HR Kwick Draw McGraw
            * see source                                   Definitive Casting Drill #1                                      June 30, 2010 
                           The pile is identified as part of the drill. Each drill is run in a different area.
                    The "routine" consists of picking up the first mark, being stopped and cast to the
                               pile "off" the next mark followed by the "delayed" retrieve of that mark. 
                       note: Gunny did this drill two days in a one - five casts, day two - four.
                                                                       Definitive Casting Drill #2                          July 1, 2010
                                                    There is only one cast - at 50 yards......a 40 yard over.
                                                                  note: Gunny ran this drill three times
                                                                  note: marks are mallards 

                                                                          Definitive Casting Drill #3                                    July 5, 2010
                This single cast is on the same side as the direction of the mark (more suction than #2).
                                                                 note: Gunny ran this drill twice.
                                                                         Definitive Casting Drill #4                                July 8, 2010
                   There is only one cast - at 50 angle back of 60+ yards past the "gunners".
                                          note: Gunny has run this drill three times (two casts 2nd & 3rd).
                                                                     Definitive Casting Drill #4 (3rd time)     July 10, 2010

                                          note: If it says only one cast........that's the final goal (plus style).
                                          note: Remote wingers and stickmen form the gunner stations.
                                          note: There are 7 different teaching drills plus a proof.

                                                     The exception was drill #1 (no stickmen...just a "Ghilly shrub")

                                                       Definitive Casting Drill #4 (4th time - different area)            July 11, 2010
                   note: this cast was a slight angle back started at 60 yards out (transition to #4a)     
                   note: decided to use different area because of holes created by burrowing crayfish

                                                            Definitive Casting Drill #4a                    July 14, 2010
 note: stopped close to the AOF & cast diagonally past gunner station
                                    note: the semi-hidden marker cone is not visible to the dog
                                    note: view out near the "action"                                                       
                                                                         Definitive Casting Drill
#5                   July 21, 2010
 note: Gunny could smell and see the mallard mark. Two more
                                                      casts after the first off the mark had him safely to the pile.
                                                      The initial stop on this sequence was about 40 yards out.
                                                                         He really wanted the mallard.
                                           note: It has been a week since last running any
Definitive Casting.  

                                On June 22nd, Gunny repeated this drill with the casting point at 60 yards.
                                This set of drills began over three weeks ago. He has not run it every day.
                                Integrating the drill into the total training regime maintains balance. 
                                Gunny is being given ample time to assimilate the skill. 

                                The total concept of this set of drills is beginning to take shape. Gunny
                                knows the routine. When released to go for the second mark today, he did
                                not go "wide open". His body language was "this is the one where I will be
                                stopped and cast off the duck". He took a perfect cast after the whistle sit
                                at 60 yards..............right to the pile. However, just as he appeared ready to
                                fetch a bumper, he turned toward the mallard mark. It was as if he were
                                thinking "let's see if he means it". A quick whistle and "No!' stopped him
                                and he turned around and calmly picked up a bumper.

                                It was an "Ok, I just thought I'd give it a try" type of action. After the bumper
                                was delivered, Gunny "fogged" to the delayed mallard mark as fast as I've
                                ever seen him go to a mark.

                                It was kind of refreshing and exhilarating to observe what was going
                                through his mind. He's learned to be patient with the order of retrieves,
                                "eventually it's mine" is the perfect description of the expectation taught
                                by this set of drills. Learning has been fun for Gunny, and his attitude is
                                developing a healthy character to it.    

                               After about two more runs of Definitive Casting Drill #5a with the stopping
                               point progressively closer to the AOF, Gunny will be ready for the last step.
                                   note: So far, this drill has been moved to provide seven different "looks".

                                   update: July 30th....recent heavy rains have totally flooded this training
                                                   area.......the finish of the last step has been delayed.  We are in no
                                                   rush to finish. Besides, hunt tests this weekend will be fun, too. 

                                   The Definitive Casting conclusion will not happen until next spring.

                                   update: August 17th....flood waters have finally dropped, but Gunny has
                                                   been busy running hunt tests........passed four AKC Juniors in a
                                                   row and August 15th passed his first HRC Seasoned hunt test in
                                                   Indiana.  He has two more Seasoned test this weekend at the
                                                   WISILL/Badger State HRC tests.  Then it is only nine days until
                                                   hunting season starts.  Duck camp "prep" and scouting will eat
                                                   those days up quickly.
                                   update: Gunny now has his HRC Seasoned HR title in 3 straight passes             
                                                   and his AKC Senior SH title in 4 straight passes.                                 

Source *Evan Graham's Definitive Casting Drills
                       updated 01/08/14