
                             resulted in him making a new distinction......"OK, I get it." and we quit = 10 minutes
                  Feb 9 (morning) short OB lesson with one long remote sit and one long remote down, e- collar
                             conditioning was continued - he understands e-collar corrections without any issues
                                      note: this mornings FF lesson took off right where we were yesterday and moving
                                               from the stairway step to the floor went well, after a few "finger touches" he
                                               was picking it up all by himself, with a few refusals corrected by continued
                                               pinches, the session ended with Gunny picking the bumper up off the floor
                                               in a mini-walking fetch mode without pinches, a couple of those at first were
                                               refusals because he lunged and passed over it, each refusal was followed by
                                               immediate pinch corrections, he finished with several clean pickups with me
                                               standing beside him and commanding fetch (precursor to walking fetch)
                                               excellent session = less than 10 minutes                                      
(evening) refreshed fetching off the floor which went very well, moved to walking fetch
                             with one bumper and that went nicely, too.....mixed in a few pinches to see what his
                             reactions would be - no issues and zero vocalizations = less than 5 minutes
note: the Kwick Bumper design is working great off the floor
note: started with basic OB lesson, worked on "scoot" command and "free" release
note: 13th day and 24 sessions
note: perspective - for two months hold was imprinted and gradually transitioned
                                               to "hold/drop" on sitting and finished by proofing with regular "holding"
                                               during the OB lessons, Gunny always did like carrying things around in his
                                               mouth and would not drop them even when distracted, he has a very
                                               natural an excellent mouth 
                                      note: find the rest of the PVC adapters and assemble the four Kwick Bumpers used
                                               in multiple bumper walking fetch = after walking fetch, frozen hen pheasants
                                               will be introduced.....just sitting (no walking fetch yet on birds), transition to
                                               walking stick fetch and repeat all phases of pinch fetch with e-collar fetch,
                                               finish with pinch, stick and e-collar fetch with frozen hen pheasants & ducks

 first......then thawed = future "stuff"
                  Feb 10 (noon) - 30 wind chill outside, Gunny's OB lesson first - worked on heeling and sitting
                               as we moved around the 54' oval training area, transitioned to whistle sits with a few
                               e-collar corrections for quick responses and conditioning, moved on to new "skill"
                               command - "scoot" and then chained the new release command "free" with "OK",
                               Gunny is a very good student, made two rounds with multiple "sits", two with multiple
                               "downs", two with multiple "whoas" & finished with three alternating each "position".
                               He is good with this. The OB lasted less than 10 minutes.
                               Then we did a short FF lesson. Went right to the floor with a few pinches & "freebies",
                               no issues, then did a couple in place "to the floor" and finished with six "heel/ sit" laps
                               around the oval finishing each with a "walking fetch" pickup = first three were perfect,
                               got a refusal on the 4th resulting in quick pinch correction and the last two were solid
                                      note: this was a very good session, the idea of incorporating walking fetch with
                                               the OB ring went well, this evening each round will be a "sit" a "down" a
                                               "whoa" and finish with a walking "fetch" imprinting that "sit, down, whoa
                                               and fetch" are all commands with no choices
                                      note: tomorrow we will introduce multiple Kwick Bumpers around the oval with a
                                               quick review of pinch fetch to the floor & start walking fetch with four Kwick
                                               Bumpers, not going to be real "picky" with fast sits in this first lesson = focus
                                               on fetching and holding for drop, will tighten that up shortly, put bumpers far
                                               enough apart to do a "sit" in between
                                      note: Gunny's remote "sit - here - whistle sits en route" are good
                                      note: any question of the extensive OB inside and lack of outside work (due to nasty
                                               weather) causing him to want to be "clingy" was negated when we took that
                                               one good day to run outside - he was off by himself at times & searching the
                                               snow covered corn field by as much as 200 yards and only came back when
                                               I called - Taffey was helping and so were the fresh goose tracks.
                                      note: Gunny is wearing a pinch collar, flat collar and an e-collar plus is aware of
                                               a heeling stick, when it comes time for stick fetch Gunny will have been well
                                               stick conditioned and the correction tools will not be out of balance, the pinch
                                               collar is removed during walking fetch (I don't need to grab a handful of
                                               metal prongs.
