Bong Recreational Area - Burlington, Wisconsin    
                                                             April 3-4, 2009

                              Photogallery of Saturday, Late Afternoon Session
                                                Stickmen Marking & Honoring

This session was marking in a field of five stickmen....two to the right and two to
the left with a long flyer station down the middle to the north.  A steady, strong
wind was angling in from the north which changed during the session.  Real birds with primer pistols were thrown from the four closer stations with the shot flyer long, down the center. Puppies and young dogs ran first to short presentations from the nearest gunners. Later, older dogs worked at more complicated setups including a cold blind.

While running dogs were moving through the holding blinds, there was a large honoring area off to the east where any dog was welcome..............noise, breaking, creeping, or any other line issues plus just dealing with the hunt test/trial "no bird" expectation got you an invitation. 

There was quite a bit of electricity in the air "over there". 
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                "Evan at the Line"
                (marking session)
          "two right guns"

        "two longest guns"

      "flyer station"

                 "close-up gunner" 

           "gallery - west"

           "gallery - east"


  "1st holding blind"
          "mark in the air"
            "puppy birds"
                                                                                   "Honoring Line"
                        updated 01/28/14