Archive: The Kwick "Four" Training Journal - March, 2012
                                            MPR UH HRCH Kwick Taffey of Joemac's MH -"Taffey"
                                                          Kwick Kooly Dew It Allstar SH - "Kooly"
                                                    HR Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper SH - "Daisy"
                                                          HR Kwick Draw McGraw SH - "Gunny"
                                                 Kwick Training Archives + Hunting Results (Link)
                     March 15, 2012 winter is over and it's "hot", all 4 dogs and the trainer have been hibernating
                            since the last goose hunt in December. This morning we loaded up the van and towed the
                            mud rig to Illowa Marine in Fulton, Iowa. The motor needs a lower unit upgrade. On the
                            way back, we stopped to train in an area near "duck camp". Today the "work" was the old
                            2-dog, leap frog, stand alone, walking singles drill.....easy, fun and a quick workout, they
                            needed to stretch a bit, Gunny and Daisy went first (four singles each). Then the "old ones),
                            Taffey and Kooly, ran their marks. After cool drinks, stopped off at the "duck camp" owner's
                            house near the Big Slough launch and talked about the river, need to move my trailer to its
                            spot on the shore in about two weeks. Hopefully, the move can be timed with picking up the
                            "improved" mud rig. Gas prices are going to govern what we do this year. Train close rules.
                                   note: The only one of the four that crept was Taffey.  She's old & still very intense
                                                                                               tentative goals
                                             Taffey & Kooly - keep in shape          
Daisy & Gunny - run HRC Finished  ????
Mar 16-18 training "delayed"........other more important family issues to deal with
                                 charged all four remote Kwick Wingers
                     Mar 19 Frontline Plus on Taffey, Daisy & Gunny......Preventic collar on Kooly
                     Mar 20 Rockton Road - set up three cold blinds at 75, 100 & 125 yards (using orange bumpers)
                                    note: Daisy was sharp & one whistled each blind, Kooly lined two and one whistled
                                             the other, Gunny's initial lines were the worst (averaged three whistles per) &
                                             Taffey immediately went into her "I only take 45 angle backs mode" and
                                             did "zig-zags" all the way to each blind, I'm beginning to think her arthritis
                                             makes it more difficult to take a tighter turn (then again she's had this issue
                                             on and off since she was 6 years old (maintenance ?) and kind of hard
                                             to "tie into" as a 12 year I might just live with it (for now)
                                    note:  5 pm, all four are sleeping like they've been on an all day hunt
                     Mar 21 Square Pond DTA - short, wide singles off a remote line platform, working on NOT
                                looking at "thrower" for the verbal release.....afterward did a training analysis
                                focusing on dealing with any balance issues in each dog

 Remote Line Marking Analysis (link)  

                     Mar 22 RockCut State Park DTA - each dog ran four cold blinds 75-100 yards more for
                                conditioning, for this time in March, seventies in the morning is very unusual 
                                     note: Daisy one whistled each one - FAST
                                     note: Taffey lined two and got really "zig-zaggy" on the last one
                                              45 angle backs are not always right, had good "mo".....
I need to quit
                                              with the "Oh well, she's twelve." excuse and do some maintenance.
                                     note: Kooly lined two and had a couple handles on the other two, had good "mo" 
                                     note: Gunny took poor initial lines, speed fair, needed four/five casts on each one,
                                              his biggest problem would be the comparison after running the others before,
                                              I need live, clipped wing pigeons for his cold blinds & freezer ducks for marks
                                     note: all four are not in tip/top shape yet, but adrenalin flow is excellent
(left click on thumbnails)
      "four cold blinds"

                     Mar 23 boat motor upgrade is finished, drove to Iowa and "fetched", afterward, stopped at
                                 "duck camp" and moved stored trailer to shoreline, camping "spot"'s time to fish
                                      note: first trailer to be "parked" - same spot as last year, the view of Spring Lake
                                               is to the right as I step out the door
                                      note: all four dogs went along for the 210 mile round-trip
(left click on thumbnails)
        "Spring Lake"
  (to the north)