), but I still have a heeling stick and e-collar available
                                      note: the e-collar is NOT being used in conjunction with "fetch"..........yet
                               (evening) repeated this morning's session with two rounds of alternating sit/down/whoa,
                               brought back to start and did an ear pinch fetch proofing with the aluminum can loaded
                               with pennies = he was spooked by it a little, but the FF was stronger - not a problem, did
                               4 rounds of the "sit/down/whoa/fetch" as a walking fetch exercise using some restraint
                               with the leash = all well done with good sits & drops = he's got this down
                                      note: the Kwick Bumper continues to promote consistency with his mouth
                                      note: use 4 Kwick Bumpers around the circle tomorrow, after forcing with a Dokken
                                      note: walking fetch with 4 Dokkens next day move on to hen pheasants when ready
                  Feb 11 (morning) Gunny did a quick round of the oval with multiple sits, four Kwick Bumpers
                                were already placed on the floor (three in the pool area & one in the upper "rec" room,
                                we went around the "loop" four times picking up 16 bumpers in the walking fetch drill
                                with sits in between each pick-up, 3 times we needed to do a pinching sequence, but in
                                general he was fetching up nicely, would have liked to have seen a more aggressive
                                dive, but they were solid pick-ups on command, sit/hold & drop sequence was not bad
                                      note: need to do repeats on this aiming for crisper performances
                                (evening) concentrated on OB lessons and did 3 walking fetch rounds 
                                      note: OB was very good, he can heeling along and either sit, down or whoa on
                                               command alternating, the front sit command is improving and his backward
                                               walk front a front sit is excellent, extended remote down and sit is very good,
                                               these have been tested by animated actions by me from a distance, after
                                               returning to his side and walking around him there is a lengthy delay in
                                               releasing him
                                      note: the first three walking fetch pickups required a pinch, after that the next nine
                                               were solid
                  Feb 12 (morning) did a walking stick fetch around the oval training area - Gunny picked up 14
                                 Kwick Bumpers without a hitch - the first one had him reacting the stick just as if it
                                 were normal - speed obeying the command, this gave me a good feeling about him
                                 and his ability to quickly and correctly respond to pressure even with a very new
                                       note: he was diving after the command to fetch, but exhibiting any anticipation
                                                (Gunny was waiting for the command)
                                 (evening) do an extended OB lesson first and repeat this morning's walking fetch
                                       note: tomorrow do walking fetch and introduce "leave it" (he has been imprinted
                                                at the OB classes, but not with respect to bumpers on the ground)
                  Feb 13 (afternoon) short OB session with a 4 "leave it" round followed by a round of 4 "fetch"
                                       note: very good with this & finished with one round of stick fetch
                  Feb 14 (morning) reviewed all the lessons for tonight's OB class
                                       note: Gunny was very at ease during the class & can do everything quite well,
                                                he likes it and his tail is wagging all the time, still a little "wiggle butt" when
                                                anyone approaches him
                                       note: did a very short session of e-collar conditioning to sit & here
                                 (evening) OB lesson went very well - need to work on eye contact during remotes &
                                 "antsy" motion as I return at the end of remote drills   
                  Feb 15 (afternoon) did a short session of "e-collar fetch" which was taken in stride = good job
                               (evening) short session of "e-collar fetch" off the floor - he was diving with restraint
                                from the lead - after 4-5 he was getting a little "amped" (no pun intended) so we quit
                                        note: he is taking this all in stride and finishing happy
                  Feb 16 (afternoon) worked on alternating sit, whoa and down during a heeling exercise, did
                                 lots of turns and worked on walking backwards, short session of sitting e-collar fetch 
                  Feb 17 (late evening) OB lesson concentrating on extended sit, down and stand = increasing
                                 his focus, his backward heel is fast as he scoots ahead of me = excellent coordination
                                        note: did a quick walking fetch                        
                  Feb 18 (afternoon) long session of OB with 3 minute remote sit, whoa and down (each)...then
                                did whistle sits off a heeling motion and recall returns = good job, finished with four (4)
                                retrieves of bumpers progressively placed farther and farther away = good retrieves &
                                off leash, still releasing him on fetch
                                        note: each Kwick Bumper was placed on end to imprint the extended pile drill
                                                 routine (much easier to see)  
                                        note: pup runs out, knocks it over and picks it up = a moving bumper is exciting
                                 (late evening) repeated morning lesson without the whistle sits & the Kwick bumpers
                                 were placed so that he would have to in two different directions (not "inlines")  
                  Feb 19 (morning) repeat of yesterday without whistle sits, especially work at tempting him to
                                 move at the end of the remote drills - good session
                                 (late evening) short review of heeling exercise with sit, whoa and down
