Daisy's Photo Shoots  
 Daisy is SuperCharged (Link)
                                                              (musical montage from small pup to present)
                                A Labrador in Many "Suits"
                                 Fun Romp in the Uplands
(9 months old - "the wild child")


                               Right After Day 2 of Swim-by
(11 months old - "the good puppy")

                                                                      "Miss Intensity"
                                                                             (15 months old)


                                           In the Uplands
18 months old - "pointing Lab)

2 years old)

 (2 years old)

                                                                             "banded goose"

 (almost 3 years old - 57 pounds)   


                                                                          Daughter & Mom  

                             HR  Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper SH 
             MPR UH HRCH Kwick Taffey of Joemac's MH
                        updated 01/28/14