                     Mar 24 evening - Square Pond "grassy area" DTA - worked on remote line marking "rules" with
                                 a remote radio line & cloudy with a slight breeze (60F)
                                      note: Daisy ran 8 singles & did well with "The Voice" at the line
                                               Gunny ran 6 singles & his understanding of "The Voice" was very good, too
                                                    his momentum & focus was much improved compared to March 21st
                                               Taffey ran 4 singles & was not consistent with the "radio release"
                                               Kooly ran 6 singles & hesitated on the first two releases, then did fine  
                     Mar 25 Rockton Road DTA - 75 yard "stand alone" Y-drill (long throws with 3" Avery Flasher)
                                 sunny, northeast breeze, 70 at noon
                                      note: Daisy, remote line radio was just OK with her, big hunt on the check down
                                               and repeated the angle back (need to "stick with" this drill for awhile)
                                      note: Gunny was better with the remote radio line, broke down early on the
                                               angle back and had a big hunt on the check down (more exposure for him, too
                                      note: Taffey was good with her marks
                                      note: Kooly was sharp on his marks
                                      note: upon listening to the You-Tube video, I was not aware of all the highway
                                               noise, with the exception of Daisy, each dog was hesitant about what
                                               "The Voice" (from the remote radio) was asking them to do (the release)
                                      note: to see examples and on the following
                                               Y-Drill Bookmark (link)   (click and scroll down to the drill)
 Kooly's Y-Drill (AOF variations) (You Tube Link)

                                                                    Taffey's Y-Drill (YouTube Link)  
(left click on thumbnail)
                                                                                   "short Y-Drill"

                     Mar 26 day off....too cold for me
                     Mar 27 trained at the Rockton Sport Complex - ran "Ya-Ha" inline singles for momentum, fun,
                                and working on the routine of using a radio release at the line, the stations were evenly
                                spaced between 40 and 150 yards. Gunny ran two marks (right and left) at the first three
                                stations with six retrieves, the other three alternated sides with four retrieves apiece
                                        note: Daisy ran first and was almost perfect......she had a jogger run right through
                                                 the setup (and he came back later)
                                        note: Kooly & Taffey came out to run the drill together (alternating turns), the
                                                 jogger repeated his crossing maneuver again (hardly made a difference)
                                        note: Gunny was last and the concept of this drill was demonstrated quite well,
                                                 with each mark his speed increased dramatically. He was having fun!

Daisy's Jogger "Interlude" (YouTube link)
Kooly's Jogger "Encore" (You Tube link)

                     Mar 28 (late afternoon) after seeing today that all four were a bit tired from yesterday, the
                                 session changed to a "Single Renegade" drill - reviewing angle back casts, remote
                                 line "place board" routine at 20 yards, the two youngest did ten casts and the two older
                                 picked up eight bumpers - they liked the short, easy session, breezy in the mid 60's
                                        note: to see examples and on the following
                                                Renegade Bookmark (link)  (click and scroll down to the drill)

                     Mar 29 (afternoon) trained at RockCut State Park DTA - four cold blinds with real mallards,
                                 sunny, stiff easterly, breeze & 50 semi-thawed mallards at 70. 75, 80 and 90 yards,
                                 purposes = work on initial lines, "upped the energy with real birds, review delivery
                                 standards and got in some much needed exercise
                                        note: Taffey, Daisy and Kooly did really well and Gunny showed a great deal of
                                                 improvement over his last cold blind session = birds improved his "balance"
                                        note: they all knew birds were "in the mix" long before we arrived
                                        note: this is supposed to be a dog training area requiring a permit, had two
                                                 intruders----one lady walked her three dogs RIGHT THROUGH the setup and
                                                 they sniffed each mallard on the way......then as Daisy finished her last
                                                 blind a man's Sheppard and "mutt" came right at Daisy.....a quick "kennel!"
                                                 got her into the van, if it had been Gunny "out there" and the Sheppard
                                                 stuck his nose in Gunny's wouldn't have been pretty picture
                                                 then again, when running Gunny I always have a short lead handy
                     Mar 30 cool (45
), damp & gloomy - good day for "downtime" = day off for everyone, worked
                                on income tax.......became "gloomier" 
                     Mar 31 (
late afternoon) trained at Rockton Sport Complex - ran "Ya-Ha" inline singles similar
                                to March 27th - stations at 70, 110, 150 yards with a remote radio line & 3" Avery black
                                and white flagged Flasher cool (50)
, cloudy, NE breeze winds , two flat marks were
                                thrown at each station (left & right)
                                       note: to see examples and on the following    
                                                "In-Line" (Ya-Ha) Singles Bookmark (link)  (click and scroll down to the drill) 
                                       note: this setup produced 21 singles "from 70 to 150 yards" for four dogs with one
                                                trainer in less than a hour
                                       note: every dog ran their marks with only one release command out of the radio
                                                for each single, the expectation is now established, practice is paying off
                                       note; Taffey was first and ran only a single at each station (three marks), she runs
                                                and really looks good for her age
                                       note: Kooly ran all six marks alternating sides as I moved back - very sharp and
                                                runs like a deer (he wins the longest stride award)
                                       note: Daisy ran all six very fast, showed a little bit of being tired on the last one,
                                                but she is driven and very agile
                                       note: Gunny impressed me with his steady improvement - he has a long stride,
                                                so far there have been zero signs of any hip issues
                                       note: each runs with completely different styles & I will need a stopwatch to see
                                                which is fastest 

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