                  Feb 20 (afternoon) Gunny repeated yesterday's lesson and did extra work with front sits with
                                 a bumper  
                                        note: Gunny is smart, but today he wasn't as focused on sustaining commands
                  Feb 21 (morning) reviewed all skills for OB class tonight, especially remote "stuff"

                                                                      (left click on thumbnails)
                                       remote "sit"
         remote "down"
   remote "whoa"

                              (evening Gunny's lesson went well, much more at ease with other dogs and all the
                                 activity, he focus was better tonight = OB lessons are not as exciting (need to change)
                                        note: extended remote times showed up well in his OB class

                  Feb 22 all three were couch potatoes  = cold, snow and ice remain an issue
                  Feb 23 (late afternoon) had to walk the dogs at heel to get across the icy areas to where they
                             could run in the corn field - 25 minutes full speed let off a lot of pent-up energy
                                     note: Taffey & Gunny ran in the 1st "brace" (Kooly & Daisy ran 2nd)
                  Feb 24 (morning) Gunny rode along in the van to be with the rest of the dogs = Blonhaven
                              tower shoot, aired twice = real handful, but with the deep snow and no work yet on
                              real birds after FF, this was not the time to take him to the field

note: Gunny was quiet - good puppy!
                  Feb 25 (late afternoon) Gunny started out with some work on holding a bumper with no
                              movement = sit still, next did all the OB class work and finished that with remote sit,
                              whoa and down -  3 minutes each, finished with an introduction to a real bird =  hen
                              pheasant from yesterday's tower shoot, presented in the sitting force fetch manner
                                     note: Gunny was very excited, wanted to adjust his hold and rotate the bird in his
                                              mouth, dropped it a few times, dropping was pretty good, but he was lunging
                                              to get it back - did three fetches with a struggle to stay on sit (next lesson will
                                              adjust for that)
                                     note: extended remote stationary positions were very good, he can walk at heel
                                              and will sit, whoa or down with just the verbal command - sharp!
                  Feb 26 (afternoon) Gunny started the lesson with some review of the heeling stick enforcement
                              of sit with a bumper in his mouth = did this until he would sit quietly with no mouthing,
                              next did a very short heeling lesson with the three stationary commands enforced using
                              the heeling stick for "snappy" responses..............then presented a real pheasant with 
                              indirect pressure from a heeling stick to enforce sit..........the result was Gunny quietly
                              held the pheasant in his mouth, repeated two more times with active indirect pressure
                              using taps with the heeling stick (nothing that was stinging or painful, but he was fully
                              aware of the stick)......the result was his mouth was quiet and I could give him the "good
                              boy" cue.....he was doing what I wanted = Gunny was sitting quietly with the pheasant
                              nicely held in his mouth and dropped on command = hooray for my side! and good
                              for Gunny = in spite of all the great smells and excitement he learned what was
                              expected of him = will repeat this daily for a week & then do pheasant walking fetch     
                                    note: excellent session with the right adjustment from yesterday's behavior, repeat 
                                             for effect to establish the standard - he is a quick study 
                                    note: need to review this with Daisy
                  Feb 27 (afternoon) started Gunny's OB lesson with working on the front sit, I was puzzled by
                              why he was sitting so far from me, since this is something new to me from the OB
                              class I quickly realized I was saying "front" then "sit" which was chaining "front" to
                              mean "sit", so instead of him coming to the front position and then sitting......he was
                              simply thinking "front" means "sit".......changed this up to using only one command
                              for this action......when he is at the correct distance right in front of me....say "front"
                                    note: did some remote holds on bumpers with wheel delivery at my side, using
                                             stick indirect pressure (taps) Gunny was sitting nicely, bumpers held quietly
                                             and dropping on command
                                    note: set out three Kwick Bumpers about 4 feet apart on a line with the closest
                                             10 feet away (mini-pile), using a Flexi-lead Gunny "worked the pile" and
                                             brought each bumper back in order, he tried to drop the first one and move
                                             on to the second, but the Flexi-lead prevented that, repeated it a 2nd time
                                             and he didn't go on fetch for the far one which immediately resulted in a
                                             quick ear pinch - zipped right out and picked it up = deliveries excellent
                                    note: almost a perfect lesson = tried to get the wrong bumper got corrected &
                                             dealt with that quite well.....refused to go on last one = got small correction
                                             (pinch) and he dealt with that very well, did a couple stick fetch taps, too
                                    note: with his positive attitude toward pressure, force to pile will not be an issue
                                    note: next we did 3 rounds of alternating sit, whoa & down on verbal commands
                                             and he gave 100% correct responses with tail wagging all the time, did a
                                             3 minute remote whoa 
                                    note: finished with two bumpers placed back on both sides of the pool.......he
