Thorson Pond
                                                                                  (May, 2009)

Pounce and I have a great deal of time each day to train. Ducks (teal) in September will become the first application of what she will learn over
the next seven months and Derbies will not be until the spring of 2016 (if
they become a reality).

Therefore, the total package of retriever training will consist of Hillmann's program plus many, many fun sessions focused on additional, specific skills required for duck hunting. The hunting skills sequence will be layered in appropriate intervals during the process of working though Hillmann's Land & Water fundamentals and will begin after Pounce is well into pile work.

The following links are examples of training to develop the skills required for hunting ducks on the Mississippi River. Pounce has been out in Pool 13
in my mud boat and is very familiar with our duck camp routines.

        (left click on thumbnails)  

       "nine weeks old"      


                                    Marking Off the Gun (link)

                           Daisy's "Kwick Hide Steady" Session
                                 Gunny & Daisy - Steady/Honor
                                 Daisy & Gunny Hunting "Prep"  
                                Gunny's First Duck Hunt (link)
                        updated 02/19/15