"Hunting Data" 2008-2012
                                                      2008-9 Season's Hunting Trips 
      *  early teal September - Illinois (Mississippi)
              Sept 6th Taffey "skunked", Sept 9th Taffey 4, Sept 11th Daisy 3, Sept 15th Kooly 2,
                              Sept 20th - Gunny first teal hunt - no birds, but much needed experience
 *  ducks in Wisconsin (Horicon)
              Oct 3rd
- scouted Horicon Marsh with Gunny
              Oct 6th
- duck hunt in Wisconsin (Horicon Marsh) with Taffey "skunked"
*  grouse in Wisconsin (Iron County)
              Oct 10-12th
trip to northern Wisconsin - grouse Taffey, Daisy, Kooly & Gunny
 hunted most of each day (five dogs) - 17 flushes = 2 grouse
*  ducks in Illinois (Savanna)
              Oct 18th
duck opener - Illinois (Mississippi) take Daisy (one GW teal)
seven days duck hunting = 10 ducks
*  pheasants in South Dakota
             Oct 21-26th trip to South Dakota - pheasants Taffey, Daisy, Kooly & Gunny
four days hunting with three hunters & five dogs - 30 roosters
*  geese in Illinois
Oct 31st  nearby bean field - geese 
Daisy 2 (limit)   
*   "Euro" shoots in Wisconsin  
              Nov 1st two "Euro" shoots at Milton, WI Blonhaven Game Farm
                          Taffey & Kooly worked the 1st & Daisy did the 2nd   
*  geese in Illinois
               Nov 7th morning goose hunt with Daisy (one opportunity & no geese)
*   "Euro" shoots in Wisconsin  
                Nov 7th afternoon "Euro" Orfordville, WI  with Gunny (picked up 25-30 pheasants)
                Nov 9th morning "Euro" Orfordville, WI  with Gunny (picked up 35-40 pheasants)
*  geese in Illinois
                Nov 10th morning goose hunt used 12 Pro Grade shells and the Raffia "Halo" Blind
Gunny 2 (limit)......his very first geese
                Nov 11th morning goose hunt used similar setup as yesterday's
Taffey 2 (limit)
                              note: if & when Kooly gets a two geese limit we will complete the "Grand
                                     Slam" = all four dogs with a goose hunt where they each got a limit
*  ducks in Illinois (Savanna)
                Nov 14th all day Taffey went on an all day duck hunt to the Mississippi - shot a
                               merganser (great body.....ugly lips....fish duck) for
Taffey (very long day)
*  geese in Illinois
                Nov 16th
early morning
Kooly 2 (limit) picks up his goose double which completes 
                               the KwickLabs "Grand Slam" 
     *  "Euro" shoots in Wisconsin
                Dec  7th  afternoon Taffey does a "Euro" at Blonhaven Orfordville, WI and picks up
                               around 30-35 pheasants, Gunny goes out afterwards and retrieves four birds
                               and has several "flyaways" = pretty much "dechased"
*  geese in Illinois 
                 Dec 12th mid-day Daisy 2 (limit) very, very cold goose hunt in the bean field

                "2 goose - limits"
  Oct 31st - Daisy, Nov 10th - Gunny, Nov 11th - Taffey,
                                                     Nov 16th - Kooly, Dec 12th - Daisy

note: next year will be corn and better, remember to hit the bean field harder earlier
note: work on getting two more fields to hunt

  "score card" = 11 ducks, 10 geese & 10 wild pheasants
                        goose to eat every day - meat loaf, burgers, lasagna, jerky,
                        "big bird helper", "big bird stew"  

         Jan 10, 2008 - It's over!  
    2009-10 to be updated (eventually (or not


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