                                             went with me to place them = two retrieves off lead with delivery, Gunny
                                             was very excited about this (delivery not so good off lead, but he stayed
                                             close enough to grab the top of the pinch collar) lesson less than 15 minutes
                                    note: need to "break out" the short tab for this exercise
                                    note: a few minutes after moving back to the living room, Gunny was sound asleep
                                             in his crate = this means even though he appeared to not be physically
                                             challenged or exerted........the lesson was mentally tiring

                            (late night) Gunny did a few rounds of warm-up heeling with all three stationary
                            commands (alternating), then finished off the short lesson with a 3 minute remote sit
                            and a 3 minute down = easy session
                  Feb 28 Gunny's OB class was a repeat of last week's = all review except the recall was require
                              passing objects on the way to me, since we've been doing walking fetch, coming to me
                              without picking something up was a problem, the rest was all review, had trouble with
                              distractions on "down", seeking attention from the instructors, his tail never stops
                              wagging all night long = two sessions left
                  Feb 29 day off = couch potato
                  Mar  1` (morning) had two family members take him by the lead and do a sit, he has been very
                              animated around all but me around the house = time to stop this behavior
                              (evening) short OB heeling with sits and e-collar corrections, then worked on front sits &
                              heel sit, repeated with bumper in mouth and stick pressure to focus on solid holds,
                              transitioned to FF on a hen pheasant, got some refusals when we went to the floor, ear
                              pinches corrected this and indirect stick pressure was used to sit with a solid hold,
                              finished with four hen pheasant fetches off the ground 8 feet in front with Gunny wearing
                              a leash = standard is pick it up cleanly and no mouthing - finished by doing this properly
                                      note: the session wasn't more than ten minutes, but when back to his crate for down
                                               time he immediately went to sleep = very excited about birds, asking him to
                                               pounce and fetch plus deliver properly is a mental challenge with stress
                                      note: given the issues that Daisy (his sister) and Taffey (him Mom) had with this
                                               phase of training.....we are not "moving on" too quickly, this is part of that
                                               "five feet from the line" training penalty which means before we go to any
                                               pile work he is going to be automatic with "picking and delivering" 
                                      note: figuring about two more weeks before outside work will start & OB classes
                                               will be over
 (late evening) Gunny worked in succession front sit fetch/hold a Kwick Bumper with
                               delivery at heel, fetch from side heel off the floor at 8 feet with delivery at heel,
                               repeated this sequence using a hen pheasant progressing to a longer distance using
                               the Flexi-lead (10 minutes
(late evening) Gunny worked in succession front sit fetch/hold a Kwick Bumper with
                               delivery at heel, fetch from side heel off the floor at 8 feet with delivery at heel,
                               repeated this sequence using a hen pheasant progressing to a longer distance using
                               the Flexi-lead (10 minutes)

                  note: rationale = get "picking up" into a fluid, smooth action with no nonsense
                                                even with the distraction of exciting bird scent = repetition of expectations
                                                and establishing the standard
                                       note: a couple of ear pinches were necessary along with occasional stick
                                                pressure and pinch collar corrections 
                                       note: worked slowly & deliberately, finished with good efforts & positive attitude
                                       note: goal = get Gunny's "here to heel" routine solid & crisp when retrieving
                     Mar  2 (noon) Gunny worked on the "here to heel" routine = first off a short remote front sit
                                using the leash, arm rotation, step back and wheel technique repeated with long
                                pauses to relax on sit.......added 3" Avery Flasher bumper (sans throw rope) to the mix,
                                repeated for same crisp  wheel sit and delivery, maintained sit until he settled down
                                before drop, from the sit and now wearing the Flexi-lead he then "fetched" the tossed
                                bumper off the floor 8 feet in front, again wheel delivery on only the "here" command
                                with a sit = no "drop" command until he was sitting still and relaxed
                                       note: good session with obvious progress from the beginning to the end
                                (late night) aired and did a short session of fetch to heel off the floor (a few off leash)
                                with the 3" Avery Hexa-bumper = went well & he is getting it (mouth quiet)
                     Mar  3 (noon) Gunny went through all the OB class lessons & moved on to the specific skill
                                exercises related to pick-up and delivery, front sit on 6' leash here and heel/sit with no
                                bumper, with a bumper and then from the side fetching a bumper at 6-8', moved to
                                fetching 3" Avery hexa-bumper at 34' (leash & pinch collar still on) and then finished
                                with close-up and 34' retrieves of a hen pheasant
                                       note: taking each "rep" very slowly with quiet low key no "razzing up" attitude,
                                                he was very excited and there is no need to produce more anxiety, the
                                                over-riding rationale is "Don't feed the beast!"
                                       note: returning to heel with the bumper is much better, but still wants to turn and
                                                root his head down to the ground before sitting perfectly = improvement in
                                                responsiveness will eliminate this
                                       note: this was about a 10 minute session and it continues to be very interesting
                                                at how quickly he "crashes" to sleep almost immediately after even these
                                                short lessons
                                (evening) Gunny did a short repeat of the OB skills and then three retrieves of the
                                3" Flasher concentrating on the delivery = went well less than five minutes
 Mar 4 (late afternoon) first went through all the turns, sit, down and whoa, reviewed stick
                                corrections and further conditioned Gunny to the presence of a heeling stick, he doesn't
                                shy from it and is not uncomfortable with it being used = handles corrections with a
                                great attitude = a lot like Taffey in terms of dealing with pressure (Taffey did not like
                                the heeling stick because I didn't introduce it the same way early on. She was exposed
                                to a "rattle stick" first....which she did not like, in retrospect.....probably the wrong order.)
                                        note: the next part of the session was remote sit and "wheel to heel" review,
                                                 followed with more repetitions using a 3" Flasher in his mouth, the wheel
                                                 has improved since I returned to a more exaggerated sweeping hand
                                                 motion and step back (big improvement) = on the 16' Flexi-lead for control,
                                                 finished with five tosses to the other end of the building (34 feet) off leash
                                                 from side with steady to "fetch" command = this went very well and his
                                                 "wheel to heel" has really improved
                                        note: finished by doing two rounds of alternating sit, whoa, down OB
                                        note: very icy and dangerous surfaces outside
                               (evening) Gunny did a short rerun of the OB "circle" and the retrieving routine 
                     Mar 5 (afternoon) repeated yesterday's work - 9 months old today
                     Mar 6 (morning) short review of all skills for OB class tonight
                                        note: rode along with Daisy to the vet's = weight 62.5 pounds (1/21 = 59.8 pounds)
                               (evening) Gunny was really distracted by the action tonight, especially people moving
                               near or toward him = need to proof this in training at home
                                        note: work on remote down and sit plus decrease the bumper work until next
                                                 week's last OB class test is over
                     Mar 7 (morning) Gunny did the same thing Daisy did = OB in the house moving around real
                               people & generally being tempted by their presence, added to it toys & noise makers
                               doing 3 min sit & down exercises = this is his weak area (too antsy & lacking self control)
                                        note: he can do this = more reps, increase distractions, stop doing pile work for a
                                                 few days to decrease the "going forward" after bumpers mentality  
                               (evening) repeated 3 minute sit and down plus had Greg "work" at distracting them
                     Mar 8 (morning) Gunny drilled on the regular OB skills with heavy distractions during the 3
                               minute remote sit and down (only has to do 1 minute of each to pass the class test)
                                        note: repeating the "greet by a stranger" drill often each day this week really
                                                 puppy "squirrelly" with this
                                        note: snow cover, ice & 22 high today = what a lousy winter for dog training
                     Mar 9 (morning) rode to Blonhaven Hunt Club - tower shoot where Kooly was running, after
                               Gunny was allowed to run loose with the e-collar on, his collar conditioning program
                               got an immediate test when he found some pheasant body parts, came to me on
                               "here" with pressure and sat on command - gave it up = good puppy!
                               (evening) continued with "upping the ante" on OB distractions - this is going well
                                        note: Gunny spent some extra time loose with the other three dogs = you
                                                 have to watch him closely, not very nice = too aggressive in his idea of
                                                 what play is = singleton issues ??? = need to work on this, he is good
                                                 with Taffey, Kooly is afraid of him and Daisy would immediately put him
                                                 in his place if I let her (little does he know what he's asking for
                     Mar 11 (afternoon) OB in two different areas again "greeting", he is still "squirrelly" on "sit
                                 to greet", wants attention too much = puppy thing in a big boy's body not good
                                        note: remote sits and downs solid with heavy distractions & his heeling is
                                                 excellent (loose leash with turns = right and left)
                                        note: after Thursday's last OB class we will switch back to being two sided
                                        note: have a new Flexi-lead 26' and Gunny's recall action to heel is slick
                     Mar 12 (afternoon) repeated all OB lessons
                     Mar 13 (afternoon Gunny did a long session of distraction loaded OB
                                 (evening) Gunny "graduated" from the Beginners OB class - no problems 
                     Mar 14 (morning) rode along with Daisy to the vet's where she had surgery
                                 (afternoon) Gunny trained at the Industrial DTA. 1st did some heeling and sitting,
                                 the "grass" was distracting
, then did a 10 yard three legged pattern focusing
                                 on picking up the bumper and returning for delivery = he was wearing a pinch
                                 collar and the 26' Flexi-lead, tossed retrieved bumper back and did a 90 turn to
                                 face the next Kwick Bumper, fetching was good, but returning directly to heel
                                 needs work = each "rep" he improved, finished with four retrieves of the Avery
                                 teal ATB with e-collar corrections for heel and sit
                                         note: work on delivery "reps" tonight inside
                                         note: setup training sequence - weather finally good for training! only cold
                     Mar 15 (afternoon) worked on recall with 26' Flexi-lead off a remote sit (with and without
                                 bumpers), went back to a review of two-sided heeling (didn't zero during OB class)
                     Mar 16 write up plans for recent training & list "to date" skills plus strengths & weaknesses

 Strengths......with notes on weaknesses
                                1. at nine months old he is more mature (physically & mentally) than the previous
                                                note: still a pup and can become distracted
                                2. handles corrections and pressure extremely well - stick & e-collar conditioned
                                                note: don't "use it up" & remember to focus on teaching
                                3. basic OB is very good - sit & heel are two sided with remote down and whoa
                                                note: recall to heel still a bit "squirrelly" - pile work will fix this
                                4. FF finished - hold, ear pinch fetch, walking fetch, stick fetch, e-collar fetch &
                                    force to bumper fetch with aggravation (restraint), introduced to pheasants,
                                                note: need to do ducks & goose 
                                5. excellent mouth when not anxious - continue to work slow & quietly (train fast
                                       dog slowly), solid, consistent response to "drop"  
                                6. great attitude & loves to train
                                                note: need to improve focus - age and repetition the keys
                                                note: responsiveness needs work - not sure he see it as "us" all the time
                                                note: "it's a male thing attitude" needs to be curtailed
                                          NOTE: Gunny's aggressive "play" with dogs other than Taffey will
                                                     be an issue - singleton baggage??
The Plan
                                  1. mini-pile - teach how to work a pile (on 26' Flexi-lead), proper bumper pick
                                       and handle to delivery on recall
, work slowly and quietly, focus on precise
                                       heel/sit (both sides), proper delivery with a quiet mouth commands - fetch,
                                       here and drop    + marks (chain in "back" with "fetch" by the time we finish
                                       pile work & use "sit" command as indirect pressure for any mouth issues )   
                                       (use three Kwick Bumper) 
                                 1A. Gunny runs the uplands after every tower shoot during March & April
                                   2. nine-bumper pile - repetition with more distractions   + marks
                                   3. during this time simple marks
                                   4. introduce three-legged patterns using "fetch/back"  + marks
                                   5. introduce the concept of steadying on marks
                                   6. intro basic doubles & increase the level of steadiness - use name on marks
                                   7. three-handed casting - intro "over" and "back" from a remote  + marks
                                   8. mini-T      + marks
                                   9. review collar conditioning, do back collar force & do debolting  + marks
                                 10. FTP          + marks
                                 11. single T    + marks
                                 12. double T  + marks
                                 13. swim-by   + marks 
note: water will be nice and warm by this time & he will have done many
                                                    NON-cheating singles

                  Mar 16 (afternoon) Gunny did his first mini-pile today - "outside" with the fresh air and leaves
                              blowing around proved to reveal all his weaknesses = had to move the bumpers
                              farther apart and really work at getting him to sit for delivery (bumpers on end were
                              too visible - adjusted to laying them down) - lots of mouthing and not very focused on
                              the next bumper - saw steady improvement with slow repetition & as excitement
                              leveled off
                                           note: took flat collar off after 1st run, pinch collar (no heeling stick or e-collar) 
                                           note: no control with flat collarwanted to drop the first one & pick up the next,
                                                    wanted to go check out the earlier bumpers tossed behind me
                                                    (very excited, not very responsive and obviously not sure of what to do)
                                           note: he slept well when we got home 
  (left click on thumbnail)
                                                                                    (Industrial DTA)    
                           (late evening) repeated three bumper mini-pile in pool area 
                           interesting read on Gunny tonight = this afternoon he was "amped" and distracted, so much
                           so that a pinch collar was needed to keep him slightly under control, at the same time he was
                           first he wanted to drive right on to the second bumper which resulted in a sudden stop with the
                           pinch collar, because his level of excitement was high.....he still would pick up the
                           bumper this evening he was relaxed, I still started out with pinch collar anticipating similar
                           behaviors to this morning, since he was not nearly as high the pinch collar did two things 1) he
                           was really aware of it and 2) he recalled how much pressure was exerted when he got near a
                           bumper this morning he did not learn that going to the next bumper was wrong.....just at the
                           time perceived heavy pressure happened when he got near a bumper....this evening (being less
                           "amped")....he started stopping before every bumper and coming back to avoiding the "apparent"
                           correction he fought through in the 1st lesson = immediately took off the pinch collar & went to
                           the flat collar, had to pinch him to a few bumpers to overcome the "issue" created.......pinching
                           totally "over road" the no-go and he obviously has a good grasp of the concepts of FF (sure
                           needed that tool tonight), finished with some solid 1st, 2nd and 3rd bumper pickups, not only that
                           but his deliveries were under control & his mouth was quiet = balance was restored.....inside
                                   note: the idea of using a mini-pile is to overcome the issues of go, stop and retrieve
                                   note: another good use of the mini-pile is to get a better read on what is going on
                                            in the pup's mind
                                   note: tomorrow outside = flat collar, reduce distance to so that he can't get a full head
                                            of steam
                                   note: today was a really good day!  
      Mar 17 (morning) ran three bumper pile in the pool area - did fine, worked on right side heel
                          (afternoon) trained at the Industrial DTA - ran three Kwick winger marks to just beat the sleet
                                   note: he was "amped", but his return of the bumper was not good (as expected) 
              Mar 18 (afternoon) worked on "here to heel" routine with short thrown bumpers at the Indus'l DTA
                                   note: Gunny was totally distracted by flying geese, the guy cutting shrubs across the
                                            road, any and all leaves on the ground, passing cars, the dog across the road,
                                            occasional Killdeer cries = what a toad.....er.....ah......puppy = he just wasn't
                                            focusing at all = too much OB, not enough "fun" and too many "other things"
                         decided to scrap the Flexi-lead OB part of the training and just threw marks with a 3" Avery
                         Flasher = rationale - do something to focus him, it worked....he was flying to the bumper and
                         bringing them back, with no checkcord or Flexi-lead, his collar conditioning was put to the test
                                   note: response to e-collar enforced commands went well and the light went on = if
                                            he returned to a sit and dropped the bumper in my hand.....another mark
                                            would be thrown = no distractions now
                                   note: Gunny needs time to mature before he will focus & as he lost the "edge" of
                                            his preoccupation with noticing every little thing around him....his OB improved
                                   note: Daisy still has trouble with her visual recognition of everything around her
                                   note: at first I thought Gunny was showing avoidance, but he just isn't focused yet,
                                            need to design training situations to increase focus = more marks  
             Mar 19 (early afternoon) Gunny ran out front of the ATV for about
 mile to the upper south hay
                         field, threw him four singles with a 3" Avery "Flagged" Flasher came back to deliver using
                         the e-collar to enforce "here" = good job
                                   note: put a short tab on him tomorrow
                         (dusk) trained at the Industrial DTA - run five remote winger singles in sets of two using new
                         black & white flagged 3" Avery Flashers, used a short tab with not e-collar pressure but used
                         whistle here and lots of excitement to return = good job on return, tab big improvement and
                                   note: put up after each set to reload wingers, first set was only a single as winger #1
                                            malfunctioned (call tech support.....that would be me and quickly located the 
                                            loose battery wire to the receiver) next two sets each were in a different area
                                            in a flat zero factor grassy area = looking for start on steadiness, good marking
                                            and the start of a willing controlled delivery & it went well, focusing on "gunner"
                                            which is a stickman is improving                    
                                   note: consistently improved mouth and drop responses 
             Mar 20 five plus inches of snow - easy 3 bumper pile drill inside & OB focused on right side heeling
             Mar 21 snow day
             Mar 22 rode along with Taffey & Kooly to the old Blonhaven Hunt Club (Taffey had a guide job)
                                   note: day off
             Mar 23 inside OB - focused on being calm and working slow (e-collar corrections)
             Mar 24 inside OB - repeat with distractions
             Mar 25 (afternoon) trained at the Industrial DTA (very windy, 45) - ran five hand thrown singles
                         using a 3" Avery flasher with black & white streamers - focus on being steady and delivery
                                   note: big improvement - low level e-collar corrections 
             Mar 26 (afternoon) trained at the Industrial DTA (same temp as yesterday with less wind)
                         Gunny worked a mini-pile of three bumpers twice using the Flexi-lead = pickup an delivery
                         of the correct bumpers was smooth, still need to work on the mechanics of getting into the
                         heel position, afterwards ran five had thrown singles working on steadiness
                                   note: each day Gunny is showing more improvement - today his focus was better
             Mar 27 (afternoon) the plan was to train at the Industrial DTA after running some errands, it started
                         snowing long before we got there = light snow cover (still could see the grass) and coning
                         down steady = ran the three bumper mini-pile twice and he was very good with it
                                   note: still lugging down with his head on the drop command
                         ran five hand throw singles with a 3" Avery Flasher (flagged) working on being steady
                                   note: using a short choker tab helps to get him under control at heel, but his delivery
                                            when excited still needs a lot of work, focus on the retrieve much improved  
             Mar 28 (morning) rode in the van as a spectator during Taffey's guided hunt at BlonHaven Hunt Club
                         (evening) short OB followed by running a five bumper mini-pile twice in the pool area
                                   note: off lead and almost perfect (only issues are the smooth sit at delivery because
                                            he is still lugging down demonstrating prey possession = once he is sitting his
                                            "drop" is excellent)
                                   note: holds bumper in the middle and anxiety is decreasing = still making this a very
                                            calm, slow routine 
             Mar 29 (morning) did OB in the driveway = emphasis on review the right sided heeling skills (since
                         we only did left side during the 8 week OB class time frame) = it has come back quickly and
                         he is at ease with it, did all the heeling turns both sides, practiced the "here, wheel and sit"
                         routine on both sides, used very little stick pressure, wearing e-collar but it wasn't turned on,
                         26' Flexi-leash maintained control, did many "reps" off remote sits and return to both sides &
                         did some OB carrying an orange bumper (3" Avery orange Hexa-bumper) and finished with
                         some short five yard retrieves with returns to both sides (exposure to orange bumpers)
                                    note: this was an excellent session with plenty of outdoor distractions = very focused
                                    note: the heeling stick was hardly ever used, but he was aware of it, this drill will be
                                             a daily routine with the ultimate goal to be clean off lead 
                                    note: Gunny is ready for the nine-bumper pile  
              Mar 30 (morning) after the tower shoot that Kooly worked, Gunny went for a run in the uplands.
                          First encounter was with a big, black rooster that high stepped it to the fence and flew off.
                          The scent excited him. Another running rooster flushed over the fence and now he was
                          really "juiced". As luck would have it Gunny caught the scent the next rooster that was a
                          cripple (broken wing). The chase was on. Gunny won and he brought it right back to me.
                          It was still alive and kicking. The next rooster he found was dead......shot during the tower
                          shoot. He sniffed it and there was no attempt to escape. So Gunny just left it there. I said
                          fetch a couple of times and he decide maybe it would be a good idea to do just that. After
                          all the lavish praise he got for doing that, the next dead pheasants he found were brought
                          right to me. It was like......"Hey, just let me know what you want." Making a huge circle
                          around the "Euro" shoot area he managed to pickup five dead pheasants and have a lot
                          of fun chasing down two very lively cripples. It was a great experience for him.
                              Gunny's training is now logged in the following link.
                                         The "Kwick Four" Training Journal (Link)
                              updated 05/13/14